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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 vs Apple’s iPhone 6: Time to ‘Think Different’

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*On Sunday Samsung debuted two new flagship phones for 2015; the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, two highly anticipated devices that will hopefully inspire other companies (Apple) to keep innovation as a top priority in their platform.

It’s a good time to note that while Apple and Samsung are rivals, they actually worked together for a long time. Samsung used to supply Apple with many parts for the original iPhone and subsequent models. Apple and Samsung went to court about this because Apple felt that Samsung had copied Apple when they released their Galaxy S series back in 2010

Then Samsung released the Note in 2011, while Apple at the time shunned the idea of a bigger-screened phone, they eventually did the same thing with the release of the iPhone 6+ last September. There’s just one problem with this… the Apple iPhone has the potential to be a great device but it seems to lack innovation that the company first was known for. Granted there are a few things Apple has done correctly: Design, iMessage, Camera. These things all are great and always have been exceptional for Apple. However, the iPhone’s functionality has never really changed. Despite a few incremental updates that Apple allows in its annual iOS update. (A lot of them came from Google’s Android Platform), the fact is that although the phone is beautiful, it’s really basic, especially for 2015.

Samsung, on the other hand was highly scrutinized last year for the release of the Galaxy s5, which honestly,  aside from a few health monitors, was an incremental update of the previous model (S4). While the phone system had less Samsung Bloatware, it was still constructed of cheap plastic, which couldn’t justify the price tag. And the laggy Touch-Wiz interface was less than desired by many who used it.

So Samsung went back to the drawing board, creating the all new Galaxy S6, which Samsung thinks will take a big bite outta of that silver apple market share. There are some distinct changes to note. A. It’s made of Gorilla Glass 4 B. There is no more SD slot for additional memory. C. There is no more removable battery D. The Camera is way better in low light and boast 16MP with a 1.9 Aperture (meaning it can capture more light) Samsung was even bold enough to compare videos shot from an iPhone 6+ and the new Galaxy S6 during its keynote yesterday and the results were quite amazing.

Samsung also debuted the Galaxy S6 Edge, the first phone of its kind with dual curved glass on each side, (think Note 4 Edge with two edges instead of one).  The tech conglomerate plans to release these two phones on April 10th 2015.  More than likely, if you have a national carrier  like AT&T , Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile, this phone will be available on your network.  Take about a minute and view the promo video for the phone posted on Samsung’s  YouTube channel:

Regardless, Apple’s iPhone has America’s market share.  And while it’s no slouch, the iPhone has a lot of catching up to do from an innovation standpoint. Here is a quick comparison of the iPhone and Samsung’s newest flagship.

The Wall Street Journal compared the details of each phone
The Wall Street Journal compared the details of each phone

Which one are you going to buy? I had the iPhone 6+ for about two weeks, and while the size didn’t bother me, I kept going back to my Android because I’m used to it. The operating system on iPhone, in my humble opinion, has a lot of capabilities. It’s just whether Apple decides to become “innovative” again.  One can only hope…

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