Thursday, December 2, 2021

After Breakdown Tyler, the Creator Asked Andre 3000 for Mentoring Help

tyler the creator,
Source: Twitter

*Tyler, the Creator recently suffered a mental breakdown, but he didn’t see a therapists. Instead, he asked rappers Andre 3000 and Earl Sweatshirt for advice on his depression, according to Miss Info.

On His Mental Breakdown:
“The only thing that’s sad is the fact that my mansion is empty. My sister lives in Utah, my mom’s always in Sacramento and I’m always sleeping on a friend’s couch out here. I went home the other day to grab something and I walk in the fucking house and it’s no one home. It’s six rooms, no one there. That bummed me out so bad. Oh and my bed is too soft. Those are my only complaints. What the fuck? I had a mental breakdown like four months ago for a couple hours. I was sitting there just fully losing my mind.

I was too happy! I know it sounds crazy but I was sitting there at 2 in the morning thinking about how my life is too good right now. I can buy anything I want, I can wake up and do whatever I want. I was like okay something bad has to happen. Someone is gonna die soon, I’m gonna break an arm. I wasn’t sad, I think I was panicking.

The only people I talked to about it was Thebe and Andre 3000. Andre was just like [in an Andre voice] “hey man that’s just how it goes man you just in a good spot.” Then I talked to Thebe about it and whoa… did he go left field. I remember texting him like “life is cool but the fucking cameras, I don’t know if people like me or they just want a photo for me for their instagram. am i a pawn? am i just an object that they use me for? when they ask me for photos do they actually give a fuck about Tyler? Or do they just want a couple likes? Is it just like taking a picture next to a car for them?

I forget what he said but he got so weird about it. That made me snap out of it like “Yo Thebe dog, are you okay?”



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