Thursday, October 21, 2021

Wale Gets Candid about His Struggles with Depression

Wale Wrkng*Wale was so depressed about his rap career, he poured it into his “The Album about Nothing.” Recently, he opened up to Billboard about his battle with depression.

“I was depressed not being where I wanna be in my career when I’ve put the work in,” he said. “I wasn’t sleeping. I was drinking all day and I didn’t have anyone to go to. I couldn’t fight it. Those are some of the demons I talk about on the album.”

He claimed he works extremely hard on his music, but said he has a lack thereof recognition. He used pills to keep his energy up and drugs when he didn’t get the response he wanted.

“I don’t get no major articles. Nobody talks about Wale like that. So what do you do when you’re busting your ass and taking pills to stay up and be able to provide the right energy, and you’re not seeing the proper response?”

“My confidence was shot, so I’d be taking whatever to keep me in a good mood, to get me in the right mood for an interview,” he said. “I’m not going into the details as to what I was taking, but there’s definitely something for that.”

“Just like there’s a f*ckin’ app for everything, there’s a damn pill for everything,”he added. “Or something you can pour in your glass.”



  1. Wow! I had no idea Wale was going through any of this.

    He is one of the more innovative rappers as far as I’m concerned. He actually has a great band, and his vocalists are on point, and his raps make damn good sense.

    I thought “Pretty Girls” was going to set him up nice a few years ago. The record made some noise and he has an excellent “live” show. I am really surprised things haven’t been going his way.

    I sure hope Wale get’s the medical treatment that he needs, because his music program is tight.

    He is very a underrated artist that should get a hell of a lot more pub than he’s been getting…

    Stay strong my brother… DMV forever, baby!

  2. I really understand what Wale is going through. He does have a great brand and is an extremely UNIQUE Rapper. I myself have come up with innovative ideas only to find little to know recognition for my works. I cant really say that people don’t recognize, but they are less likely to commend you for innovativeness Instead if they are anywhere near your space, they envy, steal, go over and around you and your creative genius for the own gloutness. It’s sad, even the media and commercial companies are STEALING and reaping the rewards of the creative genius. Stay Stong Wale…! @katsNindustry


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