Saturday, March 6, 2021

MSNBC’s Mika Clarifies Comment that Rap Caused SAE’s Racist Chant (Watch)

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*“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski appeared on “The Cycle” Wednesday to clarify earlier comments she made when discussing Oklahoma’s SAE fraternity members expelled after they were discovered on video singing racist chants.

Viewers went in on Brzezinski for appearing to suggest that hip hop was to blame for the frat members behaving in such a manner.

Asked about that criticism, Brzezinski insisted that is not what she said–or what she meant. “In no way is anyone else to blame for what they did on that bus. (The students) are responsible and they made that choice.”

Brzezinski did say she’d like to talk about rap music–but not as an explanation for what happened in Oklahoma. “There may be a good conversation to have out there about rap music, hip hop and the n-word…but there’s no moral equivalency between any lyrics and what happened on that bus. And we said that this morning on our show.”

Watch below:



  1. When did blacks start having such a huge effect on whites? We obviously have had mind control over them since the creation of rap music because every time whites get caught saying the n word, rap music is to blame.

  2. Damn Jedi mind tricks are a bitch, aren’t they? GTFOH with that BS Mika.

    Willie was the only one who half way made any sense… The Morning Joe crew are apologists for the privileged elite…

  3. Why did not they go and invite a Rapper on their show and let him blow their mind. I bet they would shut their mouth than. Mika and crazy Joe sound crazy.

  4. Mika and Joe is just as crazy as those kids and their parents. Rap Music, Hip Hop music is not to blame for your kids actions. Yes the word nigga is in majority of Rap music songs, but who cares. There is a difference in the context of how the word is used in a song versus used racially. For instance, “What up, my nigga (friend) versus hang the niggas (racist). We are not talking about elementary, middle schoolers we are talking about College students who know right from wrong. Had they been singing a song with the word in there I personally wouldn’t have a problem, because that is the word is in the song. But when you are using the word to be racist and discriminate against someone then it becomes a problem. Those kids and parents need to own up to it and keep it moving. I do not hate because you or your kids do not care for blacks or whatever race you hate. Who cares, we will always be here no matter how you feel. You cannot take anything away from us. At the end of the day, my words to racist, “Take a ticket and get at the end of the line. Get back with you next year.”


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