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Charlie Wilson Dazzles Newark, NJ Stop During His ‘Forever Charlie’ Tour

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*Charlie Wilson’s journey has been well-documented through the years; his rise from Tulsa, OK with The Gap Band, his trials with addiction and homelessness and his resurgence as “Uncle Charlie” alongside Snoop Dogg which has fueled the second half of his career as a solo artist. As he took the stage at Newark, New Jersey’s Prudential Center, to deafening applause, it was apparent that his journey is far from over.

Wedged between someone’s aunt and little cousin, the appeal of Charlie Wilson was apparent; his music transcends the borders of generations because it’s organic and resonates in the souls of those who come in contact with it. The first segment of his set was evidence to those borders being erased as he danced like a man half his age, but with the showmanship of an industry vet, with a live band, dancers, and background singers all participating the routines. He even mocked himself by feigning exhaustion and injuries, but the music, as always, comes first.

untitled (5 of 9)Fitted in a gold sequined jacket, with matching shoes, Wilson hit the stage full steam ahead with “Party Train” and “Early in the Morning”, before breaking into a vocal version of his smash hit with Snoop Dogg and Pharrell “Beautiful.” Throughout the evening, the outfits (and shoes) changed often, but the momentum of the show continued to build as he weaved Gap Band classics with the hits he’s become known for over the last few years. “What’s my name?!?” was asked of the crowd several times and each reply grew louder and louder as the music for 2005’s “Charlie, Last Name Wilson” began and he followed with a rousing rendition, before breaking into current hit “Goodnight Kisses.”


Throughout the evening, there were promos for the upcoming memoir I Am Charlie Wilson and an excerpt was read that not only introduced his friendship with Rick James, but also the duality of his personality and public persona. It all came together as he took a few moments to provide a testimony of how he grew from Tulsa to bring famous, before losing it all to drugs and alcohol. He stirred theuntitled (9 of 9) crowd into a crying frenzy as he gave honor to God for not only bringing him through, but providing him with the platform to share in his recovery and the glory through “If I Believe” and “My God is so amazing”. There was barely any space for the audience to settle down as he sang “Touched by An Angel”, backed by dancers garnished with wings, before finishing with Gap Band classics “Yearning for Your Love” and “Outstanding.”

90 minutes and a glow in the dark jacket later, Charlie Wilson had given the Prudential Center everything he had; he dripped sweat, shed tears and bared his soul, as did those in attendance. Supported by contemporary R&B legends Joe and Kem, the “Forever Charlie” tour is reinforcement that soul music not only exists, but is necessary and that showmanship is about far more than hip thrusts and taking off your shirt. The “Forever Charlie” tour is winding down, but there are still a few chances for this amazing show to be seen.

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  1. oohwee I love me some Charlie Wilson, from ’78’s ‘I Don’t Believe You Wanna Get Up And Dance’ all the way to the new album – I’m so glad he kept his faith and came up from those hard times and never lost his voice – me and a couple of friends used to follow the Gap Band/Roger Troutman (Zapp)/ Prince/The Time tours through our tri-state area back when we were in high school and freshmen in college, bouncing from one arena to the next … those were good times; now, we can go see him wherever he lands, can’t wait to catch his tour this year …

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