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Kevin Hart Responds to Mike Epps’ Criticism and Chats Up Journey to Success

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*With sold out comedy shows, success on the big screen and a loyal fan base, Kevin Hart is in a very good space.

Although Hart’s supporters include legendary comedians like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Will Ferrell and Steve Martin, don’t put Mike Epps in that lot.

In an interview on Shade 45’s “Sway in the Morning” show last month, Epps openly criticized Hart, accusing the “Get Hard” star’s writers of stealing other comedians’ jokes for Hart. In addition, Epps stated many times in the chat that Hart’s talent was eclipsed by his marketing skills.

Hart weighed in on Epps’ criticism during an appearance on “Sway,” saying that his success was the result of his talent. Hart goes on to speak about the ignorance of someone criticizing him for marketing his own abilities while suggesting that Epps’ comments are a result of his own insecurities.

Overall, Hart wished Epps well and even mentioned that he would be willing to work with Epps in the future, most notably in Epps’ upcoming Richard Pryor biopic.

In addition to Epps, Hart touched on the flak he’s received from comedian Aries Spears. According to reports Spears stated that Hart receives help in developing his standup routines writers. In response, Hart said that no one–Pryor, Murphy, Rock–has made it by himself or herself and that every comedian on his level has achieved that success with similar help. Hart then suggests that the criticism may, in part, be from a lesser-known comic who is trying to capitalize on someone with greater name-recognition.

During the course of the 36-minute interview, Hart commented on his ability to sell out arenas multiple times over in one day as well as racism in Hollywood and his 19-year journey towards success.

For Hart’s “Sway in the Morning” interview, check out the video below:



  1. When are these “Brothers”,going to stop this nonsense? It’s enough money for everyone!It’s this attitude that keeps us at the bottom of every aspect of society,What message does this selfish insanity send to the younger generation?We’ve tried this for 400 years,why not try a new mindset,where we uplift and network with each other,I sometimes wonder if these knuckelheads are put in position just to help keep us back! How about having the 14th richest economy on the planet and that’s with this negativity.!What could we do if we helped each other?

  2. Even if you don’t like his comedy or think that his movies are good, you have to respect his hustle and positivity!

  3. See…:”THIS” is why Kevy Kev is successful…..he’s a “POSITIVE” Black man with….heart, hustle &….humility. And….I believe that was ALL sincere! Whiiiiiiiiiile ‘on the other hand?, yuh know?…..I’m tryin to but it’s harrrrrrrrd to stop using the word “niggah”, when no matter how much you clean, scrub & disinfect, “cultural termites” (I.E…..”NIGgahs”!) keep showing the fk up, “TO” fk up & naw away at the… Enter in….”M.Epps”. An obviously weak insecure BITter muthafkah, who can’t STAND to see another brotha get some…shine. A brotha he prolly secretly thought would NEVer surpass HIS ass!, which is prolly the ONLY!!! reason he let Kev DO that tour! Sigh. And?, I personally just fkn luuuuuuuuv it, when bitter BYTchasses show & PROOVE their weakness AND ignorance, by exuding such …”niggery” Exibit A?…..correct me if I’m wrong, but….I saw Kev congratulated Epps for his “Pryor” gig?, but….don’t recall Epps responding at all!!! And if he did respond?, it prolly wasn’t sincere, for…HTH would/COULD he change his ideology so quickly. And…. (Not to “wish” bad ‘on him?, but) it will be why (if so) that Pryor gig goes…noooooowherrrrrrrre. “Karma”. And as IF “EVERYone” “can’t” see/”AIN’T” watching his “niggativity”!!?? STUpid muthafkah! Dude should reeeeeeally go chop it up with S.Harvey! For “he TOO” had a serious case of ….”CTD” (cultural termite disease), when Bernie was alive & getting what Steve “didn’t” think “HE” deserved!!! SSMDH! But aaaanyway Kev has the right attitude & that’s prolly why & HOW he’s surpassed so many of those (like Epps) who had such a ..headstrart. Wah waaaaah. BIG ups to Kev! Way to represent the “Real “Brothas” of Hollywood”! “BOOM”!!

  4. And btw…”I’m” a fan of ANY Black man who has his?, but still ain’t too fkn greedy insecure & imMATure to….put someone ELSE ‘on!!! As a prior poster stated….(to paraphrase) …”there’s enough cheese to go around & “one” muthafka can’t…..”eat it all”! Chuuuuch!

  5. And BTFKnW??….Paul Mooney wrote for (drumroll!)……”RICHARD PRYOR”!!!! So….does “that” make Pryor any less of WTF he was!!?? Answer…..”HELL FKN NAAAAW”!!! Epps just needs to shut his “broke ass “CAN’T AFFORD” writers ass the fk up!!! “Crabby” muthafkah. SSMGDHATSN!

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