Thursday, October 6, 2022

Rev. Al Sharpton to Deliver Key Sermon in Selma on Sunday


*(New York, NY) On Sunday, March 8 at 11 a.m., Rev. Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network, will deliver a key sermon at Brown Chapel A.M.E. in Selma, Alabama, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders were based during the 1965 Voting Rights campaign and organized historic marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

WHO: Rev. Al Sharpton, President of the National Action Network

WHAT: Key sermon to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery marches and the signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

WHERE: Brown Chapel A.M.E., 410 Martin Luther King St, Selma, AL 36703

WHEN: March 8, 11 a.m.

Additionally, on Friday, March 6, Rev. Sharpton will host his MSNBC show Politics Nation live from Selma as well as his nationally syndicated radio show. On Saturday, March 7, he will join other civil rights leaders as they listen to President Obama and Bush’s speeches at the Edmund Pettus Bridge to mark the 50th anniversary of the marches from Selma to Montgomery and the signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

On Saturday evening at 5 p.m., Rev. Al Sharpton will participate in a civil rights forum at the Selma Convention Center, and at 7 p.m., he will speak at an HIV/AIDS Town Hall meeting at Selma University.
On Sunday, before his sermon at Brown A.M.E., Rev. Sharpton will participate in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King Unity Breakfast. Following his sermon, he will participate in the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and post-march rally at 4 p.m.




Jacky Johnson



    • it is amazing to me that anybody listens to anything this evil individual who has made a fortune out of race-baiting and hiding the profits from taxes. Race-baiting is his economy and he only follows in the foot steps of jesse jackson. nothing good comes to anybody who associates themselves with these two FALSE so-called “reverends”. Do not be fooled..they do not in any way represent the Lord Jesus Christ in any way.

  1. Sharpton is a shyster racist pimp.

    He belongs in a box…..a cardboard box.

    Why don’t he pay his taxes? He’s an evil parasite…..and worse.

    Why do he gets to chill wit Obama so often? Sick sick sick.

    • Yes, Sharpton is a “racist pimp”, but remember, he is a presidential advisor, one of Obama’s best! The are really two peas in a pod!

  2. Reverend Jesse Jackson should be included in some of the activities just out of show of respect. He’s been kinda kicked to the curb these days and considered insignificant. Many of the folks who label him as “super ego-tic”, TV-camera-chasing, hustler etc. or the same folks who ain’t done a damn thang to help nobody. It’s easy to sit on yo’ a$$ and criticize while other folks do all the work. Jesse Jackson SHOULD be there in some shape or fashion. Fanteeking

  3. To the negative posters above: I’m more than certain that we won’t have the honor of your presence at the anniversary celebration today. You’ll be sitting on your couch with your remote in one hand and ham “sammich” in the other hand complaining about whatever your small minds see fit. Remember, the man/woman who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” Do I hear the sound of your house slippers slipping on your rug??? Fanteeking

  4. It’s utterly amazing how Selma, Alabama is a majority Black city along with a Black mayor,a majority Black city council; and yet the city has poverty rate near “42 percent” (Census 2010). Something is inherently wrong with this picture. Yet, you have a corporatist and neoliberal POTUS[President of the United States] who so easily use ambiguous and perpetual condescending whenever he speaks to Black audiences. For example, this war criminal POTUS was recently at Benedict College (SC) literally telling Black college students to “stop complaining and avoid making excuses”. Yet this forked tongue POTUS would never come before White college students at a White University and verbalize similar language. You know why? President Obama has more respect for other communities (because they make demands and ‘we don’t’) as compared to his most compliant, loyal, and obedient constituency, the Black community.

    Regarding the historic Selma, Alabama activities, President Obama, Reverend Al “Charlatan” Sharpton, CBC members, Congressional lawmakers, and many others should not allowed anywhere near these sacred grounds because documented track record of exploiting the Black community for personal gain. In my view, all of these so-called pluralists and narcissists should be ashamed of continued malfeasance. Unfortunately too many from the Black community are more satisfied in see more phenotypically Blacks in high places even when they make decisions against the Black community own best interests. For those who dissent, I would suggest that you consider this for a moment. If you asked the majority of these “leading Blacks” (definitely not Black leaders) what college or university did their own children attend or graduate from? I am most confident that majority of their children “do not attend or graduated from an HBCU”. Yet, these are the same buffoons who so proudly profess, “I love my Black people”, but, not enough where you trust your so-called “Civil Rights”Last point, it’s a downright shame that “Black America” has virtually sacrificed everything in order to have a so-called Black man in the White House who has been consistently neglected and insulted you.

    • To Michael: Point well expressed and taken. What concrete steps can you propose to help resolve these issues. Fanteeking

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