Wednesday, July 28, 2021

(White) Haters Blast Michelle Obama’s ‘Black Girls Rock’ Appearance Via Instagram

michelle-obama-black-girls-rock*First Lady Michelle Obama’s appearance at BET’s “Black Girls Rock!” event last weekend was a definite plus for some, but for others, the cameo was more of a downer.

In a series of complaints left on Obama’s Instagram page, folks voiced their disappointment with the first lady for participating in an event that solely highlighted African-American girls.

I am all for the empowerment of disadvantaged groups, I just don’t see how alienating an oppressed group i.e. women by focusing on a subset of that group, helps anyone,” one commenter wrote.

If a white person posted this and it said white girls rock…the sh-t would hit the fan,” wrote another person voiced.

The negative feedback from Obama’s appearance at “Black Girls Rock!” comes after #whitegirlsrock became a trending topic on Twitter during last year’s broadcast of the event. On Saturday (March 28), Obama’s personal aide Kristin Jones announced that she would be taking over the first lady’s Instagram account.

Black Girls Rock is leaving out all other girls of color. Brown is a color, yellow is a color, red is a color and yes, white is still a color. One day racism will end because we no longer NOTICE the color of our fellow human beings. ALL girls rock,” an Instagram user posted.

Despite the criticism, there were many people on Instagram who voiced their support of Obama’s involvement in “Black Girls Rock!.”

To all my fellow white women: Why is uplifting our sisters of color a bad thing for us, exactly? Go read the news, see a movie, or watch TV, and look at the stereotypes of African Americans still face, especially young women. This group of ladies need to know that that image is not their reality #BlackGirlsRock,” an Instagrammer expressed.

At this time, there has not been any comment made from FLOTUS or her team on the “Black Girls Rock!” appearance backlash.

BET’s “Black Girls Rock!” will air on Sunday (April 5) on BET.

So what say you? Do those criticizing Mrs. Obama and “Black Girls Rock!” have a point or are they off base with what the event is all about? Weigh in below.



    • doesn’t have to do with whether or not it’s about white women, it’s called doubled standard dumbass. If white women or white people in general can’t celebrate or uplift themselves, because it would be considered racist, even though majority of white people now a days had nothing to do with segregation or slavery back then, neither should black people. What’s funny is black people now a days have nothing to do with those things either. It’s all about drudging up a past that has nothing to do with anyone.

      • okay, dear listen. This is not about slavery or the past that you THINK has nothing to do with hte women living today. If I were to focus on the social issues of TODAY, we (#blackgirlsrock) still come out on ht elower end of the ttem pole. White women that started the feminist social movement excluded all but middle-class educated white women who wanted more that the house and kids. they wanted careers, and to gain that who had to wash the clothes and cok the food and pick up thier 2 kids and the dog. OTHER WOMEN OF COLOR. for every .77 cent white women make, black women make a significant amount less for the same work IF they can even get in the game. And when it comes to living in the same communities as whote women, how many of black women can’t get in becaus thier last name is JACKSON?!?!?! Oh, and we won;t even talk about the ratio of marriage between whote women and black women. I mean really. If you had case at all you could have brought something better than that. Besides, what’s wrong whit this so called “subset” (another racist comment) fighting thier own battles?

  1. She is a beautiful woman and a first rate, class act as a first lady. She does this country proud and America will miss her next year come January.

  2. Race haters shut up and sit down. I bet if you met her in person you would be all smiles, hugs and selfies. Just want to complain about anything and make it a race issue. Before there were Black only colleges, BET, Miss Black America, hmmm there were countless of white only shows, colleges, Miss Universe, Miss America (very rarely a black won), Grammies (very rarely a black one) & the list goes one. You race haters have no valid points to make!!

    • You are the race hater here, black bitches like you want to say and do whatever you want, but when someone calls you out, you pull the typical race card. “Blah, blah race haters blah blah”

  3. Our world will be back to boring once the Obama’s leave the house. I have never seen or heard such an amazing, brilliant and beautiful First Lady. Let’s continue to lift her and her family up, while we can because after all…Black Girl Really DO Rock!

    • AMEN! I am so proud of my sister, who happens to be from my hometown of Chicago. She and President Obama, who gave that famous Father’s Day speech at my former Church in Chicago, Apostolic Church of God, has brought so much grace and humility to the White House. As a matter of fact, they have brought so much grace and humility to the world. They will sorely be missed when they do leave the White House. I actually worked for City Hall in Chicago at the same time that Michelle did. She is the picture of grace and kindness, and an example of what our young black girls should aspire to be. Thank God for Michelle and Barack Obama.

  4. Our Sisters are the greatest group of women on the planet,They birthed civilization!These others should bow down and be thankful! Everyone knows we are a great people,that’s why they keep up the racism(Which is only fear and they are intimidated)and the negativity.They know that once we close ranks game over!Ans anyone among us who doesn’t lift us up should be banished!(Like Snoop Dog calling us Niggers on a world wide broadcast)We’ve never been Niggers!!

  5. You can’t reach the haters. Because most people with any sense would not be bother by this Black Girls Rock one bit. The haters will fine fault in whatever the Obamas do because they hate this black First Lady and President.

  6. Michelle is Fierce!!! Hater are going to hate. Facts of life. I handle haters by looking them straight in eye and I give them a downward snap, turn slowly and walk away!!!!

  7. Ok let’s talk common sense hear..if white didn’t discriminate in more ways that one the whites only club coming across ever so instinctively, either blatantly or as it is now a days the worst racism since jim crow..we would have to have as afri-americans our own awards program, hollywood is as racist as they come and black folks is supposed to take what is handed to afri-americans actors as stereotyped?

    Whites are still discriminating intentionally against this nation’s ppl of color, by marginalizing their ability and skill. We are not treated equally or have the same opportunities as white ppl..they want to see oppressed, depressed, hanging our heads down, god forbid we as a ppl empower and support we as ppl of in massa eyes..we’s still colored, oppressed and depressed a bunch of lazy negroes ..god forbid we have a right to enlightened and recognized US..Whites do it all the time in the whites only club..the fact is we are empowering we as ppl, becuz whites know there’s are strength in combined numbers upon 2020 whites in this nation will be the minority american ..they know this..and it’s been ordered to kill as many black and brown males possible..and it’s happening daily across america. ..

  8. I cannot understand for the life of me why people would be complaining about the Flotus wanting to instill values and respect amongst her people – people of color? I am black and I am so sick and tired of the negative shows – magazines – movie trailers – Real Housewives franchise – job opportunities and overall negative portrayal of us as a race of people. Other races are always saying or trying to demonstrate how horrible we are – yet when we as black people try to do the right thing (like we have for countless years) we are still shunned and talked about. I am all for anyone of power or a regular “Joe or Jonetta Smoe” trying to uplift their own, just don’t hate if you see us trying to do the same. Those same “haters” are the ones that hide behind the vile of their computers talking shit – yet when they interact with a person of color, (are all nice and fake in our presence) but when in a remote area, want to demonstrate their true intentions of racist and separatist views! It is 2015, yes, things have changed a tad bit – but not by much, as racism is still prevalent and more dangerous than it was in the early stages of civilization. I don’t care if you are wealthy – got a great job – have influential friends and live in a mansion – you are still a victim of racism. You may try to turn a blind eye – but society WILL definitely “wake you up from your slumber!”

    • I too, as Fannie Lou Hamer once famously said; “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired” of this ongoing denigration of seemingly everything we as a people do. We should feel good about every positive thing that we do, and for the First Lady to join in on that is so wight and commendable. I want my 21-year-old daughter in Chicago to feel good about herself, and what Michelle Obama is and has been doing is a start in the right direction. I love Michelle and Barack Obama for all that they have done, especially the examples that they have set for their two daughters and black women worldwide. This constant denigration of our people represents a more serious problem, an illness, that should be recognized.

  9. White folks sit down and STFU! This ain’t about you! You all feel so threatened whenever a race takes pride in itself and isn’t standing around singing your praises. We can’t win with y’all and I’m not going to try to either. Poof be gone!

  10. Thank you First Lady Michelle Obama for acknowledging what the entire world knows… Black Girls, and Black Women Rock! I’m giving the First Lady 10,000 standing ovations!

    Betty Boo, I’m giving you a mighty standing o too, because your summary rocks!

    We don’t need anyone’s permission to lift each other up. Let us continue to strengthen one another ALWAYS!

    Isn’t it amazing how insecure white supremacists are? I swear, these weak racist creeps suffer from the worst mental illness known to the human race…

    Due to their warped, deep-seeded hatred, they can’t stand to see people of color flourish… They have every advantage in this nation. Yet, they are envious as hell of black people… What is that? It is an inexplicable madness that I will never be able to comprehend…

    But that is there problem, isn’t it?

    Let us continue to celebrate each others triumphs, and encourage the next generation to do the same!

    Rock on!

  11. White Girls Rock! . . . Isn’t that a stupid statement? But if I make it, I’m a racist. I wouldn’t make a statement focusing on my race because that fosters what people for decades have been fighting. Martin Luther King preached about no longer recognizing the differences, but rather being recognized as equal. (Read, I Have a Dream.) Until we quit pointing out that there are different races, racism won’t stop. So if you’re Asian, Indian, Black, or any other ethnicity who perceives you experience different treatment because of skin color, quit pointing out skin color.

    • I’m sorry but you don’t get it.In a perfect world we would not look at things such as race but we do.Young black girls are made to feel ugly and less than.Society beats white is beautiful into the subconscious of our young girls and boys.White girls do have to deal with insecurities but none of them are based on the sole fact that they are white.Black girls have to deal with constantly being reminded of being ugly because they are black and have darker skin.I wouldn’t expect you to understand.


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