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Marvin Gaye’s Sisters: ‘We Don’t Get A Dime’ of ‘Blurred Lines’ Money

Zeola Gaye (left) and Jeanne Gaye (right) from the Daily Mail
Zeola Gaye (left) and Jeanne Gaye (right) from the Daily Mail

*Marvin Gaye‘s sisters are pissed at their brother’s ex-wife Jan, claiming they are being cut out of the $7.3 million she and the Gaye children won in their suit over the hit, “Blurred Lines.”

According to the Daily Mail, Gaye’s sister Zeola, 69, says that she and sister Jeanne, 78, are living modestly in apartments in Las Vegas. She said that the singer’s ex-wife Jan Gaye — possibly holding a grudge regarding Zeola’s 2011 tell-all, “My Brother Marvin” — has no plans to kick over a portion of the judgment against Robin Thicke and Pharrell, that went to her and the singer’s three children (Marvin III, 49, Nona, 40, and Frankie, 39).

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Zeola told the Daily Mail that when e Marvin Gaye was gunned down by his father in 1984, he hadn’t left a will.

“His estate went to his heirs which we agree with — but Jan controls it all and that’s why we do not get anything,” Zeola said. “The bottom line is that they get everything and we don’t get a dime. We try and live with that, but it is difficult.”

Zeola Gaye
Zeola Gaye

Zeola — who actually contributed vocals on the song “Got to Give it Up,” the track that fueled the lucrative copyright lawsuit — said that “a few million” would be a life-changing sum for her.

“Marvin would have hated to have seen us like this — he would have cared for us and made sure we were fine financially and with love,” she said. “It is hard knowing that all that money is going around and we will never see any of it.”

Zeola continued, “I don’t want to be rich: I just want to be comfortable where I can be in a position to say, ‘Come on guys, get your passports, we are going to London.’”

Tension between the sisters and ex-wife has reportedly existed for years, as Zeola, in her tell-all, claimed that Jan, 55, had cheated on the singing legend with the likes of Rick James and Teddy Pendergrass.

Marvin Gaye's daughter, Nona Gaye, left, and his ex-wife, Jan Gaye, take questions from the media outside Los Angeles U.S. District Court
Marvin Gaye’s daughter, Nona Gaye, left, and his ex-wife, Jan Gaye, take questions from the media outside Los Angeles U.S. District Court

Money was often an issue as well, as Zeola said Jan told her she was “picking Marvin’s bones” on many occasions. After the verdict was delivered in favor of the family, Zeola and Jan exchanged a series of text messages which began cordially, but quickly turned uncomfortable.

Jan told Zeola she was sad they could never “really be a family,” and pledged not to disturb Zeola another time.

“I am tired about the negativity,” Zeola said. “I am trying to be as positive as I can and trying to make some money for myself. There is nothing wrong with that. Marvin is in our blood and he loved us. But we have to do the 8 a.m. [to] 5 p.m. thing to keep going.

“Our heads are a little above water. It is hard to take when you know your brother’s work is making a fortune and will for a very long time,” she said. “I just want to be able to do things like that and not worry about the next pay check if any of us get sick.”



  1. Are these the sisters that took their father’s side when he gunned their brother down? Did their dad leave them something? If so, take that and make it happen.

  2. Greed, they need to keep their 8 to 5 jobs like the rest of America and quit being so money hungry. They could have sued for money also if you needed it that much.

  3. I don’t understand.
    If they actually see any monies (there is an appeal), why should they expect that anything is owned to them?

  4. Didn’t the one sister have a stake in the song that got it all started if so why was she not included in the suit? God don’t like ugly… these sisters are 69 and 78 years-old, so it is a hard call if they deserve anything or not.

  5. She sounds like an absolute irrational leech! Why would the siblings be owed anything …so they can fly to London? How silly and greedy!

  6. I get that his children get the money but, how does the ex-wfie come into play here calling money shots? Too bad for the sisters, they come off kinda stank. It’s hard not being taken care of anymore.

  7. I, too, am surprised that Jan is the one calling the shots. I thought it would have been Marvin the 3rd’s duty. Anyway, I am in the minority here but I do think that they should get a little something. They are up in age and I think it would be nice to just give them something to they can be comfortable. Technically, they really aren’t owed anything since they are Marvin’s siblings but I also do think that Marvin would’ve wanted his sisters to get something. If what Ritz wrote was accurate, Marvin was very closed to Zeola (though I think she has ton of issues and is riding her older brother’s coattail).

  8. Marvin is no longer here to provide for them, that ended when he passed. his heirs are the children. Siblings are not entitled period, now if the children want to share so be it, but they should not be made to feel they have to. The children who are all adults will do what their own hearts tell them to do if any money is received.

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