Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Brownstone Singer Charmayne Maxwell: No Foul Play Suspected

charmaye maxwel (brownstone)
*The death of Brownstone singer Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell looks to involve no signs of foul play, according to authorities. spoke with law enforcement officials who said that authorities combed the scene where the entertainer fell on Friday  evening. Detectives mentioned that all evidence points to Maxwell falling backward at the doorway between the house and the back patio … while holding a wine glass.

TMZ reports that the during Maxwell’s fall, the wine glass she held shattered on the ground behind her head. As a result, shards of glass punctured the back of her neck in two places when she landed. The site further noted that there was an injury to the back of Maxwell’s head and it’s possible she was knocked unconscious.

The findings mark the latest development since Maxwell’s death. According to reports, the vocalist’s husband Carsten Soulshock found her bleeding around 9 p.m. Friday when he came home.

Soulshock as well as other family members told police that there was no history of domestic violence. Meanwhile,  authorities do not suspect foul play. One theory is that Maxwell may have been intoxicated which led to her fall.

At this time, the singer’s body is with the coroner, who will conduct an autopsy and toxicology test to determine how the fall occurred.

On Monday (March 2), Soulshock released the following statement regarding his wife’s death:

“Words can not express how devastated we are at the sudden and tragic loss of our dear Maxee. She was the center of our world as a devoted mother and wife. We miss her so much. We would like to thank everyone who has been there for us and expressed your condolences. They have given us comfort over these incredibly difficult days. We would appreciate privacy during this most difficult time.”



  1. If O.J. Stated his wife fell forward on a wine glass and must have pulled the Guy down with her as she fell. Would he be free?

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