Saturday, September 24, 2022

Apple Introduces its Take on Wearables with the Apple Watch

Apple Watch - Courtesy
Apple Watch – Courtesy

*Apple has always been known innovative in it’s approach. In the eighties, Apple changed the game by creating a Windows Competitor in computing. In the 2000’s they shook up the music industry with the iPod, a revolutionary MP3 player which helped Apple create it’s ecosystem founded on something we knew and loved; music. In 2007, Apple changed the game again by creating the iPhone, and the story continues to unfold.

Over the last few years however, there hasn’t been much innovation. What I’ve noticed about apple is that they tend to now improve on products that have already been introduced to the market.

Today  we’ll just spring forward…

Apple TV is going to be cheaper 69.00 instead of 99.00. HBO is going to be the first content provider to cut the cord, in April, consumers can pay 14.95 for a monthly subscription, WITHOUT a cable company.

Next up iPhone.. Apple has sold 700,000 phones and has a customer satisfaction rate of 99% for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ . With the recent focus on health, Apple has worked with some of the best medical organizations in the world to create Research Kit, a tool that will allow for consumers to not only monitor their health, but to help diagnose and treat these diseases by providing research through the iPhone! This will transform the way the medical industry collects data. Putting solutions in the hands of the consumer is the future of medical research and Apple is doing just that. And its open source, so if you have an Android App, my bet is that this is coming to you soon.

New Macs! “Once you go Mac You Don’t Go Back” I purchased a Mac in 2008, It’s been the best experience I’ve had with computers. This year Apple has reinvented the notebook. Apple’s new Macbook is incredibly thin. 24% thinner than the current Macbook Air! 12 inch display, brand new keyboard, Retina Display, *All Day Battery LIfe. Comes in Silver, Space Gray, and Gold! Now you can color coordinate your Macbook, iPad and iPhone. #macbooklust . Ships on April 10th!

Next Up…. The APPLE WATCH.. The most advanced time piece ever created… hmmm.

This thing looks amazing. Apple seems to make whats good, better. They weren’t the first to create it, but they are the first to refine it. It’s basically a companion to your iPhone, buts cool to know that there is a way to view your notifications and talk to Siri from your wrist.

The one way Apple has more of an advantage in Wearables than Google is that Apple’s Brand seems to speak to the masses (in America, at least)  and many companies who also speak to the masses seem to know Apple’s popularity they’ve also developed apps that just work for their platform and also look awesome while doing so. Instagram, for example, can be seen on an Apple Watch, but not yet available on Google’s wearable platform, Android Wear, which has been out for about 9 months now.

There are three different tiers, Apple Watch Sport edition,  Apple Watch Steel Edition and Apple Watch Edition the prices range from $349.00 to, check this, $17,000.00.  Which one are you purchasing???

Check out the Apple’s Watches  promotional videos below

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch Steel

Apple Watch Gold

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