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The Pulse of Entertainment: Sister Trio Virtue is Back with a New single, ‘You Are,’ on Billboard Top 50 Chart

Sister trio Virtue is back with a new album ‘Testimony: Reloaded,’ single ‘You Are’ on Billboard Top 50 Chart

Dove Award winners and Grammy award nominated sister trio Virtue releases new single 'You Are.'
Dove Award winners and Grammy award nominated sister trio Virtue releases new single ‘You Are.’

*“We started back because over the years we never wanted it to end, but we had families so we took a break,” said Ebony Holland one of the three sisters that make up the Contemporary Gospel trio Virtue about their much anticipated come-back album “Testimony: Reloaded”. “We were asked to join an independent label. The message (from God) was ‘go for it, I opened this door for you that you been waiting to see.’”

Ebony is joined by sisters Karima Kibble and Heather Martin. Their last album was released in 2006. Virtue started in the Gospel music industry on Verity Records in 1997, a subsidiary of RCA/Sony Records. In 2006 they signed with Darkchild Gospel and released their last album “Testimony.” In 2003 they received a Dove Award for their Verity Records release “Free”, and in 2006 they received a Grammy Award nomination for their Darkchild release “Testimony.”

“Every time we prayed on it, everything falls in line,” Ebony said about the come back process. “Nothing happens by coincidence. I believe in Devine providence.”

Virtue recently released the first single off of the “Testimony: Reloaded,” project titled “You Are,” which landed at #25 on the Billboard Gospel Chart. They have a long list of appearances to promote the album release. Virtue recently performed on The Word Network’s “Rejoice in the Word” program hosted by Bishop George Bloomer.

On March 8, 2015 the will perform on the “Selma50 Tribute” on the OWN Network, March 21st they will perform at the Gospel Super Fest in Chicago, and March 27-28 they will perform at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards in Vegas.

“Testimony: Reloaded” (Mixed Bag/eOne) is a re-release of their Grammy nominated album “Testimony” originally released on Darkchild Gospel. Fred Jerkins (brother of Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins) appears on the new album as producer of the “You Deserve” selection.

For more information on sister trio Virtue’s new album you can log onto

ABC’s new programming starts with the launch of the very funny ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ airs on Tuesdays

ABC premieres new sitcom 'Fresh Off the Boat' airs on Tuesdays.
ABC premieres new sitcom ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ airs on Tuesdays.

*ABC in the coming months will premiere its new programming of which “Fresh Off the Boat” is one. The very funny comedy-series is based on the autobiography of Eddie Huang, “Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir.” Soon after the books’ release ABC and 20th Century Fox Television signed on to develop it. The sitcom is about Eddie as a youth and what he went through moving from the inner city of California to suburbia in Florida.

“A hit show will change a brand,” ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee said when I questioned him about whether through the years ABC’s branding had changed. “Brands take a long time to build, its build on strength.”

“Fresh Off the Boat” stars Randall Park (“The Office”) as Eddie’s father Louis Huang; Hudson Yang as Eddie; Ian Chen as Eddie’s brother Evan; Forrest Wheeler as his brother Emery, and Constance Wu as Eddie’s very funny mother Jessica. Constance’s comedic timing on this role will certainly be the glue to keep the show together.

“My mom is an accidental comic,” Eddie said when I asked if his mother was really as funny as Constance played her, and on whether he had to coach Constance on how to be his very funny mother Eddie said, “(No) I didn’t have to direct Constance.”

The life situations the Huang’s experience on “Fresh Off the Boat” could be the experiences of you and me in America. I laughed through the episode I reviewed before-hand, and saw myself in the characters. When I asked if we will see the Asian culture as well as their struggles at becoming Americanized Writer and Executive Producer Nahnatchka Khan said, “It will be a mixture of the two cultures.”

Melvin Mar and Jake Kasdan are also executive producers, with Eddie Huang serves as producer. For more information on other new programs for ABC’s Winter season log onto

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Dr. Eunice Moseley
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  1. I remember Virtue. I bought their 1997 CD, because they actually had clothes on.

    I had never heard their music, but the fact that they were living up to their name by being tastefully dressed, sealed the deal for me.

    I was not disappointed when I played their music either! They have the goods, and I’m glad that they are back!

    Do your thing ladies! Praise Him to the max!

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