Thursday, August 11, 2022

Online Humorist Says Political, Media Climate is Ripe for ‘URoast’ Satire

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*LOS ANGELES, Calif.  — Now is a great time for satire, according to online humorist Clavell Jackson.

Jackson, who operates URoast, a company that produces personalized online roasts, says the current political and media landscape provides plenty of material for satirical commentary.

“The GOP presidential primaries have kicked off, and the candidates seem to be falling over themselves to make the most outrageous statement,” Jackson said. “They seem to be trying to appeal to their base, and only end up alienating independent and Democratic voters.”

Dr. Ben Carson has already embarrassed himself by making anti-gay comments, Jackson said. In addition, it seems everyday a new Republican politician makes a comment proving how clueless they are about the female body. Idaho State Rep. Vito Barbieri drew nationwide ridicule when he asked if swallowing a camera could enable women to undergo remote vaginal exams.

Jackson said it’s not just Republican politicians who are being lampooned. Media figures like Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams have also been mocked for their fabrications.

“Brian Williams was a national figure and that made his downfall swifter, since he was so high profile,” Jackson said. “O’Reilly has a lot of enemies in the media, and people were quick to put him to the sword, after his lies were revealed.  He has also used questionable tactics such as cutting people’s mics, stalking his critics and yelling at guests. So I think a lot of people were happy to embarrass him.”

Jackson said he produced a roast of O’Reilly a few months ago and may need to update it, because of the latest allegations.

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