Sunday, October 17, 2021

Hillary Clinton Expected to Announce 2016 Presidential Bid on Sunday

Hillary Rodham Clinton
(Via CNN) – Hillary Clinton is planning to launch her presidential candidacy on Sunday through a video message on social media, a person close to her campaign-in-waiting tells CNN, followed immediately by traveling to early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire to start making her case to voters.

The trip to Iowa, where a third-place finish in 2008 ultimately led to the collapse of her presidential aspirations, illustrates what aides say is a commitment to not take anything for granted in her second bid for the White House, even though she dominates the likely Democratic field in 2016.

Clinton has already filmed her campaign video, a person close to the campaign said, which outlines the central themes of her second bid for the White House. The message is intended to send a signal to Democrats that she intends to aggressively fight for the party’s presidential nomination.

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  1. Hillary Clinton will be amongst the first ones to congratulate the Beast after the son will have won the next elections. After all she is a dear friend of the family. The Beast is that single individual who was Head of the CIA and also US president a few years ago. His face is out of the TV screens but not out of your life. His Plan in cahoots with the so called chosen people of Israel was signed by his first son on 9/11 in order to instigate a world war of Religions. Another of his sons will be the next US president to finalize the Plan. The biography of the Beast is in parallel with that of Rothschild and his sons. Rothschild became the richest man in the world in a single day with the end of the War of Waterloo using a certain trick. That day there was something that only He knew with certainty about the event. Just like the Beast who also had his magic moment on the day of November 22 1963 after the JFK assassination. How else One could get to dictate His own will to the entire World? Only with a trick.

  2. hillary’s book ‘hard choices’ say’s it all.

    Whether to allow her friend Christopher Stevens in Benghazi to be killed
    or have him tortured and killed. Then have his body scraped along the city streets.

    We all know now that she chose the latter.

    hillary is running on american’s security !
    I’ll bet she gave Christopher and the three others in Benghazi a very secure feeling?

    What difference at this point does it make ?


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