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Laurence Fishburne’s Mother Facing Eviction; He Won’t Speak to Her

lawrence & hattie crawford fishburne

*Laurence Fishburne may get a lot of love on the big and small screen, but apparently he isn’t showing much of it to his mother.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Hattie Crawford Fishburne admitted that she is broke and facing eviction from her $1,500 a month Los Angeles apartment, all because her famous son refuses to reach out to her.

‘He’s gone Hollywood. For 20 years, I funded my son’s career. He promised me he would take care of me. … To this day, I have not got a Christmas present or a “Thank you, Mama” present. He hasn’t given me a penny,’ she told the Post.

Hattie Crawford Fishburne’s eviction stems from overwhelming living expenses. Despite receiving $3,000 a month from social security, in addition to a pension from years of teaching in public schools in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, she is struggling to pay the medical bills from her arthritis, under-active thyroid, high cholesterol and injuries sustained in a massive car crash.

While she has made attempts to contact Fishburne, the 80-year-old mother stated that the “Black-ish” star and producer hasn’t returned her calls in a year. Her eviction is scheduled for today (March 31).

News of the elder Fishburne’s plight marks comes after her son distanced himself from his daughter Montana, who admitted he stopped speaking to her when she began appearing in porn videos.

Montana was last reported to be working as a stripper in Texas, the Post noted while adding that Laurence Fishburne is worth an estimated $20 million.



  1. A.) That’s triflin’ that he won’t take care of his mother after she sacrificed her life for him. God don’t like ugly. Maybe that’s why is career isn’t what is should be. B). Why does she need to live in a $1500 dollar a month apartment. In Los Angeles, she could easily find a studio for $600 or $700. If she’s getting 3G’s a month with no more kids to raise and little to no debt, she needs a business manager. Maybe she could buy one of those Senior Condo 55+.

    • Stop it! Stay in your lane and don’t be figuring out her money. If you’re not contributing to her well-being then stop counting her money… just being judgemental and limiting. If she wants to live in a $1500.00 monthly apartment so what.! She deserves way more. Her gapped-tooth son should be ashame of himself… PERIOD! Regardless of what the circumstances are HE SHOULD HELP HIS MOTHER!

      • I totally agree with you, regardless of her money the son should have been there for her. It’s really said considering all the medical conditions she has and her age. I wouldn’t dare so my mom that way.

    • IF she sacrificed her life for him, she did exactly what she was supposed to do. She chose to have him, he didn’t choose to have her. The only thing children owe parents is to grow up and take care of themselves so the parents don’t have to continue to sacrifice their lives for them.

  2. There has to be more to this than published.

    Anytime you have a dispute between family… it is typically complicated by sh*t that has taken place over the years!

    I am more than a little curious about what caused the riff in this family.

    Laurence started in the business very young!

    • I have to agree – there has to be more to this story that we don’t know. Why is he not speaking to his mother? What happened between those two? I can understand him being upset with his daughter because details of what happened was publicized. I don’t have enough data to formulate a reasonable opinion about Mr. Fishburne with regard to his mother. Yes, it does sound sad, but it may also be valid.

  3. This is some fragganaggle BullSh*t.

    Hattie Crawford Fishburne admitted that she is broke and facing eviction from her $1,500 a month Los Angeles apartment, all because her famous son refuses to reach out to her.

    Really Ms. Fishburne… all because he refused to reach out you are in an apartment you can’t pay your rent? You were a professional so it would seem there is a pension in play… not just ss.

    No disrespect, but if he hasn’t reached out in 20 years… then YOU know not to count on him!

    There is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more to this story. Really sad!

  4. I thought Laurence and his mother worked out their issues. I recall her complaining about being evicted a long time ago from another place (or is this the same place) and he out and out refuse to pay her rent. Don’t know what to make of this……

  5. Assuming she raised him, changed his diapers, took care of him when he was sick, taught him, loved him and did the best she could from the level she was on, AND backed his career? It doesn’t matter what the issue is. Bunk that my guy, that’s MOMS… #rememberwhereyoucamefrom

    • Assuming she did all those things, she didn’t do anything extraordinary. As a woman who chose to bring a child into this world, she did what she was supposed to do. It’s not a child’s job to take care of parents when they get grown. It’s their job to be able to take of themselves, so parents can have the rest of their lives to live as they wish, without having to take care of children. As a parent, you don’t “loan” the service of taking care of a child, to paid back in full once the child is grown. You take care of the child you bore because it’s your job. And hopefully, your child will take on the job of caring for themselves and their children when they grow up. If a child decides to take on the care of a parent once they get grown, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But to assume that they “owe” the debt of caring for a parent is ridiculous.

  6. he should watch ‘Imitation Of Life’ … you only get one mother … prefer to know what happened to his daughter, had to be something bad … wondering why he turned away from both; something’s missing and it can’t be good …

    • You think he’s denying her because she’s dark skinned? Imitation Of Life is one of my favorite movies. But the premise of the movie has nothing to do with this story.

      • No. The similarity is that both mothers made sacrifices for their kids, which is what parents do. They take the good with the bad.

  7. True NYCsoul…There was another …”I’m getting evicted and my son won’t help me”.. story that was reported in the media some years ago. Why doesn’t she have a place that she owns out right?

  8. People and their FKD up….”crystal balls”. Sigh. Look…..don’t nobody here know WTH’s been going ‘on between them or “how he was raised BY her”! And so….there’s prolly VERY good reason why he ain’t “chipoin in”. So peeps should really STFU until more info is provided. And aNOTHER thang!??, it’s ALways so fkn faaaaaascinating how people AUTOMATICALLY paint “men” with the “triflin brush”, but CONSISTENTLY seem to “misplace that muthafkah”, when its a “FEmale” not taken care of HUH “daddy” or mama. Yall…..can We GTFU, be mature, honest & kill the DIShonest, SELF serving, gender biased BS/eradicate that shyt in “THIS” lifetime!!??? I mean….GD!

  9. There are always two sides to a story. Yeah, she is his mother, but her “sacrifice” may be what she was supposed to do as a parent. I’m sick of people thinking they should get rewards from offspring just because they have the positional title of mother or father. We don’t know what went on in the past, if he at one time did support her and things went South or not. Stop trying to figure out something when you can only assume what might have happened over the course of their relationship.

  10. Here you have people wishing they had their mother around and living. I had issues with mine and now she’s gon what wo’t I give to have her back here toi rectify our mother/son relationshiip. He’s blessed to have a mother alive. Mine died in 1992 at 57. saw her last birthday on Novemband died December 12. You gotta have a SERIOUS issue with your mom to not reach out and help her.

  11. If the story is accurate? Then it’s between mother and son.

    Both mother & faughter probably triflin for sure, becuz I know for a fact, the daughter had the best of everything given to her from her daddy and her daddy was there 24/7 FOR HER…and she broke her daddy’s heart by becoming a porn star….so Mr. Fishburne is done WITH HIS DAUGHTER….probably something similar with mother, not a porn star however, but she did something to her son..for him to turn and not speak to his mother..even so in her crisis, however, I don’t believe he’s the type of man to let his mother become homeless..

  12. Larry don’t owe her!! He has looOOoong paid her debt. Don’t count his cheddar!!!. My mama stop talkin to me when I put on weight, then she stopped talking to me because of how I wear my make-up. She’ll get over it!!!!! .

    • Well wouldyah look at alllllll the luuuuuuv!??? Aaaaaaw “Tracy”, you shouldn’t have!!! Uh uh uh!!! Thaaaaank you ….”GROUPY”! Granddaddy just luuuuuuv you tuh DEATH!!! SMHATSBMF.

  13. The Bible says honor thy mother and father. She’s 80. She helped him get his career going. Some of the thinking on this thread, we don’t owe our parents? SMH who took care of us when we couldn’t? Wow Son.
    Say what you will, none of us had perfect moms but thats moms… true there’s two sides to every story, but one person in common with the estranged relationships between Mr Fishburne, his mother and daughter.. him. Mom taught me if you got problems with multiple people you might be the problem. Thanks mom, you won’t be homeless in my watch…

  14. I just re read, she 80 with health problems, arthritis and survived a major car crash? After today she gotta move on her own? At 80? You must be outta your mind. Imma pay her med expenses and her rent even if she old and crabby and I don’t talk to her. As an African American woman in America, we can only imagine what she’s endured in 80 years so he could entertain for a living.

  15. Hmmm… what’s going on with Ms. Fishburne?

    According to Fox News:
    This isn’t the first time Fishburne’s mother said she was being evicted. In 1994 she claimed she was evicted from her Brooklyn, N.Y., home and lived with a friend for two years.


    • Ok…Sounds like Ms Fishburn has champagne taste and a beer budget!!!! She survived before she’ll do it again. SMH!!

      • Hiiiiiiiiii Tracy! Umm….”nooooooo”?, “Sounds AND “LOOKS” like you’z STILL an envious jelly stupid ass, wanna BE “me”….”GROUPY”! Again….”thanks for the luuuuuv”, Groupy.

    • Thanks for this ladyelle. I knew this was not the first time that Laurence’s mother stated she was being evicted. Hope they can work it out.

  16. Old doesn’t mean good, Mother doesn’t mean a “good mother”. There seems to be a great cord of dysfunction in this family, and they all look like they lived life HARD. Sometimes you have to cut your loses even when they are your family members for they are not always holding a PASS card.

  17. Happy to read not everybody is writing there own story. Whoever it is mother or not! Some things we shouldn’t form opinions on. It’s not your mother & you don’t know the circumstances. Even if you DID you’re not Larry. He’s not an idiot or bad person. He definetly has his valid reason. People should stay in there lane. Keep your mouths closed while standing in the supermarket line….

  18. “Despite receiving $3,000 a month from social security, in addition to a pension from years of teaching in public schools in Brooklyn and Los Angeles” …How much does she need?
    Mama’s abuse and kill their children everyday. We don’t know what the situation was, or is. If she is putting him on blast on television like this, there isn’t any telling what else she has done. However, with her being 80, hopefully they can make amends with one another before it is too late.

  19. Sometimes you have family situations where another family member is in the equation.

    You could have a bum living off of his mother… he refuses to continue giving momma $$$ to give to another party.

    Momma defends the other person… and so you have an empasse!

    There is way more to this story!

    • Btw, just so you know?, only the “1st & responses mentioning “Tracy” we’re actually posted by “me”! See..for months now, .I’ve been poorly impersonated by an immature UNprofessional FOS jelly/envious “EUR editor”, who has obviously been “wounded” by some of my post, & now are “acting out like a lil retarded child” impersonating me. Too ignant to realize with every post they fake?, they show & prove their weakness, stupidity AND “admiration FOR…”me”! I tell yuh, I now look forward to…”all the luuuuuuuv”. Shyt is wild & kra! BUT!!!???, (now how did “Forrest” put it??, oh yeah!!!)…..”stupid is as STUpid does”. Wah waaaaaah! SPLMBAOATSMF! But aaaaaaabyway, just wanted you to be aware of my “No.1 fan” &….”the fake”. Wink! (Walkin out the room SPLMBAO @ Tracy, as I turn the lights out)

      • @Taurusingr… dang I hate that someone is impersonating you! You are a hard act to follow! 🙂
        that’s kind of creepy!

        • Aaaaaaw thank you for that, lady!:-)! Aaaaaaw the weak & envious “fans”, just WHAT can yuh do wit’em!!?? SMH! Well…..”try as the might”?, it’s ALWAYS a …RIOT!!! And…if you look a lil closer?, one can see that there’s….NO “comparison” Lmao! So but HEY!!?….”beeeeeewaaaaaaaarrrrrrre”!!!!, join the party &….stay tuned. (Hee hee!) :-)!

  20. Some fucked up gene in that family.
    A selfish bastard son, a promiscuous wannabe porn star grand daughter.
    I wonder what’s going between him and his wife Gina Torres.
    I always thought he was a damn good actor. I have now lost the little bit of respect I had for this sell-out.

  21. Wow this man has to be going through hell. His mother is slamming him for being a cheapskate and his daughter is running around doing amatuer porn. Not good man, not good

  22. It’s more to this story to be told and she knows this. She just know he will not speak out about it. She can’t hurt him anymore so let her tell her lies and you people believe it is you want. He can write a book on the things she did to him when he was helpless as a child.

  23. Apparently, he does not believe in “Honoring thy mother and father”. if it was not for his mother, he would not be here. she could have flushed him down the toilet. no matter what! that is still your mother1 Money, cannot go with you to the grave, you never know, she may have to bury you first.

  24. I had a professor once who was from another country and had traveled to many different countries. He said of all the countries he’s been to only in America has he seen the elderly discarded, thrown into nursing homes and not held in the highest esteem. He said in most other countries the elderly are revered and wondered what was wrong with Americans. I won’t judge Mr. Fishburne’s situation, I just felt the need to post that in response to all of the posters that feel they don’t owe their parents anything. If I go by what some of the posters have said, parents, then, owe their children nothing more than to house, feed, and clothe them until they reach adulthood and then they are on their own. Parents that love their children (and most do) will go beyond the bare minimum because of that love. Parents go to the assemblies to support their children, take their kids to the early morning practices, pick their children up from the practices that extend into the night, go broke to ensure their children can fulfill their dreams, encourage them, take out loans so that they can finish college, allow them to come back home after college because the jobs are not plentiful and their debt is, take care of the grandkids because childcare expenses are taxing their children’s budget, house them and their children again because of job loss (relationship didn’t work out, etc.). Parents do these things and a whole lot more because of their love for a child, not because they are obligated. And now that we are grown and doing for ourselves we would seriously have the unmitigated gall to say to a parent “you are on your own”, “I didn’t ask to be here”???? Really?! I gladly did for my mom and grandmother because when I look at what some in this world have had to endure growing up, when I’ve read about the atrocities that have happened in some people’s lives, I am grateful. I am thankful. I owe a lot more than I could possibly give in a thousand lifetimes. Now that they have departed from this earth I am glad that I was there (as my siblings were as well) and did what I could for them. I only hope that Mr. Fishburne and his family can sit down and iron out their differences. I don’t, however, condone a parent going on national (or local) television (or in print) to shame their children; that lets me know something else is going on that is not being said.

    • Some people don’t no how bless they are to still have their parents…. I lost my mom and Grandma when I was a little girl , I wish they were here so I could take care of them, so I work in nursing homes taking care of the elderly I love taking care of them ,I have much respect for them ,some are teachers, doctor, lawyer on it goes on. My Grandmother raise me well , I feel so bless to be able to help them in this way and very thankful . but like you said the family just put them in the homes and leave them, its so sad they don’t come see them , and some of them don’t come for holidays either . I pray he get it right with his mom, life is so short.

  25. People…..We ALL have had or know someone who has had unfortunate history/experiences missing losing/mourning someone young OR old! But….”that” ain’t the issue here, nor should anyone here try to hold LF to a standard only applicable to “THEIR” personal circumstances. We don’t know if this woman ABUSED him as a child, has a “prollum/has scwandered the money he’s ALREADY given her etc….! All the accusers “know” & seem to care about is?…..”she’s” a female/his mother & “he’s” a “male” ..NOT TAKING CARE OF HER. And I ask….if a female was mistreated in ANY way by a male, would any of yall expect that female to….”luuuuuuv & protect “HIS” ass!!?? GTFOH! So…..until the other side is represented?, pump yo breaks &…..relaaaaaaaaax. Chuuuuuch/TITMFB!

  26. Ps…..I mean…..does a person’s consistent “CHARACTER” meeeeeeean a damn thang to yall!?? GD! Up until now?, LF was THE most luuuuved “father figure” in Black cinema! But “now” (& as I’ve often stated!!) “as a Black man”, he’s AUTOMATICALLY “GUILTY”, due to a fkn….”rumor”, DAMN his “walk/positive history/lack of evidence against him (other than this “rumor”!! And then, when a man DOES speak up defend himself?, the saaaaa FEmale’s (male AND female/ (I’m tryin NOT to call yall something so…..”respect”!!) say that man is “wiiiiiiinin”, should just except the BS/ppl don’t wanna even hear/FATHOM his side of the story! So to all the haters, please….STFU! YEp!!

  27. Truth is if your parents were good parents and took care of their children as they are suppose to and you love them and they love you, when they get older any decent child should help their parents out financially especially if they are rich. I’m not rich but, what ever why I could help my mom out if I was able I did.

  28. Ps. No.2 (last one, promise!!) Yall know damn well that “family” (mother father sista brotha) will sometimes “jack” yo ass worse than a fkn…stranger!! And….WTF doesn’t LF get the same damn benefit “COSBY” was given, when he has LESS evidence against him THAN….COSBY!!?? Fkn hypocrites, is all. Ok…..I’m done.

  29. Ps. No.2 (last one, promise!!) Yall know damn well that “family” (mother father sista brotha) will sometimes “jack” yo ass worse than a fkn…stranger!! And….WTF doesn’t LF get the same damn benefit “COSBY” was given, when he has LESS evidence against him THAN….COSBY!!?? Fkn hypocrites, is all. Ok…..I’m done.

  30. Yo…every old lady ain’t a “sweet” old lady!!! “BOOM”! Sheeeeeit….ERRYbawdy knows of an old EEEEvil ass “Miss Johnson”!!, who chased yo lil ass out huh yawd, STOP playin!!!

  31. No matter what his mother did – she’s still her mother. if it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t be on the big and small screen. The bible says” honor that father and mother” – yet some people tend to forget this. All the money in the world, yet when it is time for him to depart, he can’t take any of it with him. I would reach out, because this is how one gets his or her blessings and that’s “Doing the Right THING”! Lawrence should no a thing or two about the perils of being evil – Hannibal must live in his household, too!

    • Yo T… we “know he HASN’T helped” his mother? Do we know if he hasn’t “BEEN” helping his mother!?? Do we know he’s not helping “now” b/c “she has spent/screwed the “past allowances” up!!??, & now refuses to “enable” her!?? I’m just sayin….if we’re just “now” hearing of this?, logic dictates….”he’s been helping her out”. And unless I’ve “missed some episodes” (& I could “have”!!) dude hasn’t been an asshole ‘on ANY fronts. So….WTF doesn’t “HE” receive the “COSBY benefit of the doubt”, & WTF are you & so many others so quick to believe is in him, what has never shown its self OR been reported b4? And yo…..I love the elderly TOO!, but I also know….”being old” doesn’t/shouldn’t
      get yo ass, an “automatic pass”! NnnnnnnNOPE!! TJBT! HOLlah!

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