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Filmmakers Rice, Corcos Start Indiegogo for ‘How to Kill a Black Man’ (Watch)

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Young film makers, Devin Rice and Jacquelyn Corcos start an Indiegogo campain for film “How to Kill a Black Man”

*Young film makers, Devin Rice and Jacquelyn Corcos have started an Indiegogo campain. Their efforts support the founding of Devin Rice Productions and the studios first film.

The title of the film, so far undetermined, has two working possibilities: “How to Kill a Black Man”  and “Being Black Enough.” Which according to the duo, is a feature film about what it means to be black and how stereotypes limit and destroy cultures. Watch the campain concept trailer below.

Film Synopsis: 

howtobe a coolblackguyTheir story is about a young black guy who grows up in a white neighborhood. Friends and enemies, a like, call him names like white washed and oreo. As he struggles with his identity, he decides to hang out with cousins in the ‘hood.’ The character hopes  to discover what it means to be black.  He gets in to trouble with gangs and drugs and he falls in love with a Mexican girl. It turns out his girlfriend is in a gang that rivals his cousin’s and before long he finds himself  in trouble with the law.

“Its essentially a romeo and Juliette story in the hood with a back drop of a race/identity issue,” said Writer/Director Devin Rice.

The teams inspiration:

For the last two years, the team  made 50 calls a day, according to Producer, Jacqueline Corcos.  They got meetings with prestigious studio executives and production companies who showed interest in the project but ultimately what happened was a lot of initial enthusiasm and talk.  Corcos said, it was too slow for what they needed.

No longer wanting to wait around on possibilities the duo decided that they would  make movies, now; and that they would earn a living and make a career of it.  So they moved forward on a decision to start an independent studio and create an Indiegogo campaign to help support it’s founding.

The team edits, writes and produces their own products independently. They also star in their films.

Rice on why he wants to make this film:

“I think that this project can really save a lot of lives. Because [there are] a lot of young people who are dying in the streets today. [There are] a lot of educational problems. There’s a lot of drug dealing and there’s a pretty sad life for black people living in America. And I feel that if I can do something about that I’d feel a lot better about myself.  I think that its important and imperative for me to do this film because its my way of contributing to a better life for black people and people in general,” said Rice.

Rice on what ‘How to Kill a Black Man’ compares to:

“Its not a film that you’ve ever seen before. We’re not doing it in a way that you might think it might come out and even though the trailer  is very drama intense that’s kind of one aspect of it…

“I want to make a film about being yourself something that people can get behind and really love and you know change and impact their lives. I want to make something that will impact the culture,” Rice said.

Corcos on what ‘How to Kill a Black Man’ compares to:

“Imagine if Spike Lee did boys in the hood but not,” Producer, Jacqueline Corcos said.

Rice on the team’s experience:

“We do everything to make a film. We’ve done it. We know what its like. So now we’re like great we know what its like, we’ve done a hundred million dollar budget on $2,500, and we got to make a great product. We did a sci fi project; a giant project for a low budget.

“So we’re like let’s do a low budget [film] for a budget much higher then that, and let’s see what we can do.  Let’s see what product we can get. We can get better equipment, we can get talent to work on the project ~ people who’s profession is to do certain things. We want to get more people involved which is another reason why we’re doing Indiegogo.

“We have high ambitions we have giant goals and we want to be that new generation of film makers  that you can help ~ that you can support. We want to invite all of you guys to be the founding fathers and mothers of this studio. So join us, please be apart of this movement for the film. Please be apart of helping our careers and please be apart of helping to found our studio,” Rice said.

Watch the Devin Rice Production team’s IndieGoGo Campaign here:





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