Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Kirk Franklin Calls Out Creflo Dollar – Donations for $65M Plane Curtailed

kirk franklin*Kirk Franklin is weighing in on Creflo Dollar’s campaign to raise money to purchase a Gulfstream G-650 jet , which is valued at $65 million. And he is not happy with the megachurch pastor.

In Franklin’s eyes, it’s “a shortage of character” when more attention is paid to a luxury private jet when there are folks around the world who are suffering.

“When a pastor wants people to buy him a private plane while a missionary in Somalia bathes children with sores, that’s a shortage of character,” Franklin stated last week in a post on titled “The High Cost of Character.” “When I camouflage my ‘greeds’ to look like ‘needs,’ that’s a shortage of character.”

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Franklin’s comments come amid the backlash Dollar has received for his campaign. In a video message last week, Dollar stated that he needed a new jet to spread the gospel.

“If all of our existing partners were to sow $300 each, from all over the world, we’d be able to acquire this jet in a very, very short period of time,” said Rick Hayes, project manager.

Despite the effort, CBN reports that Dollar has stopped seeking donations for the campaign.

According to the televangelist’s publicist, Juda Engelmayer, “There is no campaign for a jet.”

Engelmayer goes on to say that Dollar is taking commercial flights and the suspended fundraiser “is not representative” of what Creflo Dollar stands for.

But for Franklin, it goes beyond the asking of money, and into the heart. It’s not about laws, but rather about how to bring morality into the choices we make.

“I agree you cannot legislate morality in our culture, but you cannot avoid holding people accountable,” he wrote. “You can’t let people slide by just because they are charismatic and can ‘kill’ a room. We don’t have a shortage of greatness, we have a shortage of character.”

For Dollar’s promo for his campaign, check out the video below:



  1. It’s about time someone from the VIC section of the Kingdom stepped-up with some sober thoughts regarding that charlatan, Creflo. (VIC = Very Important Christian)

    Now Dollar’s people are trying to claim, “Psych we were just playing.” GTFOH effing frauds…

    Thank you Kirk for speaking out against this bogus “hireling.”

    And for all of you dummies who want to quote, “Touch not my anointed,” shame on you. You’re supposed to have wisdom and discernment to identify the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Besides. if Dollar was truly anointed, he wouldn’t have to beg, or con anyone…

    Is it any wonder the women in the congregation who are riding buses are being devoured… Yep. They actually thought it was a great idea to “give pastor a new jet…” That’s being devoured folks…

    Study the Word people. Get away from aberrant teachers like Creflo Dollar, and sit under some good teaching…

    What does good teaching look like? It looks like going through each book in the entire Bible Book, verse by verse, beginning in Genesis. That way you will become mature saints, rightly dividing the Word of God.

    God is NOT schizophrenic. I marvel at the pastors who are in Matthew one week and Joshua the next. Even though the Bible is not written chronologically, the people will understand the whole counsel of God when you travel from Genesis to Revelation tying all of God’s Word together.

    I deal DIRECTLY WITH GOD IN MY OWN WAY! PERSONALLY, How can you people who follow this CLOWN actually believe he needs a PRIVATE JET ! Get the F— outta here!

    Just another example of WOLVES LEADING THE SHEEP TO SLAUGHTER !

    Go get that cash CREF BABY! They wanna give it to you!

    • You may leave organized reigion behind..but who do you pray to? Because if its Jesus, the word of God says not to forsake the coming together. There is strength when you join with other Christians. Just because you feel there are rotten apples doesnt mean you throw them all out. There are good pastors, just like there are good lawyers, doctors etc.

    • Teddy T you are 100% correct too many times people put these so call spiritual leaders ahead of GOD and they can’t pay their own bills because they are giving their money away to the money grubbing frauds! My dad has always said no preacher has a heaven or hell to put you in you can do that yourself and I believe that whole heartedly!

  3. Hmm, its interesting that Kirk Franklin is critizing Creflo. Where does he lay his head at night? How many rooms does he have in his house??? I dont see a problem with Creflo ASKING for donations. He didnt rob people. He is ASKING. This man has given MILLIONS to charities not to mention what he does through his church. Why shouldnt people of God want the best?? Why shouldnt his congregation support that??? They benefit from his GOD GIVEN wisdom every day. He flies EVERY day to go back and forth to church to preach. So Kirk Franklin have several seats

    • We have to realize that we aren’t of this world. And why really does he need a Jet and a 65,000,000 dollar one at that.. Really there is nothing wrong with having the material things but WHY DOES HE NEED A JET. Really.. Mother Theresa traveled this world and not one time did she asked for a jet. We have materialized the gospel to the point where people think it is okay to ask for a 65,0000,000 dollar jet and think that it is okay and we as a people are discussing it like he should have one. REALLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH FLYING FIRST CLASS. He could do a whole lot of help with $65,000,000. Ijs

    • I have to respectfully disagree. Kirk Franklin’s success is via an actual business, music labels, publishing, owning a radio station and advancing the music careers of other artists. Creflo Dollar’s ministry is NON-profit, literally. I attended WCCI for years and yes, his ministry does amazing things for people all over the world HOWEVER, the church sits in one of the most “hood” parts of Atlanta, it is 99% Black, the surrounding home values are averaging $50-60K. While he is asking for a a $65M, why not impact your immediate community FIRST. When issues hurt our community, (Mike Brown, Trevon Martin, etc), they are NEVER discussed or address from the pulpit with the perspective of God’s word, again the church is 99% black. It’s just sad. He couldn’t buy a used jet, get the one he owns repaired? There are not excuses here, none.

    • I do recall Kirk having an addiction to porno and also there were reports that he did not pay his choir after all of those performances. Character? You need some before you accuse someone of not having any. Your sin is not his sin or my sin but does it matter because it is still sin! Kirk is in his glass house throwing boulders. Really Kirk? Greed? Not paying your peeps? I guess you don’t consider that as greed but your reasonable service!

  4. I attended World Changers until a mature Pastor asked me “is the Gospel being taught there?”. I thought it was but learned it wasn’t.
    While at World Changers I did question why ” a man of God” needed a highly trained security force, to make sure he wasn’t touched by Church members and lose his “anointing”.

    I also questioned why a tithing member of World Changers had to go in front of the Church to ask for assistance. I guess the tithes collected were not used as part of a benevolent offering.

    I am glad that a real man of God started me to question what I was receiving at World Changers.
    I pray that Mr. Dollar and his followers mature in God and learn to read and apply God’s word in truth and not just seeking personal gain.

  5. This kind of ministry isn’t being done here in Atlanta. Where are the thousands being fed and clothed here in Atlanta? Where is the affordable housing being provided right here? Creflo Dollar is investing in oil in Africa not feeding needy families. He’s making big business deals in Australia. Charity begins at home.

    • First you will have to speak on something that you are aware of? Next you need to tell me what service have you provided for the homeless, hungry and lost? How many people did you lead to the Lord this week? I am a World Changer and we are constantly feeding, clothing and doing for the community regardless of whether people like you support the efforts. It costs money and ministry is not free. Many of you will just sit in your glass house and judge. Next we provide school supplies, fill up folks pantry, hold job fairs, minister to the exotic dancers in the parking lot of their place of business, provide programs for substance abuse victims and the list is forever long Sir! Then we go across the water and rebuild those communities as well. God did not say to only provide within a 1 mile radius of your church. God said that we are blessed to be a blessing until ALL families of the EARTH not just Atlanta have been blessed. Please go out Layman and bless someone today so that you will not be a hypocrite. That’s not a good look for you Layman. Before I forget……Pastor Dollar does not take a salary from the church. Not 1 cent! The church does not pay him for preaching 3 times a week so please gather all of the facts before you speak erroneously.

  6. Kirk has no room to talk about character and choices He had us come to the taping of Sundays Best and he over booked the show so many of the folks that came from states around couldn’t get in they had over booked they gave us no consideration or nothing and keep in mind they called us twice weeks before and days before the taping to make sure we were coming so that show should not have been that over booked but it was and all Kirk said to us was sorry y’all and he has the nerve to talk about character man please!

  7. Yes i do agree with you, charity does start at home and its sad that they don’t help their own people. And I don’t think they should be call , V I C , thats what’s wrong with them they are no better than you or me, its sad that people is worshiping them like they are God and that’s crazy . I have been to church and seen these people doing that. You are suppose to support your pastor but not if he is doing wrong . he could be on his way to hell , are you going with him.

  8. FIRST let me say that Creflo’s congregation suggested that he buy a private jet and Creflo just came up with a plan to make it happen.

    NOW LET ME SAY that Creflo is but a MAN and is surely HUMAN. I believe that (as my mother would say) his eyes got bigger than his stomach and when he realized how easy it would be to obtain what he wanted, his impulsiveness took over and all reasonable thinking went out the window and his focus was on the jet.

    It’s just goes to show that now with the “rebuttal” statements, he actually probably sought wise counsel and just had to come up with a way to make it seem like it was nothing to begin with.

    As far as Kirk, we ALL have sinned and fallen short…it was a mistake, I’m sure. Creflo jumped the gun, obbiously. Kirk shouldn’t have thrown a stone, but just encourage the brother to think before you speak. Or keep your business off of front street.

    • Kirk is not in a position to speak because he was at church conventions locked up in his hotel room with his porno flicks! It seems to me that he was totally in the flesh and I don’t remember Pastor Dollar speaking negatively about his addiction and lust. Sin comes in a multitude of vices but if you are truly trying to be a spiritual brother then pick up the phone and call him. Using the media for you to stand your tiny self on a box for attention is appalling. You must have a CD in the works and you need to be relevant! The body of Christ is always so quick to condemn instead of walk in love. I am THANKFUL that you don’t know my past because those of you Saints with the squeaky clean lives would just stone me to death. I expect that Kirk would be leading the mob!

  9. 99% of these pastors are fake anyway—The last time I heard, Jesus didn’t have a fancy chariot or an empire of a house. And when he saw the people using the house of God he was dismayed and angry(religion is not for sale). I wonder what he would feel or do about these pastors PROSETUTING the gospel. That is why I respect this new Pope…

  10. Ok. I strongly believe that God wants his people to prosper. As a woman of God I always give to my church and I have seen God bless me in many ways. I have no problem with Creflo dollar and he is a awesome teacher. I believe he was really misguided in this decision.

  11. As Jesus said, “he that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” We are human and we all make mistakes whether we want to admit it or not. The fact that we make mistakes shows that we are human and that we are making efforts in some kind of direction. The only thing that would justify suggesting that the pastor could have a character problem would be if the pastor had a history or track record of extorting money from his congregation. It’s interesting that for all the criticism that has been leveled against him over this jet fiasco, no one has come forward to accuse Creflo Dollar of swindling them out of their money, refusing to pay them for work done, or otherwise embezzling the funds of the church (which is a lot of money if you consider the size of the ministry). The fact that the video was quickly taken down after the backlash from the media and not put back up shows that he is listening. I will not join those who want to jump to criticize a man who has for many years stayed committed to his call to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ or one who has led a church that has done much to alleviate the suffering of many. We are human, we make mistakes, we learn form them, we move on. The Christ that he preaches is forgiving and merciful. If we want to follow in Christ’s footsteps, we must be willing to allow our leaders to be human beings and not jump on our condemning high horse whenever we observe or imperfections or short comings.

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