Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Keyshia Cole + Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson = Hate

keyshia cole - split - daniel gibson

To say that things between Keyshia Cole and NBA baller Daniel “Booby” Gibson aren’t working out would be an understatement.

Earlier we brought you an exclusive report about Gibson’s big birthday party and the debut of his new career as a poet on Friday night at H.O.M.E. nightclub/restaurant in Beverly Hills that Keyshia was supposed to attend, but didn’t. The general feeling was that by her being there it would’ve signaled a thawing in their frosty relationship. But that’s not hoe it turned out, obviously.

Anyway, we now find out that Cole paid a visit to Gibson at a video shoot when she discovered he was puttin’ the mack on some other chick. Not too surprisingly, that didn’t go over too well with Keyshia who decided to share the screenshots of Booby’s texts to the other woman via her Instagram account (see below).

She then went on to say the only thing that mattered was their son, which is pretty much what he told us in our exclusive interview with him about his event Friday night. In fact, we’ll post that quote shortly.

The bottom line is that it looks like hell will have to freeze over before these two are back together.

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I guess the starting over as “Friends” thing doesn’t work. how could u invite me to a video shoot but, your trying to mess with the “Love interest” while your “Wife” #IsThere! #BasketBallPlayerTurnedRapper #KindOfShitTheyDo #PointOfInvite? #ThankGodIWasSmartAboutIt #ManUp #WhenUSayUWannaSaveUrFam #ButUReallyDont #WhatWouldUHaveDone? #Bogus #TheChickSaidAllMenCheat #IDontBelieveThat #NoHate #Facts #EnoughOfNoLove



  1. She is 2 dam old 2 be exposing personal info on Instagram I just do not understand why people are trying to destroy each other in public now a days that does not look good at all Lord help us with this foolery.

  2. Wasn’t she just in trouble for an altercation with a female she thought was messing with BIRDMAN? In the words of Q-Tip, “Now why you wanna go and do dat, love, huh?”

    • lol …that was funny (love me some Tribe) – why can’t she just work on singing and be done with it – and she is too old to be acting up all the time and getting in trouble; does she not have a child to think about … that’s kinda messed up

  3. Wasn’t she the one who kicked him to the curb becuz of suspicion?

    Now she’s tripping becuz he don’t actually want her..after she was the one kicking him to the curb? How stupid is that? What does she think? He was going to take her back?.She needs to woman up and stop being a childish little B- posting someone’ text on instagram? ….’s over move on.. you have a child mature as parents for the sake of the child and act like ignorant bitter ghetto fools…otherwise y’all child is gonna be messed up just like the parents..and the insanity continues for yet another generation…sm

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