Monday, January 17, 2022

Jaden Smith Walks the Streets in a Mini-Dress, Social Media Explodes (Pics)


*Jaden Smith is all over social media because, for some reason, he decided to walk around Calabasas in broad daylight in a mini-dress.

Paps caught the 16-year-old Thursday, shortly before he took to Twitter to confirm reports that yes, indeed, he was in a dress. “That Moment When Your Wearing A Dress With No Pants And You Swerve Way To Hard,” the 16-year-old actor wrote.

We should’ve seen this coming. On Tuesday, he revealed on Instagram that he went to the retail clothing store, Top Shop to buy some “girl clothes.” In the pic, he’s sporting a long sleeve striped dress over pants.

  Went To TopShop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean “Clothes”   A photo posted by Jaden Smith (@christiaingrey) on

Cosmopolitan even had to comment…



  1. Damn .. Will and Jada… wth went wrong.. all that freedom and free speech u gave them kids … now there azz’s are retarded! Disgusted for real.. that shtzz and cute at ALLLL… Aint no way I would allow my son to wear that BS! They need Jesus FAST!!!

    • Lord have mercy!!!! Lol!! As soon as I saw that face…..I said Jesus here we go!!!

      Did someone elect you as the universal g** representative? Lol ha ha lol,!!! I’m laughing my behind off! You just don’t quit.

      Sorry brother…we’re all straight here!!!!!

      Woooooo ha ha ha he he he lolllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!
      Lorrrrdddd help him!!

    • This is a hurting world. We are experiencing issues such as this, at an alarming rate. Folks, just keep in mind, he’s a child. He needs prayer. It’s not his fault. I don’t advocate nor do I agree with the behavior; but we must keep him in prayer, as he is hurting and calling out for help!!

  2. Winfred… U guessed it.. I AM perfect.. No Im kidding.. and hey.. aren’t we all judging by putting comments on this site. No harm..only an opinion. Just like azzholes.. we all have one!

  3. He’s feeling himself. he likes to feel that pipe hit the front of his thighs from side to side, swerving. Later, he’s going to like feeling other pipes hitting his thighs, swerving, from side to side.

  4. I wonder if this was just something to get attention!? These famous peoples kids really seem a little off too me. The more money you have the weirder you can afford to be.

  5. I always said those kids were weird! According to Jada, they get to express themselves. They’re young children, they were too young to start expressing themselves. To each his own, but Jada & Will did strange parenting!!!!!!

  6. I think he’s more intelligent but only intelligent can see it. Clothes don’t define your sexuality or your personality. He’s not from skid road. He’s traveled a lot to high fashion shows in Europe. It’s not common in the fashion world. I remember the trends in the 80s. My hats off to him for having the nerve and not giving a f**k!

    • Really Dr. Truth, we do not live in Europe, if he wants to dress European, he needs to go live in Europe. The family is weird, period.

      • Yes really Msboni. Well the jokes on everybody else because where is he in America and what is he wearing a dress!! Come on now… You’ve seen the picture you read the article. Nobody can dictate how someone dresses. That’s a joke!! He’s comfortable and fine with it that’s all that matters. I did say it takes a certain intellect. Ooooops!!

        • Yeah, Ooops and it ain’t you sweetie, lol. Hollywood doesn’t even want to work with this kids, wonder why? Ooops, they’re weird. My daughter is visiting from England and England even thinks they are weird.

          • Are you a producer? Obviously I’m intelligent enough not to be so stupid and ignorant. I am in Hollywood. It what does your daughter visiting from England have to do about it? LOL!! Hooray!! Hopefully she’ll be exposed to living life freely…. Bless her! England is not all of Europe. And all black people in America are not ghettofied and judging. And not knowing what they’re talking about…

          • I feel sorry for them, in a way it is not their fault the way they are, they have their overhyped scientology hollywood parents to blame for the way they were raised.

          • It’s nothing to do with Scientology. They’ve been exposed to more than a corner liquor store and a bus stop. Highly gifted and talented children. Don’t feel sorry for them..

          • They may have book sense, but they don’t have common sense. Like everyone is saying, Will and Jada gave them too much freedom. Hope they don’t end up on drugs or dead like a lot of these Hollywood kids do. Sticking to what the artitcle is about, let Jaden go walking down the street in South Central Los Angeles looking like this and see what happens to him. I guess if you had a son, you would go shopping with him if he wanted to go shopping for a dress, right?

          • I’m from south-central. I graduated! And no I wouldn’t dictate to my children. I have my opinion if you disagree stay in your cage.

          • I was waiting for that and I’m not surprised. No I’m not. You must still be on S. Central Ave. or have some hangups like most of us do you don’t get off the Boulevard…. Common and typical….. I’m sure you have hood rats who would agree with you. I don’t know any only see them here….

          • No sweetheart, I am a black grandmother and from the old school. You young people do not know the first thing about respect, your constant name calling of me when you don’t even know me lets me know what type of person you are. It is sad to know people like you are out there. Feel sorry for you.

          • Then we’re probably in the same age group. And you’re just as disrespectful as I am. But I’m no longer the little boy from Hooper Avenue. I’ve traveled….. I left the south-central mentality when I was about 13. You want respect then leave me with my point of view. My opinion and my point if you won’t change. Because I’m that stupid. Get over it!

          • You don’t have to agree but…… When you find your glasses grandma Google it! Just know that other people have different points of views.

          • There’s the name calling again. People that call people names usually have low self-esteem and calling people names makes them feel beeter about themselves. Counseling will help you.

          • You must be on the bottle or crack. You were the one that said you’re a grandmother. Self-esteem…… And you keep replying. Smdh….
            You have your point of view. Mine is different. Google can it be very informative and educational. Take it or leave it. And maybe you should analyze yourself before trying to analyze someone else…

          • Oh I’m sure I know where you live. What I don’t understand is why you did you keep replying in the first place. Clearly I’m out of reach to your mentality.


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