Sunday, September 25, 2022

Michelle Rodriguez: People of Color ‘Stop Stealing’ White Hero Roles!


*While many people may be cool with casting people of color to play superheroes that are traditionally white in comic books, Michelle Rodriguez isn’t one of them.

The “Furious 7” star of Puerto Rican extraction weighed in on the trend while talking to TMZ, labeling it as “so stupid.”

“Because of this whole ‘minorities in Hollywood’ thing … it’s so stupid,” Rodriguez said when asked about rumors of her playing Green Lantern in a new film Warner Bros. has for the galactic hero that’s scheduled to come out in 2020. “Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Make up your own.”

Rodriguez’s comments come as diversity in Hollywood has become more apparent in recent years. Superheroes, who were originally created as white characters in comic books, are receiving a different look on movie screen from entertainers of color. Examples include the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, who will be played by Michael B. Jordan in an upcoming reboot, Nick Fury, who has been portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson and Chadwick Boseman, who recently signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel Studios to play Black Panther.

Amid news of Spider-Man joining the Marvel cinematic universe, talk has surfaced around with whether the web slinger will be his white alter-ego Peter Parker or Miles Morales, the person behind the mask of Marvel’s Ultimate comics version of the hero. Morales is the product of an African-American father and a Puerto Rican mother.

Realizing the backlash surrounding what she said. Rodriguez posted a video on her Facebook page to kinda sorta apologize while explaining the reason behind her remarks.

The actress admitted that she has “a tendency to speak without a filter.” Rodriguez went on to clarify that “there are many cultures in Hollywood that are not white, and they should explore their own mythology…It’s time to stop taking what’s already there and trying to fit a culture into it.”



  1. This Bit@##. Thank God Hollywood aint run by Mexicans! And what difference does it matter to her… the more blacks get it.. the more Mexicans can get it! I used to like her too… now.. fuc@@ her lesbian ass!!

  2. I think she is wrong and right. Wrong because variety is the spice of life, creativity should not and truthfully cannot be boxed into neat little ancient stereotypic thinking which her opinion is , ancient and stereotypical, that is. Where she is right is truthfully, African Americans have so many stories that haven’t been told and need to be told and African American creatively has been so distorted and stifled that the only word to describe it is evil. African Americans have settled for too small of a sphere of influence in the world in every aspect of culture and life.
    And last thing, but not the least thing, I wonder what is her opinion of white culture’s use of black culture in building up of the mainstream culture. There are aspects of mainstream culture that are clearly black or African American but are pretending to have been created by whites. What does she have to say about that?

    • Please don’t put us in a box; remember when white people put on make up and played indians…white people put on make up and played black people….DON’T PUT US IN A BOX; you sound like Jeraldo Rivera Michelle

  3. Okay, if you want to play like that you dumb ass bimbo, here’s the deal, tell all of the white, Latin, and Asian people to stop doing the following:

    No more rapping, using our funky tracks/riffs, or “beats,” choreography, vocal styles, our fashion trends, and they can no longer be considered in the R&B, and rap award categories.

    Who is this dimwitted, moronic, knucklehead? I absolutely must remember her name. She’s not getting an ounce of support from me on anything…

    She is nothing but a kiss ass queen for the Klan… GTFOH!

  4. I’m so perplexed by her statements especially considering she’s a minority actress ( Dominican & Puerto Rican)
    Not mention we see Hollywood “whitening up” Black roles & characters all the time.
    And as a comic book fanatic, she & the writer of this article haven’t done their homework as there have been numerous major Black superheroes: Black Panther (always was Black contrary to the writer of this article) Storm, Blade, Green Lantern/John Stewart (the 1st Black superhero for DC & the most popular Green Lantern), Falcon, Nick Fury (always was Black contrary to the writer of this article), Luke Cage, Spawn, War Machine (Iron Man), Green Arrow (Grandfather was Black) and more! Ijs

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