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Gospel Artist: Kirk Franklin in No Position to Judge Creflo Dollar’s Character

Johnny Tyrone Stringfield
Johnny Tyrone Stringfield

*Hmm, it seems gospel’s Kirk Franklin‘s less than complimentary comments about Pastor Creflo Dollar (read it here) trying to buy a $65 million airplane caught the attention of  gospel artist Johnny Tyrone Stringfield.

Stringfield contacted EUR ’cause basically he has beef with Kirk Franklin. And if he’s telling the truth, his beef sounds justified.

Here’s his story:

“I want to say something about Kirk Franklin coming out against Creflo Dollar. Listen, Kirk is no better than Creflo when it comes to character. We were invited to the ‘Sunday Best’ show by Kirk’s team and we travel 8 hours to get there. Now keep in mind, they called us twice in advance to make sure we were coming. Well, when we got there we were not able to go inside because they had over-booked the taping. So we traveled all that distance for nothing … some even took off work to come. Well, Kirk came out and told us that he was sorry and that was it. He didn’t offer us gas, room, dinner or nothing but he has the nerve to talk about character. Man please, he has got to be kidding me .So let me get in on this conversation about character I will tell Kirk he has no room to throw stones.” #AllLivesMatterBlackLivesMatter #JohnnyTyroneStringfield

Well, there ya have it. If you want to find out more about Johnny Tyrone Stringfield, check out his Facebook page or check out his music on YouTube.



  1. I understand your frustration Johnny, but apples and oranges, my brother…

    Dollar is a pastor, and was asking for a 65 million dollar Gulf Stream. That is light years away from what happened to Johnny and his crew.

    Kirk definitely could have handled Johnny’s situation better, that’s for sure. And hopefully there will be some amends made, soon.

    But the big pimpin’ character of the pastor totally trumps Kirk’s transgression. IMHO… IJS…

  2. I truly understand the emotionalism and despair couched in Mr. Stringfield’s reaction to this situation and can certainly appreciate it. It was wrong and should be corrected. Maybe, a phone call? On the other hand, concerning Reverend Dollar, how can anyone in good faith in this dismal economy ask that lady sitting on the front pew, who is husband-less, with four kids with tattered clothes, on welfare and section 8 living in a crime-ridden neighborhood with inferior schools ask her to give $300 so that he can fly in a ROLLS ROYCE jet plane!! Couldn’t that money be used to help the least of thy sistren/brethren. Generalizing, I guess, I don’t go to church, because now the message is not about soul salvation but SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT and GREED. Fanteeking
    NIcky you right!

  3. Nicky, think about it. If your Pastuh never invites his parishioners to his home, but only comes to your neighborhood on Sunday to preach and collect the loot then shouldn’t you suspect something. Is he hiding a DOLLAR-RESQUE mansion and fleet of BMVs? There are GREAT pastors doing great work in Africa-America, BUT they are stymied and jaundiced and given a bad rap by the televangelist/entertainers doing the moon walk on Sundays. When I find a house of worship of ANY faith that is laboring in the vineyards to help the least of these then I’ll roll out of bed. Lately, I’ve been attending Four Corners Baptist Church under pastor Hezekiah PILLOW and Deacon Josephus SHEETS.and I’ve been REMOTELY enjoying the sermons. LOL!! Fanteeking, Cape Coast

  4. This was and is a test to all involved from God. Creflo didn’t pass & made a huge mistake but for Kirk to speak out as he did is sad. I’ve watched Creflo and Kirk, as for Creflo i feel the holy spirit when he speaks but as for Kirk i never felt anything. Kirk says he’s entertaining for the Lord but it strongly appears its for fame. After reading what he did to Johnny that solidified it for me. Remember all, “he who has not sinned throw the 1st stone!” #brokenglasseverywhere

  5. Nancy, some crabs are so rotten and putrid that if they are NOT removed from the barrel then their slime will generate a fungal infection that will DESTROY the entire barrel. Pick your poison. Fanteeking

  6. Lol @ this post. Apples and Oranges! As unfortunate as this is [if it is even true]- is does NOT compare. Artists go through things like this ALL of the time. It is apart of taking chances and investing in yourself. Again…it sounds unfortunate, but does not compare or strip KF of his credibility. #ChurchPeopleAndTheirRants

  7. Johnny, as an experienced music artist, you know (unfortunately) this happens regularly. With broke venues, janky promoters, and grubby radio stations. Hold your head up, don’t let this occurence get you down, stop whining, and STAY BLESSED.

    See, what you are going through is called LIFE, what Creflo is doing is call PIMPING.

    BTY: Don’t tell that story to ANYONE to else. Why? You are going to need Kirk, before he needs you.

  8. No shade, but it was unwise to think Sundays Best/BET would have anyone on their show without a contract! The liability is too great and Mr Stringfield should’ve known better. If they were only going to attend a taping, then he should’ve had tickets in hand. That said, how can one know if the claim is even true…and shame on EUR for presenting it without any reasonable known foundation of its truth.

  9. Please tell me when did telling the truth become attacking people and crabs in a barrel. Y’all is crazy as hell.

  10. You should’ve spoke on that when it happened not because Kirk Franklin stated his opinion about Creflo Dollar wanting a 65 million dollar plane. It makes not sense!!!

  11. Interesting conversation. Creflo needs to be ashamed of himself in this hour asking people for this amount of money for a jet. I really don’t understand why so many pastors feel they have to have 3 churches in 3 different locations or 2 churches in 2 locations for that matter. God has enough anointed chosen and called vessels to get the job done without mankind feeling they are the only ones. As far as Mr. Springfield’s story goes, I feel you ought to have taken it up directly with Kirk Franklin but then again someone says this is how it goes when you are auditioning so in otherwise power for the course. I feel his frustrations but if that’s how it goes, that is how it goes. I hope Mr. Franklin sees your story and throws out something to settle the dust but even if he doesn’t keep it moving and if it be God a door will open for you.

    • Funny you mention that. I was just thinking. It seems like SOME churches primarily megas, have a new business model. Back in the day, the pastor lived in your neighborhood and was spiritually connected. Now, it seems like ‘religion’ is like a commodity and churches are franchises like Wendys, Burger Chef. White Castle and Starbucks. Just drop in and pick up a “feel good message” plunk your money down, absolve your guilt and keep it movin’. No wonder so many folks, especially men are absent on Sundays. We ain’t looking for “reverend Good Bar.” SMH, Fanteeking

  12. Yeah, and people are way too satisfied with “Happy Meal” sermons instead of ingesting what the Word really teaches… Happy Meals are no where near as nourishing as a steak. Yet, grown folks who’ve been in the church for over 20 years still want milk…

    In order not to be deceived by anyone, it is imperative that everyone who claims Jesus as Lord and Savior know the Word…

    You can’t “read” the Bible like Jet Magazine. Nope. It requires careful examination, and that requires serious STUDY time with good teachers, and on your own…

  13. Really Dude! That’s all you got! Kirk voiced his opinion and I totally agree. I watched testimony of kirk, and he kept it real. He said that it’s very little to no chance at becoming rich for most people, however appreciate what you have and enjoy it while you. Because the rich are only getting richer. His words

  14. Everybody is talk about this and saying Pastor should be shame of his self ask his congregation to support to a plane for the church. Out of all of this the world is the only ones upset and how dare he ask. Everyone just here parts of the story like the churches plane crashed with Pastor dollar wife and kids on it. No one is talking about that or how pastor goes to these other countries and help people over there. How many people he helps feed in the bronx with food drives health drives.
    Everyone is so quick to judge and don’t find out all the information. [God He is Jesus He is Grace and Mercy] He give a warning about talking and atttack His Sheep – Woe to the shepherds

    Jeremiah 23 Amplified Bible (AMP)

    23 Woe to the shepherds (the civil leaders) who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasturing! says the Lord.

    2 Therefore thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, concerning the shepherds who care for and feed My people: You have scattered My flock and driven them away and have not visited and attended to them; behold, I will visit and attend to you for the evil of your doings, says the Lord.

    3 And I will gather the remnant of My flock out of all the countries to which I have driven them and will bring them again to their folds and pastures; and they will be fruitful and multiply.

    Kirk Franklin a man of God you are should be shame of hisself instead of jump on the banned wagon God says we should pray for one another. Especial all the stuff you have been through….

  15. I live in Atlanta. I grew up in a house with nothing but pastors. They never had to ask
    members for W-2’s to tell you what your tithes where. In saying this, Mr Dollar has a TV program that is seen all over the world. When this story first broke it went from one story to another. Now the last one is to feed people that’s why they needed this type plane. Well from my own experience to get some food from his church here in Atlanta. I had to provide everything but blood to get a small bag of food. After that experience with them I never went back. There are so many families right here that needs the so call food they are to take on this new G650 plane. They did a investigation on the plane to carry cargo such as food , and the finding was this type plane is not able to carry food like they claimed,. I’m not famous but not stupid either I agree with Kirk. Please get a clue.

  16. I remember the media reports some years back charging Kirk Franklin being sued by his back-up singers (The Family, God’s Property, etc.) for not paying them. Guess he has a short (excuse the pun) memory…

  17. Who are you people? and how is this all affecting your lives? ….. You should try to live the best life you can live, be blessed to be a blessing, and let God handle the rest of it. Put God first and don’t judge any one else…… If I may quote from the man of god himself ” Birds fly, Fish swim, and hatters hate” …….. In Love!

  18. Who are? We are the one’s not drinking the pastor worship kool-aid. That’s who we are.

    The Lord Himself said, you will know them (wolves in sheep’s clothing) by their fruit.

    You should learn to read your Bible in context, instead of just “listening to pastor.” We are allowed to judge. However, we do NOT have the right to condemn.

    If we do not judge whether something is right or wrong, than we would be little automatons running around doing what ever a “hireling” says. And that is what leads to fiascos like Jones Town, and lesser known cults.

    I believe Yvonne. No pastor should need to see your W-2 or any other financial information belonging to you. God is NOT broke! So stop believing these thieves!

    STUDY your Bible!

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