Saturday, September 18, 2021

Parents Are Not Happy with Blue Ivy’s Security at Pre-School (Watch)

beyonce, blue ivy, jay z,*Beyonce and Jay Z might be setting an impression for Blue Ivy at her new elite pre-school in Cali that is rubbing her other parents the wrong way, according to OK! Magazine.

Blue Ivy’s security detail is considered to be too much and over-the-top for any pre-schooler when she’s dropped off and picked up everyday.

Allegedly, she has two cars and three bodyguards. But parents are calling it tacky of Bey and Jay for their 3-year-old daughter to have such a huge entourage.

Nevertheless, the school is filled with celeb kids. Security shouldn’t be too much of a big deal, but she has more than any other student. It’s said that Will Ferrell drops off and picks up his son Axel though.

Watch the clip below:



  1. Good for them! If they want to have 5 bodyguards… I would agree! Will Farrell and any other celeb is such a bad example and I applaud them for taking parenting and the risks very seriously… Especially since LA does nothing to keep local paparazzi in check… Just my thoughts

    • I am shocked the little girl goes to school at all. Her parents didn’t finish. But, I do agree she needs someone to protect her, if this is true I do find it over the top.

      • What a DUMB comment you just made! OF COURSE they are going to send their child to school! Why wouldn’t they??? So they didn’t finish school? What’s that got to do with their daughter??? (Stupid and annoying comment)

      • Her parents didn’t finish? Jealous? If they want to they sure can pay for it. Maybe they have their GED or higher, do you know them? What education did you get. I bet it pays nothing in comparison of their earnings. If they can afford all the security that they want, I say do it. It’s crazy people in this world.

      • Dayum, the little girl look just like her daddy, and we all know Bey got nappy hair..weaves and perm is what Bey sports..the little ain’t sporting weaves and perm..


        Now that the Carters live on cali and not NYC as their main residence, cali residents are real snooty, fake and phony, those with money..and are jealous against those who have more money, like the Carters.

      • “Her parents didn’t finish” …….. you’re a hater, as you can clearly see, they didn’t have to. everything ain’t for everybody. clearly you’re no bey or jay, hahaha.

  2. They should have her home school they want 2 make that move 2 Hollywood they know how paparazzi are there I can see they r going 2 b caught up in a lot of crazy shit so get ready Carters u better b ready for the roller coaster ride it is about 2 go down.

      • Money does not make class. Her representation of girl power is humping and grinding on stage and he is just a rich thug and they pay people to make them appear smart. Yes they are ghetto.

        • I never used the word Class. But Just because you said it and someone ok’d it, still doesn’t make it true. What’s makes them Ghetto? We all have a past? When do you get to leave it behind? Now in business, Jay is just as ruthless as any of the others. Bey can wear whatever she want at Her “Shows”. Everybody else has copied it and doing it. People go and pay for it, who cares, it’s not my money. I don’t care if they have money or not. They should do whatever they want with their CHILD! Kates1221, I agree with you. Another thing Bey’s the representative of “girl power’? Not to me or anybody that I know. We don’t follow no celebs around and believe in whatever they say or do.

  3. No one is hateing on them people is just tired of them. And they should have had her home school, I am surprise they didn’t. But look at who we are talking about , they are always… Way over the top they don’t care how inconvenience it is to other.

  4. For everyone talking about Blue being home schooled, preschool is more about socialization than learning. I seriously doubt that she gets to play with other kids much. Being in school gives her the opportunity to learn how to be a kid and learn with other kids. You can’t buy that.

  5. we get the socialization part … and nobody’s hating on them over their money and fame … and it does get tiresome hearing about every single move they make … and homeschooling is always a better option especially with children of celebrities, most of them are train wrecks before they make it to junior high – I’d have mine set up with play dates, that’s socialization enough – good parental guidance will take care of the rest so she’ll be able to navigate through as she gets older – lots of kids get homeschooled and they’re not socially awkward at all; some of them actually turn out more advanced …

    • They don’t have to home school their child if they don’t want to! That’s why she goes to school in Hollywood because they can afford it and so she can be around people that are rich like she is!!!

    • rj . . . thanks for that intelligent response. If B & J had any sense, they’d realize the value (for those who place emphasis on THEIR money) of home schooling the child. You’re right, play dates could be arranged since she’s “not like the average kid.”

      My son was home schooled and when I transferred him to public school, he was already advanced in science. And he didn’t miss out on socialization because he was home schooled with 5 other children. Further my cousins (whose mother home schooled my son) were home schooled through high school. They all went to college, graduated top of their class and currently hold professional jobs.

      Money isn’t everything and a little common sense goes a long way.

  6. Hey bey and may have their future set up for blue as all they are her parents maybe just let them do what is best for blue and yes the other celeb parents are frustrated about the entourage but you can’t change that whatever anyone thinks don’t stop them they know what they’re doing

  7. Interesting that the term “tacky” is being used!
    This term is used to put Jay & Bey down!
    It is their daughter, their money, they choice!!!

  8. The parents at my grandchildren’s school are always bent out of shape because of gridlock when dropping off and picking up children. Not one time has it EVER been blown into a national news story. Why is this news? Because her parents have money? Yet, the story of a young homeless man, who sometimes slept in his parent’s car, other times on the street, and more times than not spent whole days with nothing to eat, but who, never the less, graduated from school with a 4.0 grade point average, barely got five congratulatory comments when his story was told. But here, we have a page full of comments about the kid of two publicity hounds, who’s only concern is how much of our hard earned money we spend making them rich enough make their child going to school a national event, and when they say “jump”, everyone asks “how high”? What in the hell is wrong with people? What am I missing here?

  9. First of all, they are ghetto…have no class. The point of sending your kid to school LA is that people are use to seeing celebrities. If I had a child at that school, I would worry about their safety, assuming that guards have guns. It is so unnecessary. Halle, Tom, the children of Steven Spielberg all went to school without all the hoopla. Why is it necessary for Bey and Jay to hand carry her to school with Grandma in tow. For those who think she is a positive role model…..sad!!!! My role models are people like Maya Angelou, Angela Davis, people who contribute positively to the world. Whitney and all her drugs ,showed more class on stage and behaved more lady like. Jennifer Hudson has more talent , and Rhianna is prettier, sexier and smarter.

  10. I am a parent at this school. That’s a damn lie! A complete exaggeration! Beyonce and JayZ are real friendly and very good Parents to Blue Ivy! That’s all that matters! I only see one car going in the garage dropping off Blue and leaves after a few minutes. None of these cars they’re talking about lingers in school. They come back to pick up Blue Ivy just like everybody else. These “OTHER PARENTS” are just envious, phony — hypocrites! — haters! “Beyonce and JayZ should never pay attention to these meddlesome, snotty people who despite their wealth have obviously boring lives!!! And B and J should do what’s best for them and Blue and not pay attention to those people because — “… those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!”

    They can have a dozen bodyguards, it’s really none of anybody’s business because they don’t hang around in Blue Ivy’s school and none of them bothers anybody in school!
    “Live and Let Live!”

    • Tell em Blue! See big mouth you don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t nobody care about your role models. Everybody’s is different. That’s your opinion about who has this and that, ladylike, prettier(WTF?). Next person come along stating their opinion. Classic know it all. You don’t know what any of these “classy” people do behind closed doors.


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