Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Is Nick Gordon Hanging Tough in Rehab?

Nick Gordon and his mother, Michelle

*No matter what those of us in the public may think, we must hold our verdicts until the truth has been told.  And so it is with Nick Gordon, one good thing is that this young man is in rehab, and seemingly holding tough, with no relapses.

“He is putting his life back together after checking into rehab,” sources close to Bobbi Kristina Brown tell People.com.

Gordon, 25, admitted to drowning his pain in alcohol after not being able to visit BobbiK.  The stress of his feud with Bobby Brown, and a criminal investigation centered around Gordon over Bobbi’s condition added to his trauma.

bobbi kristina & nick gordon

“Nick is a special person with many temptations and needs to be in a place where he can continue to heal and grow,” the source adds. “He should stay for a long time — as long as he will allow.”

The source adds that Gordon may continue his rehabilitation at a halfway house once he leaves treatment.

“The best thing for Nick is that he is out of the way, out of the limelight,” the source says. “This way he can continue the process to improve himself and move forward in a better life. It is a blessing that he is in rehab.”

Bobbi Kristina, 22, remains on life support and has not regained consciousness since she was hospitalized over two months ago. Her family continues to keep vigil at her bedside and pray for her recovery.




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