Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Leunell Birthday Advice: Be a Gangster and Push Through (Watch)

luenell & troop

*A few weeks ago at OHM Nightclub in Hollywood, Luenell’s Celebrity Birthday Bash shed light to a lot of secrets in the industry.  Our associate LaCora Stephens found out who Luenell inspired to go into their own cookie business and which celeb duo was going to have a coconut oil ménage trois with the bad girl of comedy.

As Luenell graced the red carpet in her new hot pink Cesar haircut, staple eye lashes and long finger nails, she selflessly shined the spotlight on her family as well.  Not a likely Hollywood trait, which was described by celebrities like Faith Evans, Elise Neal, Miguel Nunez, Paula Jai Parker and others.

Hollywood Divas” stars Paula Jai Parker and Elise Neal look fabulous. Neal prophesied to see Luenell in more tv, especially her upcoming project, while, Parker professed that “I’ve gone to her parties for years, but this is the best, which means God is blessing my baby!”  Basketball Wives star Jackie Christie deemed her as her “sexy queen” and other words we can’t mention (you’ll have to watch for that).

Hundreds of people literally lined up to get into the already packed event.  So many people wanted to support Luenell, they tried reasoning with security trying to woo their way inside where Troop, Kelly Price and Faith Evans were giving people their life in the musical performances! Both R&B Divas looked beautiful and Troop hasn’t lost a beat! Other attendees inside included Yoyo, Clifton Powell, Miguel Nunez, KJLH’s Tammy Mac and Don Amiche and MJG (formerly known as the Mary Jane Girls).

The best part of the night was when Luenell’s family joined her on the carpet and they hit the iconic Empire pose. Her beautiful daughter flashed her dimple, while her brother and main squeeze gave Luenell hugs and her team gave a hard core glance to the photographers.




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