Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Tea Party Radio Host: Black Caucus Members Should be Hung Outside Capital Bldg

Andrea Shea King

*Here we go. Another high-strung, crazy-azz Republican a-hole showing us exactly what she’s made of.

This time its Tea Party radio host Andrea Shea King. She let ‘er rip spewing her hatred for Congressional Black Caucus members. Of course she wrapped it around a cause and suggested that those lawmakers who boycotted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s should be killed. More specifically, they should be hanged.

“Obama doesn’t have to run for reelection again, a lot of these guys do,” King said on the audio that was published by Right Wing Watch. “Listen, I would like to think that these guys could pay with their lives, hanging from a noose in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.”

Find out what her twisted, jacked up, racist logic is at at EURThisNthat.



  1. She need to read her history about Israel before she make a comment about black causcus need 2 be hung people of other races always want 2 do damaging things 2 blacks.

  2. Channel nine had a special during Black History Month. The subject matter was basically about white supremacy and the killing of black people during the early Jim Crow years in the South. It was appalling to see white people making game, picnics, parties and events with a black person hanging from a tree with all of these white people standing around having fun, taking pictures as if the hanging person was some kind of game animal. So for this racist, bigoted Klanswomen to speak of hanging somebody is disgusting. She like the rest of the republicans/t-baggers are straight up hateful racist, in the name of Jesus!!! Which brings me to why a black person would join the ranks of the republican party, and feel that they are exempt from their vitriol racist comments. She looks old and maybe, just maybe she will die soon!!.

  3. Most Republicans are racist anyway and they can’t stand our President. Trying to find everything than can to make him look bad before his term is up. Such a shame. That’s why other countries can’t stand us, the way we treat our own people.


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