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Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Argued Before Tub Incident: Mom

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*Nick Gordon’s mother, Michelle Gordon, gave Dr. Phil an account of what her son told her took place in the hours before Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in her bathtub on Jan. 31.

Michelle told Dr. Phil that Nick and Bobbi were partying with a friend the evening of Friday, Jan. 30. When they returned home early Saturday morning, they got into a fight.

“Nick walked away from the argument,” she said. “He went to another bedroom to fall asleep.” Bobbi Kristina “went up to her room and drew a bath.”

Friend Max Lomas reportedly stopped by Saturday morning. When a cable guy said he needed access to her bathroom, Max found Bobbi Kristina facedown and unconscious in the bathtub.

Lomas yelled for Nick, “who was able to do the CPR on her for 15 minutes. The police arrived, and they didn’t help him. No one helped him until the EMTs got there.”

Michelle said, “He (Nick) has blamed himself for the condition she’s in.”

She claims Nick has become suicidal. “He has said to me many times that he is going to kill himself. Two weeks ago, he tried… he was able to throw up pills.”

Dr. Phil told “Extra” Gordon was in such bad shape, he could not talk about any of the events that preceded Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization. “He was high as a kite,” explained McGraw. “He said he was drinking and he mentioned Xanax.”

Nick did, however, talk about feeling guilty. “He feels very strongly that he has a tremendous sense of guilt. He says ‘I feel like I let Whitney down, I feel like I’ve let Krissy down. I was supposed to protect her and I failed to do that.’”

Dr. Phil was able to get Nick to agree to rehab. The doctor said, “I felt like if we did not get him to a structured and supervised environment, his life was in danger.”



  1. how do you wind up face down in a bathtub full of water – I cannot see that bathtub being that large or that deep, and we are not talking about an infant but an adult – and if Whitney was found face down in a tub full of water also, and this guy was on the scene, somebody definitely needs to take a second look – I cannot see anyone winding up face down in a bathtub, something is very, very wrong with that …

  2. I think this sounds like Anna nicole smith and her son she died and then her son died to but they didn’t drown. I’m just saying!! I hope BK comes through I watched a video of her mom and her on stage when BK was little singing my love is your love! it brought tears to my eyes I was a big whiney Houston fan, also I got bobby browns first tape truth be known I liked them both they had reading great songs. I don’t wanta place judge on one or start the blame game if the boyfriend done it he will relapse and trust someone so much he tells on himself that’s why they say the truth comes out when your drunk or high it’s just a matter of when I agree with a lot of what people say when they say the boyfriend was there when whiney died now bobbi on life support it don’t take a wise man nor women to figure that one out. every family has it’s fights separate ways thats true iv never seen a family get so mixed up over a lifeless love one that says they love you but will give up on you have no faith left!!!! O but I will help you tell I find out if ima get some of that money then drop you likeep you ment nothing.
    VERY SAD PEOPLE CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU SO WITH THAT SAID LETS LIFE THIS LIFE WE HAVE HEAR ON EARTH TO THE FULLEST AND ALWAY LOVE AND CARE OF THE ONES THAT LOST THERE LIFE OVER SOMETHING SO SELFISH. THEY STILL HAVE RIGHT TO REST IN PEACE. whiney Houston will always be number 1 in this R&B and SOUL music. I pray for the brown’s and Houston’s rather we like it or not they have made big time names for them selfs I fee l proud to have heard such a beautiful voice whiney had and her love for BK.

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