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Tamar Braxton in Tears Over ‘Muppet’ Comparison, Bullying (Watch)

tamar braxton the real bullying

*Things got very emotional on “The Real” Wednesday morning (03-25-15) as the ladies discussed their past and not-so-past experiences with “mean girls” and bullying.

Personal stories were shared and the hosts were supposed to give advice on standing up to bullies, but Tamar Braxton said she had no advice to give because she’s still affected by it as an adult. She broke down in tears thinking about her horrible experience in high school, and more recently, how people refer to her as a “Muppet.”

“People say it so much, sometimes I start to believe it,” she said through sobs. “I even asked [husband] Vince, I’m like, ‘Do I look like a muppet?'”

“This person has the whole world calling me that.”

Although singer K. Michelle was the first to use that word to describe Tamar during their Twitter feud of Summer 2014, Tamar didn’t name names – but expressed how the Muppet comparison has been “devastating.”

Watch the unedited clip of this conversation in its entirety below. (The Muppet talk begins at 3:51.):



  1. Ok I’m just going to put it out there, I have watched her on her reality show and the one with her and her sisters and she has said some very insensitive and fowl things not only about strangers but also about members of her own family namely her sisters. So with that being said you would think by watching this that you feel so sorry for her but from what I’ve seen how she behaves and has no filter- I am really shocked that her feelings are hurt and she’s crying. It looks to me as if she can dish it out but she can’t take it. I hope she grows from this experience and watches what comes out of her own mouth from now on. I’m just sayin. . . .

    • I agree. We as people can dish it but many times we can not take it. I wish her the best and it does hurt when people trash you.

    • Tamar is a straight bully on that show. She’s rude, talks over people, cuts people off as they’re talking, and when things get really heated, she leaves instead of staying to finish what she most likely starts. But when somebody turns it around on her, she’s upset with hurt feelings. Maybe she should go and watch her own show and see how she acts.

      • I agree, Tamar’s number one problem is Tamar. she clearly has issues.for starters she is paranoid, insecure and offensive.she needs to be 38 and stop acting like a 16 year old. work on her inter-personal skills and learn how to be a team player.she is rude , obnoxious and has bad manners. on the real she comes across as all fluff and no stuff.appear to be collecting a pay check rather than making any meaningful contributions . Her own perceived,distorted,elevated opinion about herself,her talent and her role is clearly getting in the way of her own dreams and success. going rogue is a bad idea and it is not working. so come on Tamar you can do better get with the program. I hope this helps

  2. I met Tamar Braxton. TV don’t give her any justice. She is on very gorgeous lady. I love her spirit. Don’t ever let haters bring you to a low level. They don’t deserve that kind of power. God is an awesome God, and he is to great and to wise. Tamar Braxton she knows her worth and don’t wavier period.

  3. I think the “Muppet” started on Media Take Out, however, Tamer has said some mean things about others including hers sisters, “can’t take it, don’t dish it”- Say NO to BULLYING!

  4. At the end of the day, we all look like something or somebody…so Yu just keep moving and take the good with the bad….love the skin ur in…cause only God can judge yu, me etc!!!! I love yu Tamar we share the same birthday, Pisces stand up…

  5. Yo….I must admit….I TOO have laughed at that comparison. But….no more. Beit the use of the N-word or “this” insensitive
    Immature, inSEcure, jelly, bullying BS?, We ALL must…..grow the fk UP!!!! Now….the conditioning of disrespecting ourselves has a HELla head start?, & we “are” ADDICTED lika crackhead “TO” doing it!!! , But hey…We gotta start somewhere &….NOW!!! Fk all the dumb shyt?, & fk all the BS!!, & fk ALL the….”niggativity”!!! Let’s just tryyyyyyy to “be” WTF we “saaaaaaay” & tell everyone ELSE We….”are”. Let’s go yall! Chuuuuuuch!

    • I agree. WHat amazes me about how we talk about bullying is where was all this talk in past. When it comes to celebs we make excuses to dogged them. Michael Jackson was the most bullied of all celebs (I believe alot of this is what help lead to his sleep problems and everything else) and he kept his head up but was hurt in private. I am glad some folks are trying to make a difference now.

  6. Lol! I’m sorry Tamar feelings are hurt, however stay out of your friends beef,(Memphis ,Toya Wright and K Michelle) taking jabs and throwing shade at (K.Michelle) when you can’t hold up! K. Is quick on her toes when someone is coming for her. Tamar stay off social media with bullish or if you decide to come put your feelings in your pocket!!! I’m not hating I’m calling it how I see it. Look learn and observe and shut the bleek up

    • Hey lady….and “that” TOO is ….true!!! Can we say….”karma & boomerang” boys & girls!?? But still?, “We” should set the tone for ALL this dysfunctional shyt…..the racism sexism discrimination & POLICE MURDERING US WITHOUT BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!….”ALL” of it!! And?, most of these celebs are…immature insecure bratty ass adolescent narcisistic ….”junkies”, intoxicated ‘on the fame they blame. And so…We shouldn’t eeeeeeven expect them o behave any different than “what they are”, & set the example/bar of standards higher than their ideology allows them to fathom. In short?, I suggest…..”the tail wags the dog”! “BOOM”! For anything other than “that”?, only embodens these juveniles to continue their self destructive ways AND Our culture. Aaaaaanyway my “2 cents”.

  7. Oh Please!! I do not feel sorry for this chick, she is always shading others including her sisters so, Tamar is getin her just desserts IMO!!! Stop with the fake azz crocodile tears Tamar.

  8. Tamar annoys me to no end!!! I cannot stand her and the way she behaves most of the time, which is why I do not watch The Real or her reality shows.

  9. Yup, she looks like a muppet with blond hair. Give me a freaking break. She annoys me to no end too that is why I don’t even watch anything she is on. Who does Vince look like?? lol

  10. I am not a Tamar fan.
    Bullying is wrong!
    I almost lost a loved one last year… she tried to take her life.
    When she finally opened up to her therapist… BULLYING was at the center!
    This is a 12-13 year old.

    We need to do better!

    Somebody like Tamar will get it on social media, blogs, etc.
    We have become such a mean-spirited society. jmo

  11. Being called “Muppet” is nothing to cry about. Look at some of the horrible names people have called Michele Obama for the last 7 yrs. There was an article on this website about Tamar and Vince losing their home and other things. Now if that’s true, that’s something to cry about. I can’t feel sorry for Tamar because most of the time she’s putting on an act.

  12. Like a lot of the posters here have stated, I have seen her clown a lot of people. This should be a self reflection moment for her. Clamp-down what comes out her mouth and stop with the berating of others. This sista is always clowning on someone – and now to see her sit on national tv crying like a child is pathetic. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. if you can’ handle it – then don’t do it!

  13. RIGHT ONN!!!!! everyone, She needs to stop with the phony crap, or the ladies afraid of her?? perfect time for Ms. Love to tell her, be real, as much crap as you talk about people, girl stop. But the sad part about this is she is too shallow to realize it and too stupid to learn from this. Look in the mirror, I don’t feel sorry for her. and I agree she does look like a muppet, ladies love yourself, not every look a out there is for you.

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