Thursday, July 29, 2021

Lil Kim’s Ex-Damion (World) Hardy’s Mission was to Rob Rappers While Dating Her

Damion (World) Hardy*Looks like Damion “World” Hardy wanted something more than just dating Lil’ Kim.

According to Allen “Boo” Bryant, a former hit man for Hardy’s Cash Money Brothers crew, the drug kingpin wanted to start his own music label in addition to plotting to rob rappers at hip-hop parties.

“World would tell me where there was going to be industry parties and I would gather some guys and we would rob the rappers,” Bryant testified Monday (April 6) in Brooklyn Federal Court. “A lot of jewelry was going to be there, expensive jewelry.”

As it turned out, Hardy’s targets were not identified, nor was there any evidence that Lil’ Kim had anything to do with the decade-old robbery schemes, the New York Daily News reports.

Rappers weren’t the only ones Hardy targeted. In his testimony Bryant revealed that Hardy sent him to pressure radio DJs into playing songs by Lil Kim as often as possible. Despite this, the government witness mentioned that he encountered resistance from an unidentified Hot 97 DJ, who told him that there was no way he could satisfy the demands, “so World better go ahead and kill me.”

Bryant’s testimony is the latest development surrounding Hardy, who stands trial after being charged with six murders tied to his drug operation at the Lafayette Gardens project in Bed Stuy.



  1. I attend worlds trial everyday, the prosecutors are full of shit with they witnesseses. They going so hard to frame world but it’s clear as day that TAZ set EVERYTHING up and trying to make world the fall guy! Why else would the government give four admitted killers including Boo Flair cooperation agreements just to get something to prove a weak case against someone Who’s NEVER killed ANYONE a day in his life! It’s a circus to the 3rd degree and if you don’t believe me the trial resumes on Tuesday at 10am in Brooklyn federal courthouse room 10C. #thethinblackline

  2. Don’t know what the out come gone be but it’s not looking good for my bro. Not to justify any of this but I wish we could all grow up again if make it better for my bro. See cause before the 90’s me and my bro was inseparable from queen of all saints to me moving that’s when it all went down. I pray these guys get pass this also praying they don’t go at each other if they do 40 come on guys we 40 plus . The barber boy Smalls 325 fa life


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