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Valeisha Butterfield Jones Dishes on NBA Star Husband Dahntay Jones (Listen)

Dahntay & Valeisha Butterfield Jones1
Dahntay & Valeisha Butterfield Jones

*The story of Valeisha Butterfield Jones life is incredible.  The 37 year-old political strategist, youth and women’s activist is a dynamo on so many levels. She’s the perfect person to be the ambassador for the My Black is Beautiful Girl Talk program within the UNCF Empower Me Tour.

While on the yearlong tour in various cities across the country that recently concluded in Oakland, California, Jones said the session discussions they had with the girls were very frank and open.

“Young girls really opened up during our sessions and they were very transparent – not only about beauty from the outside but beauty from the inside,” Jones remarked.

She found them to be very honest when discussing “very serious and deep issues” explaining, “We’ve dealt with colorism issues. We’ve had our lighter skin girls cry to us and tell us what they go through in school and on their college campuses. And of course our darker girls have dealt with some of the same issues.”

Jones, married to NBA star Dahntay Jones, has an impressive resume: one of the founders of WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network), worked with the Obama administration as the Deputy Director of Public Affairs for international trade and Russell Simmons as the director of the Hip Hop Summit Network.

The Girlprint author says her Los Angeles Clippers hubby has stepped up his daddy duties with their two and a half year old son, DJ, while she’s been on the road with the UNCF tour.

“He has held it down for me on this tour.  He has been Mr. Mom,” she laughingly said referring to “Mr. Mom,” the Michael Keaton comedy. “He’s a really good wonderful dad through this process so I can continue to live out my dreams. I think Black men don’t get enough credit especially the ones who are great fathers. Then of course a lot of assumptions go along with being an NBA player and I must say that he has really stepped in and protected my dreams if you will.”

In 2014 wives of NBA players who had been abused made headline news.  But, Jones says, “The majority of wives of basketball players that I know are professional women – who have their own careers, who have ambition, (and) who have goals outside of their husband’s profession.”

She is a Gen X woman who doesn’t believe in limitations whether in the home or workplace.

“We all know as women sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in marriage and lost in motherhood. And for me while they are my priorities – those are both my priorities – I never wanted to lose myself or my career in it, “Jones stressed.

Jones is the daughter of North Carolina U.S. Congressman G. K. Butterfield, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

Celebrating its seventh year, the UNCF Empower Me Tour was created in partnership with Wells Fargo to prepare students to go to and through college and inspire them to take control of their future by using education as the foundation for achieving their goals and dreams.

Listen to Tené Croom’s exclusive interview with Valeisha Butterfield Jones

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