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Full Force & Bowlegged Lou’s 25th Anniversary Salute to ‘House Party’: the Film that Changed their Lives (Photos)

house party - poster

*Yesterday, March 9, 1990 was when the iconic classic movie HOUSE PARTY was released, so this week, this month, this year of 2015,we want to say, “HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY TO HOUSE PARTY !!!”

Yes, after 25 years, House Party is still shown in reruns all over the world & is regarded as not just a hip hop comedy classic but a cinematic classic period. It still plays to great reaction and memorable reverence this month.

Even youngins that weren’t even born when House Party came out, love the film just as much today as when it came out in 1990. Yours truly Bowlegged Lou George & my beloved brothers Paul Anthony George (The Cancer Champion With Prayers Continuum) & Brian B-Fine George were fortunate to co-star as the comedic bullies in a movie that has continued to have classic staying power in the eyes of millions. After 25 years, House Party just keeps kickin’ some freakin’ assssssssss !!! I’m personally happy because my beloved brother Paul Anthony just had a successful Biopsy last week as he stays the Cancer Champion warrior that he is. He celebrated 2 years recently of the bone marrow stem cell transplant with him as a recipient & I as his proud donor. Please visit Any donation & contribution are appreciated towards the fight against all blood Cancers & other Health setbacks. So glad Paul is still with us to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of a movie classic we all participated in.

First off to work with such a great great cast led my Writer-Director Reggie Hudlin & Producer Warrington Hudlin aka The Hudlin Brothers, was indeed a blessing. The other cast of characters were the dynamic duo of Kid N Play, The late Robin Harris, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, AJ Johnson, John Witherspoon, George P-Funk Clinton, Daryl “Chill Mitchell, Eugene Groove Allen & Belal Miller. Even comedian Joe Torry played a student in the cafeteria & also my girl talented vocalist Marsha Ambrosius played one of the party goers wearing a red striped shirt. Look for her the next time you watch it. She is right next to Robin Harris when he bogarts the party lookin’ for Kid. Also the 2 cops were played by comedian Barry Diamond & Mike Pniewski. Kelly Jo Minter & the beautiful Shana Mangatal appears also. My boy Clifton Powell made an appearance too & The Hudlin Brothers played the 2 thieves that escapes onto the bus. Everybody that was part of the House party cast and crew, big or small, all added an essential ingredient to the making of the movie.

house party - full force & reginaldhudlin
Full Force Brothers and Reginald Hudlin

house party - kid & geo clinton
Kid & George Clinton (scene from House Party)

house party - aj & tisha
AJ Johnson & Tisha Campbell-Martin

On behalf of Full Force we just wanted to acknowledge while giving props to the 25th anniversary of House Party. Every day on that set was amazing magic filled with too many memories. Most folk don’t know but the parts played by Kid N Play were originally written for Daryl Chill Mitchell & Eugene Groove Allen aka Groove B Chill and that was because of the close relationship they had with the Hudlin Brothers who also directed & produced their early music videos.. Hollywood wanted a more familiar duo so then Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff was offered the parts too. The Hudlin Brothers anointed Christopher Kid Reid & Christopher Play Martin aka Kid N Play as the talented stars of the movie. I don’t think anybody could see anybody else filling the shoes of Kid N Play as i think those roles were made for them. They both are hip hop talents & superb actors with great timing & chemistry. Kid still rocks his stand-up comedian thang & Play does lots of lectures while also manning the ship at his Www.BrandNewz.Com company which heralds positivity in Hip Hop with positive news stories. Daryl Chill & Groove Allen still appeared in the film with significant roles as the DJ table bumper & the drunk at the party. Daryl also doesn’t let any wheelchair stop him as he’s been consistently busy as an actor in TV & Film since House Party. You can see him now as computer specialist Mr. Patton Flame in NCIS: New Orleans on CBS

Martin Lawrence played Bilal the DJ with the bad breath & he was a talent on the rise from the first time we met him & got to know him on & off the set. He would always come in our trailer singing our top 20 Full Force joint entitled Temporary Love Thing. To witness Martin’s growth from House Party to mega TV & Film star has been an extreme joy & pleasure to watch. We used to take Martin & Kid with us to play in some of our celebrity basketball games as the Full Force All Stars. They both had game. Word from Martin himself is that Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says a script that is in development is lookin great for Bad Boys 3.

Tisha Campbell Martin & AJ Johnson who played Sidney & Sharane were & still are 2 beautiful fine young ladies filled with versatile talents. These two gals exuded all the innocense & street sass with their characters. Tisha is still rockin on television in a re-accuring role as the no nonsense Tisha girl in Husbands Of Hollywood alongside Kevin Hart, Boris Kudjoe, Nelly, Nick Cannon & Tisha’s equally talented husband Duane Martin. Tish also is singing & vocalizing her gifts very well. She can be seen singing live at her popular restaurant hot spot in L.A. once a week at Xen’s Lounge. She’s also in the studio crafting new musical gems with talented singer/producer B-Slade plus she sang on 2 joints on our album out now entitled Full Force: With Love From Our Friends. AJ, besides portraying the unforgettable mom of Tyrese’s Jody character in Baby Boy, she is still body beautiful as witnessed in House Party with those nice tight yellow body pants in the House Party dance-off scene. She is also a dancer-choreographer but her passion also lies as a super top tier fitness coach as she is all about health, wellness & getting in shape. Yes she is still looking fine & beautiful. You can follow her at

house party - george bros
The George brothers: Paul Anthony, Bowlegged Lou & B-Fine

house party - martin lawrence & play
Martin Lawrence & Play (scene from House Party)

Paul, Tisha & Lou
Paul, Tisha & Lou

We the Full Force House Party bullies were actually described in Reggie Hudlin’s original script before he & his brother even casted us. A mutual friend Mr Robert Ford Jr was reading Reggie’s script where it read>>>>”They are accosted by 3 school bullies with imposing phsiques,muscles & droopy jheri curls, sort of like Full Force. Rob told Reggie why don’t he just audition the Full Force Brothers. The rest was & is history. The 3 of us,after passing the audition,& reading the script,i came up with an idea to change a lot of our lines & develop different characters that wasnt in the original script. Reggie & Warrington gave us their blessings. My brothers & I then went to work as all those little acting plays we did at home when we were little tykes paid off as our chemistry with the 3 of us was off the meter. Lots of folk that didnt know us were surprised. We got compliments from folk like Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Chris Tucker, DL Hughley, Bernie Mack, Denzel Washington & more. All the kick your f**kin asssss & I smell pu**y with the high squeaky voice came from my twisted mind. Some folk were surprised that the House Party Bullies were some of  the ones that recorded & performed the Dance-off theme song of Aint My Type Of Hype. Of course Full Force along with our cousins Baby Gerry, Curt-t-t & Shy Shy rocked Aint My Type Of Hype in full 6-member style.

house party - kid & robin harris
Kid & Robin Harris (scene from House Party)

The late Robin Harris was so much fun to work with. He was funny with his 1 liners & quick wit all the time. Reggie kind of let Robin do what he wanted to do with his dialogue. “You Test Tube Baby”  “Follow The Drip, Follow the drip !!! The week before Robin was supposed to fly out to New York to play in one of our Celebrity basketball games, he passed away. Gone too soon. The funny John Witherspoon was also a crafty comic on set as he played the nosey neighbor in the window. John was one of the original ensemble cast members of the Richard Pryor show with Robin Williams, Tim Reid, Paul Mooney, Marsha Warfield, etc. It was also an honor to work with George P-Funk Clinton who played the old skool DJ at the old skool outdoor party. “Two Tears In A Bucket, F*ck It,Lets Take It To The Stage” were the words from George’s mouth after he hit my brother Paul over the head with a vinyl album. The Hudlin Brothers were & still are huge Parliament Funkadelic fans & putting George in their movie was their way of paying homage to 1 of their musical heroes.

house party - the full force bros (1990)
Full Force drippin’ in Jheri curl juice in 1990

house party - warrington hudlin
Warrington Hudlin

So as we all start catching the House Party fever, we at this time are in the stages of participating in a special House party Q & A film screening conducted by Warrington Hudlin, Also a,25th Anniversary tribute concert later this year with the House Party cast & other musical guests & probably rockin something with Jeff Friday & the American Black Film Festival.. Our House Party cast get together was inspired by a recent surprise birthday party pajama jammy jam thrown by Swizz Beats for his wife Alicia Keys. Swizz corralled some of the cast members of Kid N Play & DJ Wiz, Full Force, Tisha Campbell Martin & AJ Johnson to surprise Alicia at their home with a hot House Party ensemble performance. What an evening we all will remember. On Saturday March 28th,The Full Force Brothers with ListenToTheDJ.Com will be hosting a House Party Pajama Jam party in the Poconos of PA at The PBC aka Pocono Brewing Company at 2092 Pennsylvania Route 611. Old Skool PreTix at $10 & VIP at $20. For more info call MJ at 570-243-1777. The House Party Bullies also make their recording debut on a hot dance joint with Samantha Fox & Flavor Flav entitled Dance Dance, Throw Your Hands Up In The Air. On iTunes & All digital outlets. There are other House Party Honors & special scenarios being talked about now & hopefully will come to light. This year be on the lookout for TVOne’s UnSung documentary>The Kid N Play story & also a new foray entitled UnSung Re-visited where Full Force will be featured as we continue where we left off from our last ratings winning UnSung episode>The Full Force story.  HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY TO HOUSE PARTY !!!  I smell, I smell, I smell, I smell… PARTY !!!!

And now the classic trailer for “House Party”:


Full Force’s Bowlegged Lou’s 25th Anniversary Salute to ‘House Party’




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