Monday, May 16, 2022

POD’s David Bullock on Rich Pastors: ‘Would Jesus Drive a Bentley?’

Pastor David Bullock*Pastor David Bullock has no problem letting you know where he stands.

As the most outspoken star of “Preachers of Detroit,” the Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church leader has a suitable platform to air out whatever he’s feeling. In an interview with, Bullock chats about his reasons for doing reality TV as well as wealthy pastors and what he feels can be done to save Detroit.

Regarding reality TV, Bullock said his motivation stems from showing folks that there’s more to ministry than standing in and preaching from the pulpit.

“Ultimately, I wanted to do the show because it’s a great platform for the city of Detroit and to show the kind of ministry that I’m involved in and the tradition I come from. I wanted to show the world a different kind of church, a different kind of pastor and a different kind of ministry,” he told CocoaFab while referencing another popular reality show when talking about concern over a backlash from viewers.

“I wasn’t worried about the backlash because the Preachers of LA took a lot of the heat off of us already. I really applaud them for being courageous and for taking that heat. If anything I was worried about whether or not fans of that show would give us a chance and tune in.”

As the interview went on, Bullock weighed in on wealthy pastors as well as what is needed to help save Detroit. The subject of rich pastors was a touchy one on the “Pastors of Detroit” premiere as it ignited a heated debate between Bullock and Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston.

“I wanted to raise the question of wealth because you have 50% unemployment in Detroit and my question was how do you minister to members who are living in poverty if you can’t relate and you’re not in touch with what they’re going through,” Bullock said.

“Jesus walked amongst the people. He wasn’t coming in, giving a message and leaving. I also wonder, would Jesus drive a Bentley? There comes a point where having things doesn’t make you happier and having things doesn’t make you blessed. In fact, there’s a declining return on happiness with the more stuff you accumulate. How many houses is enough? How many cars is enough? Do you have to drive a $700,000 car to know that God loves you or can you ride the bus and know that God loves you?”

In Bullock’s eyes, wealthy pastors could pose a problem in the sense that those who flaunt their wealth could be sending the wrong message.

“I think you can give people the impression that if you don’t have a lot of material things then God is not on your side. I think it’s very important for ministers to not depress their members but to empower them and uplift them. I think we need to be careful about making material possessions a sign of having God’s blessing in your life,” he explained.

“I think the city needs religious leaders to make sure the city has the right priorities and is being reborn. As we are re-making Detroit, what image will it be made in? The religious community has a real responsibility to shape the rebirth of the city.”

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  1. NO I don’t believe he would, I don’t think he would be in to material stuff like these pastor, he was about his farther business , and healing people and helping them . these pastor today is about them and money big churches , they act like they care about you but a lot of them is false prophets not all but some. A lot of them has hidden agenda ,so don’t be deceive

  2. Jesus would have nothing to do with TV … because satan is prince of the air … and He wouldn’t ask us for a dime for Him to bring us God’s Word … and He’d most likely be on foot …

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