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Zeola Gaye Refutes Story that She’s Mad at Not Getting Any ‘Blurred Lines’ Money

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Zeola Gaye (Photo by Kim Webster)

*Zeola Gaye clarifies that that while yes, she did an interview with the Daily Mail and said some things, it was totally taken out of context.

The Daily Mail released a story Wednesday night stating that Marvin Gaye’s family was in a nasty feud over the “Blurred Lines” copyright case winnings.

The story states that Marvin’s sisters, Zeola and Jeanne, were barely getting by and thought it was unfair that the children and Marvin’s ex-wife Jan got all of the money and the sisters got nothing.

Zeola says that she saw the article via her Facebook page and was shocked and hurt by what she read.

“I want the world to be perfectly, perfectly clear and understand that my sister nor I we’re not feuding, we’re no upset with the settlement that went to my niece and nephews,” she stated, “And I’m deeply hurt and sadden that a recent article that was printed out of context.”

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The article gives readers the impression that the Gaye sisters are “penniless” and highly upset that they were not thought of in terms of the $7.4 million ‘Blurred Lines’ verdict. But contrary to what the article or quotes even say, Zeola, 69, says she and her sister didn’t expect anything, as they knew who the winnings were for.

“I don’t want anybody to think that we are bitter over it. They (the children) are the heirs and the siblings are not. We are not living in poverty. No we are not millionaires, but we’re not in poverty. We’re not penniless either. We’re comfortable.”

The story also states that the family is feuding, when in actuality –according to Zeola – the feud is old and is only between she and Jan Gaye, Marvin’s ex-wife and the mother of two of his children, Nona and Frankie.

“We’ve been feuding for 30 years that has nothing to do with this.”

She believes that it was due to the texts that were printed showing exchanges between herself and Jan most are after which she congratulates Jan on the settlement. Although, she did give Daily Mail access to the texts, she admits that the texts outside of the settlement weren’t the happiest.

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She says if she was honestly upset about anything that it was in the past and she has moved on from it.

“In the beginning when Marvin first died 30 something years ago and my mom needed money for her illness and it was certain things she had to have and nobody came to help, yes I would say yes we were a little upset. The fact that we got nothing to help my mom or to help us which I know my brother would not have wanted.” She says she has learned to live with that and has accepted it.

Although the world knows of Zeola and Jan’s lengthy beef that expands decades, there were once happier times. They were both there at the time “Got To Give It Up” was recorded. Zeola is on the song in the very beginning.

“We had fun that day. I loved her that night we did Got to Give it Up”, Zeola remembers, “We were really in a good space. It was a happy time when we did Got to Give it Up. We all were on the same page. That’s something I won’t forget.”

She says the song is like her baby too, but not in an ownership kind of way. And though she was not included in the lawsuit since she her voice and “party sounds” were on the record and whether they did or did not include her in the lawsuit she says she’s fine with that.

She does feel like if Jan weren’t so in the picture the children would help the rest of the family out.

“I think they would and maybe not to me, but maybe help the rest of the family, their aunt and cousins. I think if Jan was not in the picture, yes. Nona has a good heart like my brother. I believe truly in my heart that she would. I spent 6 weeks with her and shared a room and we’ve talked. She has a good heart.”

The article from the Daily Mail has branched off into other articles on various sites. Zeola says that it all really hurts her feelings.

“I don’t want to come off like I’m jealous, that I’m upset that they won because I’m not. That’s the bottom line.”

She says that she wasn’t looking for anything, doesn’t want anything, and will not be asking for anything.

Her manager Barbara Cole says that it looks like “the mean ole step-sisters.” “That’s so not it,” Barbara says in defense of Zeola and her sister, “and this girl’s heart is hurting. I told her God is in this. It’s heartening. It’s just not right.”

zeola & marvin
Zeola and Marvin


Zeola Gaye Refutes Story that She’s Mad at Not Getting Any ‘Blurred Lines’ Money




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