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ACT Like Success: Steve Harvey’s Radical Movement is Here!

steve harvey (with mic)

*I sat among conference attendees at the Launch of the ACT Like Success Conference in  Reston, VA. Hundreds of attendees flooded the Hyatt to uncover Steve Harvey’s life lessons on living in your gift and accelerating SUCCESS. While certainly not radical concepts, Steve Harvey’s  RADICAL SUCCESS Institute aspires to create RADICAL shift in the transformation movement

No stranger to the RADICAL paradigm of SUCCESS, I recently spoke with Doreen Rainey,  Vice President, Operations, Transformation & Development Division, Steve Harvey World Group.  Doreen is no stranger to creating fundamental strategies to inspire personal and business transformation.

A dynamic, seasoned and no-nonsense personal and business coach, speaker and management consultant, Doreen’s work of inspiring, educating and motivating others, she’s known for her RADICAL approach to helping her clients move beyond the ordinary and expected into the extraordinary. Having created a successful brand as the founder of the RADICAL INSTITUTE, the acclaimed coach and mentor has recently teamed with Steve Harvey to spearhead the Transformation & Development Division.

Ask. Believe. Receive
These critical components of success were echoed through a series of deeply personal, hilarious, and thought provoking reflections by Steve Harvey at the launch of the Act Like A Success Conference held on March 6-8 in Reston, VA.  A motivational speaker officiando, I have had my fair share of retreats and conferences. How different was my experience than my fist-pumping experience at Oprah’s the Life You Want to have Weekend or the emotion filled- PREACH moments at TD Jakes WOMAN THOU ARE Loosed conference?

steve harvey & doreen rainey
Steve Harvey & Doreen Rainey

Starkly different-  Steve’s humorous, simplistic, but no-nonsense, delivery was all at once- authentic, believable, real, painful, inspiring, empowering –  and stirring. But the RADICAL movement and brand has taken on a new life and feel with Rainey at its helm. It’s like an awaited upgrade to your favorite application, or the feeling one gets when the trailers end and the anticipated sequel to your favorite movie begins. It’s about the culmination of anticipation and transcendence – into that soft feeling that purrs at those very special moments in out lives- “Oooh this is going to be good!!!!” And that is the same feeling I had seated at the Act Like A Success Conference and as I listened to Doreen’s vision for the Steve Harvey Radical Success Institute.

Focused on personal development, business growth and education, the Institute, and its larger Transformation & Development Division, aspires to motivate the masses. Delivering its core message, Doreen promises a year of interactive programming, dynamic courses, and periodic coaching sessions with Steve Harvey himself. What does Doreen attribute to the current and future success of the Division and the Brand? Authenticity, accessibility, and good ole fashion humor. Conference attendees were offered full access to the mix of speakers, and continue to receive such access via the various programs and classes offered through the Institute.

Through his versatile and no-nonsense delivery of content, coupled with solid course offerings and instructions, Steve Harvey’s RADICAL Institute looks to draw on Doreen’s prior success and launch forward in new and interesting offering. From webnairs, to interactive newsletters, Doreen looks to advance the message and the mission utilizing a fresh and wholistic approach. So what does that mean for you and I? It means that we will continue to be inspired and challenged to reach higher levels of success. It means that, through the Institute, we will find coaches and courses to guide our transformative journey. And it will happen in a manner that is practical, endearing, and realistic- a combination of a motherly hug and your girlfriend’s ‘get it together” brunch monologue.

Through its current partnerships, The Institute intends to bring practical and relevant content to guide both business and personal transformations. Partners like Infusionsoft support the dialogue of SUCCESS and provide valuable tools to would be entrepreneurs. Doreen notes that this year will be even more focused on nurturing existing partnerships and looking towards niche markets and offerings. With Doreen Rainey at the helm, we are in for smooth sailing.

If the recent success of the Act Like A Success Conference is any indication of things to come, we look forward to an interesting year filled with RADICAL ideas and concepts.

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