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Did Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell Have History Before ‘Get Hard?’ (Watch)


*Comedy video website, Funny or Die, reports Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart dropped by the #fodsxsw party to premiere an exclusive video. Rapper, T.I. is featured as well.

In the world of make believe  there is a PopFizz TV show called  “Straight Talk.” On the fake out show Hart and Ferrell answer questions about their new move “Get Hard.” After the first question: What was it like for the them to work together for the first time, the pretend audience discovers that Ferrell and Hart ‘shared’ a few auditions  before starring in ‘Get Hard.’

Just for fun, the duo describes competing against each other for some of their most iconic roles.

What makes this farcical act  outrageous is  the ‘shared’ auditions that the two re-enact depict, let’s say, stereotypical characters.   Keep in mind that Hart is black and Ferrell is very white. They aren’t quite the same type of comedian. Nor do they have quite the same character straits. So things get goofy.

For instance, Hart’s starring roles include jive talking, plus characteristics well suited for Hart, the African American comedian actor from Philadelphia. His supporting characters have common African American names like Teisha.

Imagine Ferrell trying out to play Kevin Hart in the movie “Kevin Hart: I’m a Grown Little Man.”  Then also, imagine Hart reading for Will Ferrell’s hit movie rolls which are perfect for a ‘Frat Pack’ type funny white guy.  Not quite a match. That’s what this four minute video is all about. It could take just a moment to get into the humor but once the concept is understood, it’s funny.

Though Ferrell and Will couldn’t be more different then each other in terms of mannerisms and backgrounds and of course race the two seem to have enough in common to vibe well on screen together. Let’s call it chemistry.  Perhaps not enough to stand in for each others starring rolls, however.

Here’s a closing line in the video (Plus, watch the video below)

Kevin Hart: “Anchorman, I thought I had that one. Well at the end of the day you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.” (Speaking of “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy).

Will Ferrell: “Well that was a shot you were literally never gonna make. You know what constructive criticism always is painful.”

In the end, although it turns out they never worked together before “Get Hard.”  One might begin to think of Richard Pryor and Gean Wilder in their movie “Stir crazy.”  Ferrell and Hart have a similar dynamic.  Their differences work nicely together. Its crazy fun. Enjoy.

Question: Did Hart and Ferrell actually audition for the same parts? You be the judge.

Will Farrell and Kevin Hart’s Failed Audition Tapes




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