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T.I. Confirms ‘ATL’ Sequel On the Way – Nicole Beharie Possibly Beefs With ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Producers


*A sequel to the 2006 hit film “ATL” is on the way, according to one of the original film’s stars, T.I.

The rapper confirmed the sequel, titled “ATL 2,” via social media. Loosely based on the lives of hip-hop stars Dallas Austin and TLC member Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, the first “ATL” movie grossed more than $11.5 million in its 1st week. In addition to T.I., the original “ATL” starred Lauren London (as New New), Evan Ross, and Big Boi of Outkast.

“#ATL2 Get Ready,” tweeted T.I. tweeted as he posted a photo of himself with his “ATL 2” co-stars Jackie Long and Jason Weaver.

T.I. may be gearing up to add another “ATL” film to his resume as his upcoming film “Get Hard,” opposite Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell, hits theaters on March 27, but Nicole Beharie doesn’t seem to be getting any love on the small screen.

nicole beharie

According to, a beef is apparent between the “Sleepy Hollow” star and the show’s producers.

While folks would expect the producers to have asked Beharie to contribute commentary for the “Sleepy Hollow” season 2 DVD collection, it doesn’t look that way. Beharie took to twitter a few days ago to make her opinion known as she posted a picture with a caption reading, “When the show ur on doesn’t invite you do to DVD commentary…”

ClutchMagOnline noted that Beharie’s fellow “Sleepy Hollow” co-star Orlando Jones was also not invited to provide commentary for the DVD collection.

As for the source of the beef, the site mentioned that the drama appears to stem from Beharie’s character being scaled back a lot last season. Hence the animosity, which seems to also be fueled by a big push for one of “Sleepy Hollow’s” white female cast members.

Considering that Beharie is one of the leads in the show, it would be a great look and should be automatic to feature her commentary. Hopefully, the producers will wake up and remedy this quickly.

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  1. Forcing katrina on the audience was a big mistake among other mistakes this season. The two leads have such great chemistry that was totally wasted. I hope it doesn’t cost them a third season.

  2. They are really pushing it. I like the historical and occult aspects of the show along with Beharie. But I have been increasingly turned off by the blood, gore, and horror element that they are increasing and pushing on viewers. They had better get it together and realize that Beharie is really the star of the show even though she is second in the billing.

    • They need to focus on the four characters that they finished the season with ichabod, abbie, frank and jenny fighting the bad guys.

  3. Nichole is a great actress, and it’s unjust to have a DVD commentary without her. This was the one show where race was passed by, and the story focused on characters!!! Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny, Irving, and many others have added to the Sleepy Hollow legend, and themselves become legends. Please keep to the promise of 7 years (seasons) of trials and tribulations. So many Sleepy Heads cherish the chemistry, and the stories are best when the monsters are just McGuffins, with the real story being the characters’ reactions to life and challenges.

  4. One again because “wonderful chemistry” when it comes to an interracial couple is off the charts, we start resorting to tricks like this? First the soaps now this (you’d think folks learned their lesson, especially in light of what happened with Taraji P Henson, and the ‘Person of Interest’ debacle since the show has NEVER been the same since her departure, and they’re even talking about “cancelling” it now. Poor Jim Caviezel and the rest of the cast).
    If you look on YouTube at their last NYC Comic Con events, you’ll notice that at certain times Nicole seems really peed off, and I guess now we know why.
    I hope they don’t go down this road, which could very well end the series if they don’t get it together, Nicole IS EXCELLENT at what she does and could move forward no matter what, and I think the same thing could be said for Tom Mison too. I really hope they don’t sink this show.

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