Thursday, July 29, 2021

Drive Like a Celebrity with These 6 Affordable Cars


A sweet ride makes you feel powerful. So, it’s no surprise that many celebrities own cars priced in the six digits. Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari F430, for example, is worth $186,925, and that’s pocket change compared with Jay Z’s Maybach Exelero, which is worth a shocking $8,000,000.

From Ferraris to Porsches to Lamborghinis, Hollywood isn’t lacking extravagant cars. That’s why it’s refreshing to see some celebrity-owned cars that are within financial reach of normal people. Here are some models you might want to consider:

1. Dodge Charger: Owned by 50 Cent

50 Cent made a big splash when he announced in 2005 that he wanted the first 2006 Dodge Charger. Its appeal as a muscle car hasn’t dimished since its days as a classic, and it’s $30,990 MSRP brings it into the realm of possibility for those who want a hot car for a good price. The V-6 engine and taut suspension are pretty cool, too.

2. Ford Escape Hybrid: Owned by Barack Obama

Before he was Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama traded in his Chrysler sedan for a fuel-efficient Ford Escape Hybrid. Expected to go on sale this summer for just $26,000, the 2015 Ford Escape Hybrid is a great deal for anyone looking for a fuel-efficient car. As an added bonus, the car also offers a tight turning radius.

3. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Owned by Jay-Z

Jay-Z might be a big spender, but he also isn’t afraid to buy a normal car. His Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has transported well-known celebs (including his wife Beyonce), but its affordable $26,695 starting MSRP makes stardom feel achievable. Plus, the Wrangler’s 8-speaker stereo system and various body and trim options give you the ability to customize your car to your taste.

4. Chevy Suburban: Owned by Cuba Gooding Jr.

If seating capacity is your game, the ‘Burban is your car. Owned by Cuba Gooding Jr., the Chevy Suburban is a little spendier than other family cars at $50,195 MSRP. But, it functions like a truck with at least an 8,000-pound towing capacity, and the 2015 model offers a more chiseled exterior. Tint the windows as dark as legally possible, and you’ll fit right in with the A-list crowd.

5. Dodge Challenger: Owned by Snoop Dogg

Retro and burly, the Dodge Challenger joins Snoop Dogg’s vast collection of American muscle cars. The Challenger has sharp steering, an aggressive personality, a sweet sound and an improved interior. Plus, it’s is a steal at $27,990 MSRP, especially compared with the Ford Mustang’s $33,125 MSRP.

6. Lexus RX 350: Owned by Halle Berry

Want the luxury of a celeb-car without the astronomical pricetag? Follow Halle Berry’s example by buying a Lexus RX 350. With a $45,790 MSRP, it is more expensive than some, but it’s appeal is timeless.

No matter which car you choose to buy this year, make sure it fits your needs, personality and budget. For more information on affordable vehicles, check out DriveTime’s blog for an excellent article on the most affordable used cars of 2015.



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