Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tamar on K. Michelle’s Reply to ‘Muppet’ Tears: ‘I Own My Feelings’

tamar braxton cries on the real

*Tamar Braxton took to Instagram Thursday to clap back at K. Michelle and anyone else who laughed at her breakdown over being called a Muppet.

In a post that has since been deleted, Tamar wrote: “Since WHEN is it not ok for you to express yourself?? Not Bashing anyone, not attacking anyone, not using anyone else’s time, outlet, tv show…but only giving YOUR feelings when asked? I OWN my feelings…They are NOT for sale, debate or for you to depict so it will make sense to YOU!!!”

tamar instagram

Braxton’s response comes after K. Michelle appeared to address her breaking down on an episode of “The Real” last week after expressing how hurtful the Muppet comparisons have been.

K. Michelle tweeted: “Every action warrants a reaction. You can’t go and start a fight with someone then when they reply cry and play victim.”



  1. Mind your business and shut your mouth and people won’t come for you. Tamar you thought people were gong to go after K cause you were fake crying on TV but we didn’t cause K is real not fake and K is just doing her life not messing with no one. You should do the same. I didn’t thing people would drag your ass that bad tho

  2. Don’t be so weak, there will always be someone for you and someone against u no matter who u are. Believe in yourself and be strong or noone else will believe in u! If ur in the lime light you have to be able to deal with criticism.

  3. I cried too!!!!. People bullied me about my weight, my job, my hair, my grammar and my cooking. I just look at them and do a down finger snap!!!! SMH I’ve been called way worse. …..

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