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Kendrick Lamar Blasted for Engagement to Light-Skinned Girlfriend by Dark Skin Activist

rashida-marie-shrober and kendrick lamar and whitney alford*Label this petty, stupid and unnecessary.

Kendrick Lamar’s engagement to his high school sweetheart and longtime girlfriend Whitney Alford should be a happy time, but it has apparently struck a nerve with some folks. All over Alford’s complexion.

Leading the criticism is self-proclaimed dark skin activist Rashida Strober, who blasted Lamar over the weekend on Facebook. In her eyes, the rhymesayer is a hypocrite for wanting to tie the knot with a light-skinned woman.

“Well, well, well would you looky here. ANOTHER FAKE CONSCIOUS MUTHER F-KER EXPOSED. I will never support him nor his music with one dime of my money and encourage all dark skinned women not to either!” she wrote.

Strober’s comments gained traction with folks who either fully support the “Dark Skin Is Beautiful” campaign founder or didn’t share her views on Lamar. In response to her nonsupporters, Strober posted the following response:


I see calling out and exposing self hating fake black men who speak about consciousness but date and marry NON DARK SKIN WOMEN brought you haters to my page. WELL SHARE THIS MUTHERFUKING POST!!! These type of fake coons are the worst of the worst. DARK SKIN is the essence of true blackness and if these fakers were really and truly conscious they would MARRY DARK SKINNED WOMEN!!! You pissed ?? GOOD!!!

Since 1998, Strober has been known as an advocate for people with darker complexions, according to her biography, which mentioned that her cause was inspired after years of bullying from classmates who put her down because of her complexion. Stage plays created by the Florida native include “A Dark-Skinned Woman’s Revenge” and “Ice Cream Lady’s Dream.”

So what do you think? Is Strober going overboard with slamming Lamar for being engaged to a light-skinned woman or does she have valid point with what she’s saying?

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  1. Light skinned girls have always loved darker or chocolate men, that’s never been a problem. Dark skinned men have always admired light skinned girls, why is that always an issue. SAD

  2. I think it’s pathetic!! Also very typical to the women that trash Beyoncé or Rihanna even Halle Berry because of their beauty. Generally these are your darker skin fat ass women who are just jealous and have low self-esteem. Not realizing their beauty because they’re comparing to someone different than them. Black people keep this going more than white people. In just about every aspect in life. Rather it’s music fashion sense hair you name it!!! Reading a lot of these opinions or so-called opinions are an embarrassment to me sometimes. It just shows that some people didn’t even get on the bus on the boat. Sound off…..

  3. Is she crazy??? PART of consciousness is awareness of self, and this chick is TOTALLY not aware that she is now the bully like the ones that once harassed her. #HeIsAGrownManDOGGG

  4. So basically this racist is saying they should be “equal but seperate”, MLK would be proud (that’s sarcasm) smh.

  5. I could understand if Kendrick had dropped this album, then went and found a light-skinned girl right afterwards, and then get an engagement. There would then be an argument for her case; however, he’s been in love with this woman since high school. He likely wasn’t “conscious” (because what high school student really is?), all he knew was that he loved that woman.

    Yes, there’s an implicit racism in the black community where lighter skinned black women are valued more heavily than their darker counterparts, but I don’t think him marrying his high school sweetheart and also dropping a very pro-black album in any way detracts from the points made or his credibility.

  6. This is so sad. So our culture is suppose to separate? Why can’t people love who they love? People are always talking about how the African American community doesn’t support each other, this is proving them right. She started her campaign for dark skinned girls because she was bullied in school. I have one question, isn’t what she’s doing a form of bullying?

  7. This girl is doing this purely for publication she has no intent to help us as a race , she technically hates us for taunting her as kids no less .. fuck this chick and move on to someone who cares about the movement of black empowerment … #lshelostandbroken

  8. I feel sort of sorry for Rashida Strober. This woman has some serious self-hate issues that she is aiming at others. Hopefully she can work through her personal and skin color issues and live a happy life.

    • kbace, I think you’ve really gotten to the heart of the matter with your comment. It’s wonderful to embrace and applaud and lift up and express love for all the shades in the spectrum we as Black people possess. But the vehement anger and irrational (in my view) response from Rashida suggests that something else is going on under the surface. Something very deep and very painful that she may not even understand or is able to acknowledge to herself.

      It sounds as if the hurt she has suffered (she has talked about being bullied for her skin color) has never been able to heal. I so agree that I hope she can work through her skin color issues and find joy and peace and love in her life. The bitterness and hate she’s expressing isn’t healthy, and it could end up destroying her.

  9. Rashida Strober is the classic example of a self-hater! She is mad because SHE is darker skin, and instead of loving her black skin and embracing love for all colors and hues, she has a sick and demented mindset to ridicule anyone who loves, by way of people of all colors, that falls in love with each other. Sure I think there is a just cause in letting people know that they should proud and love their skin color, racism in history is a clear example of that, but all people should love all other skin colors as well. Maybe she should go marry a black gorilla, and perhaps they could live happily ever after. Rashida Strober stop worrying about who loves who, get your own life! Something must happened to her and she hates her black skin, and probably secretly wishes to have white milky translucent skin. God gave us something called, options and preferences, and if an individual don’t want your black skinned ass, that is their preference, it doesn’t mean they are a racist or hypocrite! And in Kendrick’s case, he was with his fiancee’ before fame, and while he was in high school. This Rashida Strober chick wants fame and recognition, and she got, but she looks like an idiot and hurts her own crab in a barrel coonin cause even further! Get over it BLACK LADY!

  10. I wonder how she feels about Dr. Martin Luther King who had a light skinned woman. Coretta was a pure breed. They don’t Vive no lighter than that

  11. I notice that you are not light skinned or particularly pretty, but to someone, you are perfect. Pay some extra attention to your own life and get off the jealousy train as it will eat you alive and make you uglier.

  12. I stopped when I got to this “DARK SKIN is the essence of true blackness..” I’m mad this post even garnered exposure on this outlet as its just another mind numbingly pointless and ill-conceived rant from a want to be outraged hypocrite. Who herself is more concerned with skin color than the so called “coon” she is attempting to call out….

  13. Is this Eurweb or Euroweb. Divide and conquer is Europe and racist whites’ biggest tool against black people. This article just makes blacks mad at blacks. Black people have everyone’s genes because we are the original man. We can, and have, made blonde hair/blue eyed babies. Under our beautiful brown eyes are blue ones. Be proud of black in all forms. Light skinned sisters are fine. Chocolate sisters are fine. Purple sisters are fine. Enjoy the strength of a sister no matter what shade her skin is.

  14. Here we go…Kendrick is engaged to his high school sweetheart, doesn’t matter who she is or what shade she is. As long as they’re both happy, **** whatever the world thinks…especially Rashida Strober, who’s obviously pissed that Kendrick didn’t propose to her. Go ahead and protest his albums Rashida, do you honestly think he cares?…..NO!. People like her crack me up because it’s obvious that she’s using this platform to gain attention for herself, and ride piggyback off of Lamar’s fame. It’s sistas like Rashida that make a brotha want to date outside his own race.

  15. Well, I’m not an American but I lived there for many years and I always found it odd that Black Americans associated beauty with being light skinned and ugliness with being dark skinned, even when physically the dark skinned one is prettier and even better at what she (always women) does. Two examples: In the movie Coming to America, the ugly one was the dark one. On the sitcom Martin, Pam, despite her stunning physical beauty, was the one designated as a horse face. That show perpetuated the nation that Black is Ugly.

    The challenge though is that Black is a spectrum, ranging from near white to medium to dark. We must celebrate all. We have no other choice.

    It becomes a problem like this one when our own people uglify the dark end and beautify the light end even when the esthetics show otherwise.


  16. Sadly, Rashida Strober’s comments slamming Kindrick Lamar based on his High School sweetheart being of a lighter hue is ignorant, uninformed  and (NOT CORRECT) by any means or standard.  I am a multi-racial Black woman and my skin is light and RS’s mindset against light skinned BLACK WOMEN…is simply counterproductive… She should have research the history of Africa’s Mother Land, which is a richly blessed continent of many resources (including its array of people, flavors, hues and textures). 
    Africa has many countries and tribes within its borders which proudly displays its vast plains of cultures, skin hues and ethnic diversities. Regrettably, you cannot define what is truly a Black Woman for her face can be a reflection of all other races of the world depending on her location, culture, and blood lines (DNA) that reaches back from the beginning of time, Somehow, people want to forget and/or not include the past.  If you do not know where you come from, how can you see who you are in the NOW or FUTURE.

    Being a Black woman (with African decent of whatever the percentage) is not just about ones skin color and/or features. It is about community, traditions, spirituality, pride, history (past, present & future), self-awareness, compassion, humility, sacrifice, legacies, freedoms, wisdom/intelligence and more importantly, giving the Creator (God, Jehovah, Allah) the praise & glory for being a God who understood the importance of variety and uniqueness is to be tolerant, as well as, respectful of our differences.

    The greatest tragedy we can make amongst our people with African ancestry regardless of percentage, is NOT to embrace one another as sisters and/or accept our differences in the spirit of love.  As long as some people of color think that we are not one large group (a vivid tapestry of all hues) due to our variations of skin color and/or cultures, it will create division of negative mindsets of toxicity which will ultimately dilute our greatness. Sadly, the power of numbers that we have as a people and the significance of our voice will not be heard in America or around the world if we continue this madness as Rashida demonstrated with her rant. Rashida, open your mind and heart; don’t limit yourself with petty discrepancies regarding skin hues. Remember FLESH fades (of any color) quickly, when compared to the span of eternity …and a beautiful spirit and love lives beyond this world into eternity no matter one’s color hue. 

      • Like Rashida, I am praying for your recovery and healing…. In the meantime, try to digest the following truths which sadly, I do not believe you can:

        All Asiatic terms referencing the color of one’s skin tone must be discarded — for those of us who are African-Americans — we are descendants of the Moors. therefore, we are Moors/Moorish Nationality by orgin, as well as, we were in the Americas before the landing of Christopher Columbus, but not doing the Pangaea period when all the continents were together. It is our Birth Right! Our history did not start on slave ships in bondage.

        The Following is the Definition of Moor:
        It is also important to note that the word Moor is a transitive word.  It is a noun and an adjective (action), as it is also associated with the waters or boating, due to the fact that Moors were the first to navigate upon the waters, as well as, they call wetlands — the Moorlands, or the Moor.  however, you can look it up for yourself in any unabridged dictionary or encyclopedia.

        Some unconscious Moors continue to claim to be  descendants of negros, coloreds, blacks, etc… also (using skin tones as a way to separate, segregate, alienate, discriminate, hate or elevate themselves) from others or a position that they think is lawful, yet it is not.

        Some make these claims anyway out of ignorance.  In truth it places them outside of the Law, outside of the Constitutional Fold of Government, outside of the Ancient principles they say resides within them; and outside of the human family.  They are then the out-laws and don’t seem to recognize those “branded” names are not with standing, as well as, they don’t seem to acknowledge that they are in dishonor of their foremothers and forefathers. 

        Furthermore, the USA is one of a few countries that ask for your Nationality and Race. So our nationality is Moorish American, your race is Moor. Most countries use their nationality as their race or continent as their race. Race as a color is an European American concept.

  17. Oh great what a stupid woman giving us dark skinned black women with natural hair women a bad name.
    Kendrick lamar has a song called complexion about embracing all shades. He doesnt need a dark skin women to prove that he is ‘conscious’ atleast he still puts dark skin women in his video we should just be happy shes not one of kim k relatives. Love is love.

  18. This is nothing more than a distraction to keep blacks from unifying and doing away with the light v dark color pathology that continues to destroy the African American community. I personally believe that she is being paid to put this comment out there in the blogasphere.

  19. I am so tired of this dark vs. light shit! I am sorry that she and anyone else of her complexion was made fun of and made to feel ashamed of who they are. I don’t agree with that in any way shape or form and I wasn’t raised to think that way either. However, I have found that it is usually darker women who are quick to say that someone is black and ugly because they are dark. I used to work with a woman who would say that and I would mention one of our coworkers who was dark and attractive to prove my point which is that belief is wrong and untrue. You can find beauty and ugliness in all races and skin tones. For this woman to say that darker people should only be with darker people is just plain stupid and separatist. She needs to join a support group and work on her esteem and feeling better about herself. I will pray for her because she really needs Jesus to help her.

  20. She’s calling Kendrick self hating but she’s expressing more self hate than anyone. It’s clear she’s still just holding on the anger created from being teased for being dark when she was younger

  21. Ummmmmm, I am not understanding this. Unfortunately, it is true when they say you can’t please everybody. First off, black comes in many different shades, all of which are BEAUTIFUL. Second, as women, we should applaud Kendrick for sticking with someone that he already knows and have a history with instead of doing what many men do when they’ve “made it” and go boo up with one of them fake ass, non-black, beauty queen, trophy hoes. I am a brown skinned black women, and was teased constantly growing up because of my huge lips, among other things, so I can understand why, whoever this “activist” is, does what she does, as far as trying to be a voice for black people of a darker skin tones. But just like my experiences does not give me the right to condemn every black person who’s lips aren’t as big as mines, this “activist’s” experiences does not give her the right to condemn black people who aren’t as dark as her. Doing so only justifies the notion of how we as blacks don’t support one another. Furthermore, it displays the slave mentality of black people using our internal differences to hate each other; thus remaining divided. As a black person, if you have a negative feeling about the physical characteristics of another black person, then you have a negative feeling about yourself. That is not a good sign if you call yourself an “activist” FOR black people.

  22. This is utterly ignorant. What happened to just loving someone because of who they are, instead of basing it on skin color. She’s no different from any Aryan racist that march the streets proclaiming their hatred. She thinks that just because she’s black, it’s impossible for her to be racist. I’m black and I think this is just disgusting.

  23. It is unfortunate that she feels this way. However dark skinned girl aren’t the only ones teased. My daughter who is mixed (latino and black) and considered light skinned gets teased everyday by darker skinned girls and latinos. It gives me a heavy heart when she comes home crying because she is teased. People need to stop hating others because of skin shades. All shades are equally beautiful.

  24. As a dark skin woman in America, this young lady does not speak for me. I embrace Black in all it’s various hues. I refuse to get caught up in the light skin versus dark skin controversy. It’s ignorant and counter-productive. Most African-American families have members who are light, dark or somewhere in between. It’s time to lay this issue to rest and embrace Black period!

  25. This is dumbest article I have read in a long time , are we all not black despite our different shades of skin, women like this are responsible for the division of our race when it comes to dark and “light” skin. We are all BLACK.

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