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NBAer Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson Celebrates Bday & Debuts New Career

Daniel Gibson

*We all know Daniel Gibson aka “Booby” as a professional basketball player who helped the Cleveland Cavalier’s make their way to the 2007 Eastern Conference finals.

We know he was married to artist Keyshia Cole and starred in “Keyshia and Daniel: Family First” in 2012.

What we didn’t know was that Booby is a true artist, with the back-stories and ambition of such.

Tonight as part of an event called “Booby’s World,” Daniel “Booby” Gibson will be making his debut as an artist and poet at his 28th birthday celebration  at H.O.M.E. in Beverly Hills, CA.

“Booby’s World” will have live entertainment, including special guests who will open for Gibson who will be performing his poetry work before the party begins.

And no, he isn’t a basketball player turned rapper or actor. He is taking on the title of poet. You read right! Daniel “Booby” Gibson is a poet. Why is the world just now learning of this? Well that’s because he has always been a “private writer.” “I would hide my poems in my shoe boxes,” he said. But now he is no longer hiding his other talent.

daniel gibson & keyshia cole
Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson and ex-wife Keyshia Cole

He’s gone through the motions. He started out as a star guard in his college days at the University of Texas at Austin, and then was drafted to the NBA in 2006. Both are major accomplishments and he wasn’t able to share them with someone who was special to him, his grandmother.

“She died right before I went to college and into the NBA. She gave me the nickname [Booby]. It was very personal…more of a family nickname.” Just as we all do, as Gibson got older he kept his nickname to himself, until after she passed and a game changer. “Game six in the Eastern Conference,” he said, “that was a crazy game, the fans, and the whole arena was saying Booby. I felt like she was there. That’s why I proudly go by it.”

He has many things to be proud of. After dealing with another grandmother passing, an injury and not being able to fully compete at the level he wanted to in basketball AND a divorce all at once, he says all played a part in the process of finding his inner writer.

“I was in a very depressed mind frame for a period of time towards the end of my career. I needed to like break away from it. What people don’t know is I never tried out for another team. Teams called… Writing saved my life. It became my therapy when I wanted to disappear.”

He describes his newfound confidence in his abilities to write poetry as “divine.” At one point he the confidence lacked.

“I didn’t feel like I was this good of a writer, I didn’t feel like I had that level of talent prior to me falling into that dark place.” Falling into that dark place has given him a light brighter than before.

Gibson describes his poetry style as laid back and a back and forth between rap and just poetry.

“It’s rap, but I call it poeticizing. It’s like when I tell my stories about whatever is on my mind, I take you on a little trip. I just have a very unique way with words.” He says his delivery is captivating and his poems can be inspiring.

There has been some talk of Gibson also attempting a singing career, but he clarified where the musical aspect derived from. He says the musicians that heard his poetry say, “…[his poems] would make dope songs.” He went on to say that those “guys who do music began to teach me how to put my poetry to music and melodies, the whole nine.”

lebron & daniel gibson
LeBron James & Dan iel Gibson

He’s committed to his artistry as he is coming of age. He doesn’t want to be “boxed in” the category of only being a basketball player. He doesn’t want people to see him in other avenues and wondering why isn’t he dribbling a ball and shooting free throws.

“My whole movement is about not being afraid to do what’s in your heart. Not be afraid of what people might think of it or people might say. Sometimes they don’t, they won’t see your vision.” And when they don’t see your vision Booby says make them see it, go after it with a “mind-fight that you won’t be stopped. Once you get there they’ll understand.”

And for those who do not understand why he has gone to poetry and paused on basketball he says:

“right now at this moment art is in my heart. I want to be a great artist. At this point basketball is on the back burner. With teams still calling and me still having a love for the game, I wouldn’t completely dead the idea of it happening again, but at this point my focus is completely on my art.”

He has performed at a spot called Mike as a warm up. Of course any true artist would test out their skills to see how the crowd reacts in preparation of something great. Gibson says he aside from sharing his poetry at Mike he had to “address the elephant in the room” about him not playing basketball, “everybody was like damn, I get it, I get it after seeing it.”

Many more will be able to witness his artistry tonight at his birthday celebration of life, love, and charity. Some of the confirmed guests include singers Keyshia Cole, Eric Bellinger, and Kenny Lattimore and actors Lance Gross, Meagan Good.

WHAT:   Daniel “Booby” Gibson’s “Booby’s World” birthday celebration. Gibson will be performing his poetry work along with other special guest performers.

WHEN:   Tonight, Friday, February 27, 2015
Red Carpet -9:00pm-10:00pm (PST)
Event -10:00pm to 2:00am (PST)

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


NBAer Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson Celebrates Bday & Debuts New Career



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