Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Shots Fired! Panic Ensues at Charlotte Event Featuring T.I., Jeezy (Watch)

ti & jeezy

*Unfortunately it’s something you can pretty much count on. A rap show and somebody shooting the place up.

That was the case Saturday in Charlotte, NC. Gunshots rang out during a college event headlined by T.I. and Jeezy — and the crowd scattering in chaos.

According to reports, the two rappers were playing at a day party when someone in the crowd fired what sounded like 2 shots. Police say two people suffered non-life threatening injuries and were hospitalized.

Cops say no one’s been arrested. They do not have a suspect yet.

T.I. had already performed and was not on stage. Meanwhile, Jeezy and Yo Gotti, who had also performed were in the V.I.P. section at the time of the shooting.

Neither T.I., Yeezy or Yo Gotti was injured in the incident

The show was an event to celebrate the C.I.A.A. basketball tournament.

Check out TMZ video of the incident including sounds of the gunshots and panic that ensued (Warning: Explicit language):



  1. Looks just like Poor Decisions Rob Lowe! I love that crooked hat look it’s so 1992 Snake Plisken! Oh yeah COOOL MAN!

  2. Is anyone really surprised about this. Worthless people with worthless music doing worthless things. Some groups of people just don’t know how to act. Every time rap “artists” [using the term loosely] get together someone has to start shooting. Too bad they aren’t better shots then maybe this will come to an end.

    • damn , that’s deep – I don’t want to see anybody get killed, I want them to change the message in their music, that could work to stop all that gun-slinging, or is it too late …;

  3. Well have a gathering of nigga’s and all hell will brake loose, every time! surprise here. too bad nobody died, they should have it out like the O K corral hip hop ape vs gorillas

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