Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Cathay Pacific Airlines Pilot Catches Heat for Offering Attractive Woman a Seat…in the Cockpit

Cathay Pacific

As Ricky Ricardo would say, “You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!” But with that said, I can tell you with conviction that being allowed to sit in the cockpit of an airplane, right next to the pilot, during a flight, is one helluva experience! But we’re not talking about me…yet. We’re talking about the Cathy Pacific airline pilot who is on the hot-seat catching heat after he invited an attractive passenger to sit in the cockpit during a flight.

Ada Ng, the lucky girl, was en route from Taipei to Hong Kong on Feb. 26 when she received the awesome invite. Reports claim Ng was assigned to sit in the business class jump seat (a seat usually reserved for off-duty crew or their family), but when she boarded, there was no seats available. “My flight was full. Even seats reserved for employees were all taken,” she wrote on her Weibo microblog. “Fortunately the pilot was so nice and even let me sit on the seat behind him!

Now why oh why couldn’t that be the end of it? The woman could have just been grateful, the pilot fulfilled, and the two-hour flight concluded, no harm done.

But this was not to be…

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  1. Many, many years ago I was in similar situation. Flight full, I was without a seat. Was offered a seat in the cockpit. I really didn’t want to sit up there. Another passenger overheard the conversation, and we traded. The other passenger got a once in a lifetime thrill, I’m certain.
    Let it go, people.

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