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Mo’Nique Claps Back At Lee Daniels for His ‘Blackballed’ Comments (Watch)

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*Uh oh, it looks like we’ve got a war of words or at the very least a big misunderstanding between Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels.

Mo’Nique is getting back at Daniels who – as we reported earlier – said she fell from grace in Hollywood for making unreasonable demands.

Reports say that the Oscar winning actress/comedian was being blackballed by the industry and Daniels’ comments seemed to verify that. However, Thursday night in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Mo claimed otherwise. She says she was offered parts in other films, but “they just didn’t make sense to me.”

She continued …

“It wasn’t that I was blackballed like Mr. Daniels said… the phone was ringing and the scripts were coming but the offers that were associated with them made me say ‘I can’t accept that,’” she explained, adding that taking such offers would have sent a negative message to other African-American women.

“If we continue to accept these low offers, how do we make a change?” she asked.

Yes, Mo’Nique watched Daniels, the man behind TV’s hottest show, “Empire,”  speak with Lemon and told the CNN newsman she was freaked out by what she saw and heard.

“It shocked me… I was yelling at the screen, ‘Don, please ask him what the demands were!’

She says there were no demands, but …

“There was a request from the movie studio that I fly to France for the Cannes Film Festival. I simply said, ‘I respectfully decline.’”

She explained that she was busy working on her late-night talk show on BET and had additional responsibilities as “a wife and a mommy.”

“I had a couple of days downtime and I wanted to spend that with my husband and my kids,” she said. However, Mo’Nique said the studio [Lionsgate] continued to pressure her with an offer to upgrade her hotel, but again she declined. When the third call came asking: “What is it going to take to get Mo’Nique to the Cannes Film Festival?” her husband, who served as her manager, asked: “Is there a number associated with it?”

Lionsgate responded that it would never pay for anyone to do promotional work for a movie, and Mo’Nique pointed out that she only received $50,000 for her role in “Precious.” She also hinted that perhaps there should have been compensation offered for travel to promote the movie.

“It really wasn’t about the money and I am not complaining because I signed up to do it [“Precious”] with my friend,” she said. “When the movie studio said we can’t pay you to do this, we didn’t have a problem with that.”

But that’s when trouble started brewing and reports came out that she was being “demanding and difficult,” she said.

At this point, Mo’Nique is concentrating on independent films. Her next project, as we’ve reported, is “Blackbird” with Isaiah Washington and is directed by Patrik Ian Polk.

“When we got it, we knew it was necessary we get involved, to have ownership of it and to tell this personal story,” she said of the film.


h/t: TheWrap


Mo’Nique Claps Back At Lee Daniels for His ‘Blackballed’ Comments (Watch)



  1. When out in Hollywood u do not know who is telling the truth u are dealing with actors and actresses u will find out the truth years later.

  2. Don’t shoot the messenger Mo” Nigue. Mr Daniels was only telling her Why she was not receiving offers/work after her Oscar win, maybe he should have kept his mouth shut but I think she needed to know what is happening. Just my take on it.

  3. Well, he is right about many aspects of this issue, although Monique has not exactly been bombared with offers in the first place. It is true about one’s family member being your manager in this business. Unless her husband is a tried and true professional, she needs rep by a legit professional who knows how the game/business is played. Otherwise folks will passs you by, in addition to talking about how foolish your “business manager” is. People in this business know who the major players are, and who is not.

  4. Wow!, she only received $50,000 for Precious? That seems a little low since Tyler & Oprah were involved with the movie. Sounds crazy to me.

    • It was a low budget film from jump, and Monique was not exactly star quality.

      Oprah and Tyler was not involved from the start of this film and actually only signed on after it was done to promote it.

  5. If I recall right, Monique asked why and was told the truth. If you don’t want to hear the truth, then don’t ask if it may not be what you want to hear. She should probably sit back and truly think about what he said. Also it seems to me that ever since her husband became manager she has had many opportunities, but they quickly go away. (i.e. Radio show, TV show) which I really enjoyed but all of a sudden turn on TV or radio and she is not there anymore. I wonder if this has to do with demands or management? Just because he is a good husband or father, does not make him a good manager. He appeared to be intelligent on the radio show, but then again, Monique was not doing bad before him. Just saying.

  6. As always, three versions to this story, hers, his, and the truth! Realistically though, no one can have it both ways…she picked her show versus business seat and regardless to which seat that was…she probably didn’t realize that she was on the Titanic. Also interesting is her known or unknown arrogance to patronize (regardless of relationship) Don and the gay people she advocates for, in selecting the film Blackbird, as “babies.” Ugh! Perhaps she should stick to the show part of Hollywood, and allow her managers to do the business….and leave advocating for people less egocentric. And yes…she is a very talented actress and comedian.

  7. I went back and listen to her interviewing Taraji and Terrence about Empire and what her oscar win meant financially..she said then she didnt see why she should promote her work….the looks on their faces let you know they thought she was tripping

  8. All in all for those who have the idea they know….. What part she didn’t except the offers because the payment was too cheap did you not understand. I’m talking to you Who said she wasn’t getting any calls. Duh? Some people have a little lot knowledge that’s not even factual….

  9. In one instance she states she did not want to go to the film festival in France because she wanted to spend time with her family. In another she states she (or husband or both) inquired about a monetary payment for attending the film festival at which time the studio balked stating that that was not customary to do. So I gather if the money was right, Monique would have gone to the festival. She has stated that she felt money and prestige was what she expected after she won the Oscar. It didn’t happen that way. The reality is there have been many “stars” that have had funky attitudes and was considered difficult to work with but studio heads looked past that because these “stars” brought movie goers out and that translated into $$$ for the studio. But even they have an expiration date. After a while they will stop working with them if it proves to not be worth the trouble. As I see it, Monique had about 3 things working against her. 1. She does not have the star power to carry a movie. 2. She is a Black actress with a minute track record (several black actresses far more talented and more movies under their belt). 3. A husband with an unrealistic perception of the monetary benefits that an Oscar has for a Black actress vs. a White actress. The two are not equal. I believe she is doing the right thing by going the independent route. The money is less, but, she will be able to hone her skills as an actress and hopefully her husband will be able to learn more about the entertainment industry. Who knows she may even find success as an actress and producer of independent films. At least Lee Daniels let her know what was going on and why she wasn’t being offered roles she felt she was qualified for. He could have said nothing which he would have been well within his right to do so. I knew something crazy was up when I saw her hosting the Hip Hop of New York reunion. If that wasn’t beneath her I don’t know what was…

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