Friday, May 20, 2022

Alabama Supreme Court Says Enough! Defies State Ruling & Orders a ‘Stop’ to Same-Sex Marriage



*In a bodacious act of defiance, the Alabama Supreme Court has ordered all of the state’s probate judges to cease the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This is the latest in what appears to be a growing legal battle being fought in Alabama over whose decisions will trump the others’: decisions made by federal justices or those made by state judges.

In the meantime, peoples’ lives hang in the balance.

The clash of federal versus state rights doesn’t start and stop in Alabama though, all across the nation states opposed to same-sex marriage attempt to block federal court decisions throwing out gay marriage bans.

 In Alabama, state and federal judges have been playing a focused game of ping-pong with the issue, and the Supreme Court recently refused to block a U.S. District Court judge’s ruling — which allowed gay marriage to begin there.
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  1. I Am a child of the most high God, I stand with him. And its wrong for people to go against the grain there will be a consequence to pay when you go against God. And ii am not being mean or hateful . marriage is between a man and women , not man and man so don’t get mad at me. Its the truth.

    • maro – in case you’re unaware, the Constitution of the USA prohibits establishment of a religion which means religion is not a basis for laws. Besides, divorce and cohabitation and illegitimate children threaten marriage not gays who want to get married.

  2. And that picture shows how sick people minds are today. They feel like it’s alright ,they are really in their feeling. Welll let me be the first to tell you its not all about your feeling.

  3. The above picture is sickening to look at people want you 2 say its okay I have my rights to speak the way I feel also.

    • cj – change is hard for most people – women have rights where they couldn’t vote, we no longer have slaves and I’m sure it still bothers some people that the races intermarry. yes you have the right to feel photos of men kissing is ‘sick.’ how sad for you that love bothers you. there is so many other truly bad things to worry about

  4. I am a believer in God and His laws, and I believe also that marriage belongs only to a man and a woman – I think the problem is that there are not enough people speaking out against attempts of legal marriage for two people of the same gender, and something needs to be done to reverse the so-called laws already in place that allow two people of the same gender to marry, and ban all states from allowing this ridiculousness going forward – and no, homosexuality is not okay and no one should be afraid of speaking the truth …

    • rj – glad you believe in God – I do too. Are you a Christian? Which one- Catholic? Methodist? Quaker? Some branches of Christianity are ok with ssm. Presbytarians most recently. If you believe a judge or legislature can enforce their religious views in law, how will you feel when Muslims or Bhuddists become the majority? That is exactly why the US Constitution prohibits est of a religion. I dont think God is too happy with 100s of thousands of unwed births in the USA – what law are you proposing for that?

      • Please let me say this to all those people who go against the Alfa and amaga the beginning and the end my Awesome God , is going straight to Hell . its your choice God bless.

        • maro – what didn’t I understand? I understood everything you said – YOU apparently didn’t understand or read about what I said about the Constitution and about denying people equal rights. You said at first you weren’t being mean and hateful, but to accuse me of not understanding when you’re not responding to specifically what I wrote is being ornery and sorta hateful. Engage in discussion or acknowledge your statements are YOUR opinion. What non-religious reason can you give why Gay people shouldn’t get married? There is plenty of evidence we work just as hard, are just as smart, children raised by us come out just fine, most important, all the benefits of an opposite sex partner (help & support) are shown to exist in same sex relationships too.

          • First of all let me say this I am a save child of God , I am not being hateful I just don’t agree with what you said , and when you go against God I will straighten you. You can take it how every you want. God said its not good for man to be alone ,so he made a Woman for him Not a man for man and if you feel like that’s wrong take it up with God, it doesn’t matter if you are a nice, good person or not , you are going against God that’s what matter , I don’t care if you don’t agree with me or not , and no it not equal , its a sick mind ,and you are deceive.

  5. Good for Alabama. They should stick to what the majority in the state want to do and not be bullied.

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