Monday, November 29, 2021

‘Empire’ Actress Reveals Who Tiana is Based on – 50 Cent Puts ‘Power’ on Hit Show?

serayah mcneil
Serayah McNeil

*The inspiration behind “Empire” characters Hakeem Lyon and Tiana, may not totally come from Iman Shumpert and his girlfriend Teyana Taylor, but according to Serayah McNeill, some famous folks make up the characters.

Chatting with, McNeil, who plays Tiana took the mystery away as she stated that Tiana is the combination of “powerful women in the industry.”

“I talked to writers and I talked to producers about my character and about exactly what their view was and they mentioned people, but they didn’t mention them,” McNeil told the site. “They mentioned Rihanna, Beyoncé … powerful women in the industry.”

While that mystery is now cleared up, the big question now is ….did 50 Cent set out to throw some shade on the “Empire” season finale with commercials for his show “Power?”

As many folks saw, “Power” ads populated the finale with proclaiming in the trailer for the show’s second season trailer that “Empires are built on Power.”

From the looks of it, 50 may have well been behind it as the effort falls in line with his accusations of “Empire” biting “Power.” Since cable shows rarely advertise on network TV, people are saying that the trailer’s proclamation was 50’s way of throwing shade on Fox’s hit show.

Check out the season 2 trailer for “Power” and weigh in below on whether 50 did throw shade on “Empire’s” or not:



  1. This is typical ‘damage control’ that insiders do whenever some of their actions or motivations appear or seem to be questionable:
    (1) Beyonce and Rihanna are mainstream, they have become the standard yardstick to measure all hip hop rap divas.
    The music industry is pushing Nicky Minaj because of her raunchiness but mainstream pop culture has limited use for her because of
    raunchiness. Teyana Taylor is not known by most of mainstream America and even though her likeness has been used, they do not
    want to acknowledge it.
    (2) I can’t believe that Power would go there! I am still shocked by the commercials aired during the Empire Finale, Wow!
    Power premiered first but they need to advertise to Empire’s CAPTIVE AND I DO MEAN CAPTIVE audience. We are hooked!
    They just showed everyone that Empire is NUMBER ONE!!!!!

  2. I thought it was just that advertising for the new season of Power. When the Finally was over on Empire what’s the big deal. Two great shows on two different levels, some times don’t thiink so hard it is what it is entertainment.


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