Monday, January 25, 2021

Is O.J. Toast? Simpson ‘Bout to be White Supremacist’s Beyotch Behind Bars

oj simpson (look up & dejected)

*Uh oh, it looks like former NFL running back O.J. Simpson – bad knees and all – has got nowhere to run to in jail.

According to reports, 67-year-old Simpson has an enemy behind bars with him. We’re talking a hulking 6-foot, 250-pound white supremacist who’s out to do more than just tackle him.

The story goes that Simpson made the mistake of pissing off Travis Waugh, 51, aka “Blu” — a tattooed maximum-security inmate convicted of attempted sexual assault — by cutting in front of him in line for medication at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada last week, according to the Daily Mail.

Waugh was so angry, he threw Simpson against a wall and threatened to kill him, a witness said.

“I am going to make it my mission to kill your ni**er ass. You will not leave here alive. Do you hear me?!” he shouted, then made a gun symbol with his hand, according to the source.

The former gridiron great made a big mistake by sassing the brutal inmate after he called Simpson out for cutting in line, the source said.

“I’m gonna stay right here and your ass ain’t gonna do nothing about it,” Simpson shouted.

Waugh flew off the handle and pushed him, injuring Simpson’s bad knee, the source said. Simpson stood up and spat in his face, according to the source.

“This guy was standing in line waiting for his medications when O.J. comes along and cuts in line — like he always does,” the witness said.

“But this dude was not having it and told O.J. to take his ugly black a– to the back of the line and wait like everybody else,” he said.

“The guy flipped out and went after O.J. O.J. put up his fists to fight back and was yelling that he was going to teach this guy a lesson. But the other inmates jumped and tried to hold both of them back, but they were both so furious it was almost a riot,” he said.

Good Lord. Sounds like the Juice is ’bout to get squished. Damn, a perfect example of why you don’t want to go to jail.

And would you believe there more to this story. Check it out at the Daily Mail.

travis waugh
Travis Waugh, O.J. Simpson’s sworn enemy behind bars



  1. Every few months, there seems to be a prison story about O.J. and the stories are all so different. I’m not sure if I believe them. Wouldn’t Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, etc. report this if it were a story.


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