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Suge Knight’s New Lawyer Says TMZ Video Clears His Client

suge knight court mar 9
Marion “Suge” Knight appears at Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center March 9, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The hearing was scheduled to determine if the two criminal cases against Knight, one for murder and attempted murder when Knight allegedly ran over two men in a Compton parking lot after an argument and another case involving an alleged robbery and criminal threats to a photographer in Beverly Hills, should be moved to the downtown Los Angeles courthouse.

*Marion “Suge” Knight’s new attorney wasted no time Monday saying that the TMZ video posted online that appears to show Knight’s truck striking two men in Compton clears his client of any wrongdoing, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Matthew Fletcher, spoke with reporters after their brief court appearance Monday and said the video shows his client being attacked while he sits inside his truck before speeding off – running over the man on the ground and hittin a second man before speeding away.

“They started it. … They attacked him,” Fletcher said, equating Knight’s reaction to a stand-your-ground situation. “You’re not required by law to run. … If Suge had put it in park and got out, he’s dead.”

Referring to the video, Fletcher said “100% it proves Suge Knight was attacked.”

Fletcher said the video also shows a man with a gun. Toward the end of the footage, someone is seen taking a black object away from Sloan while he’s on the ground but the image is grainy.

Prosecutors charged Knight with murder and attempted murder for allegedly running over two men with his vehicle at Tam’s Burgers in Compton on Jan. 29. Terry Carter, 55, died, and Cle “Bone” Sloan, 51, was injured in the incident.

Prosecutors claim Knight intentionally struck the men with his vehicle. A former lawyer for Knight said Knight was assaulted and, while trying to get away from his attackers, accidentally ran into the men. The video does not appear to capture an assault.

The confrontation began when Knight, Carter and Sloan began arguing on the set of “Straight Outta Compton,” a biopic about the rap group N.W.A.

Knight was kicked off the set and was leaving the area when someone called him and asked him to go to Tam’s Burgers, where the deadly confrontation unfolded, Fletcher said.

Knight was taken to a jail infirmary last week after saying in court that he couldn’t “really comprehend” what was happening.

Fletcher said he updated Knight on how the video affects his case.

“I said, ‘This helps you beyond any stretch of imagination,’ ” Fletcher said he told Knight. “I know this – Suge didn’t get out of the car and attack them.”

Knight also faces charges stemming from an incident in which prosecutors say he and comedian Katt Williams stole a camera from a photographer last September.



  1. His day has finally come…he’s done like the Thanksgiving turkey…he will pay for the blood on his hands…finally

  2. “I said, ‘This helps you beyond any stretch of imagination,’ ” Fletcher said he told Knight.

    I don’t know. Maybe we are not looking at the same video.
    But who knows. Videos are subject to different interpretations. Take the Rodney King assault and battery. A group of white jurors said it was justified.


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