Wednesday, October 5, 2022

CeCe Peniston Transforms Mind and Body for Bikini Fitness Contest


*It may be cold outside, but CeCe Peniston is on a quest to find and maintain her personal best. And with the help of her ‘own’ work-out soundtrack,  “Finally” (Modern Pop Workout Mix) CeCe has discovered that the physical transformation is a mental and spiritual journey…


Check out  CeCe’s comments on being a woman in her 40’s and the quest to find physical health and harmony while she competes in her first bikini fitness contest.

Cece’s work out haiku:

“I’m more than a body. I’m more than a mind. I’m more than a spirit. I’m one of a kind.”

 On how she started her transformation:

“The reason  I started my transformation with the mind first is because you have to see it first and believe it before you start your journey. You have set your mind at a place called W.I.T . Its Whatever it Takes. Whatever it takes for me to be a winner for me and to complete this journey even when I’m tired, even when I’m on the road, even when I don’t feel like doing it. I can just get past that mentally; get past that space and I can just keep going regardless of whatever it takes and just know that there’s a goal in mind and I can reach my goal.  So I started with the mind first so I can get out of my own way.

On what  she learned during her weight loss journey:

“The most amazing thing for me was that not only was my outside changed but this changed my spirit. I became even more peaceful on my inside during this journey. I feel like I became stronger.”

 On her doubts: 

“I feel like my faith was tested. For real. I was like can I do this. Can I finish this because man, um, this is not what I do. Are they going to except me doing this. How do I, how do I do this. This is not my territory. I’m an entertaner and I  keep my clothes on. I’m not up in a bathing suit on stage.  I woke up and my nerves were so bad when I had the day of the contest. I was like oh I do this all the time I get on stage. [No] that wasn’t it.”

On how she ultimately pulled through:

“The day of the contest I was sipping because I couldn’t drink a lot of water cause  you can’t be like water logged. You got to be looking like ka kow. I’m just saying there was a lot of little things that I did. I just said ok you know what God got you just keep rolling. Its about ~ I like where I am and I feel great in the shape that I’m in.  And so that’s how my spirit was changed and I thank god for that.”





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