Thursday, September 23, 2021

Snoop Throws ‘Coming to America’ B-day Party For Son, Invests in Philz Coffee

snoop dogg*Snoop Dogg’s golden touch continues to shine in the land of investments.

According to reports , the rapper and new Venture capitalist joins a group of angel investors and actors who comprised a $15 million Series B funding round that was closed by Philz Coffee. The San Francisco coffee-shop chain, which is known for its filter dripped coffee with organic sugar and cream, announced the closing, which is an effort to expand Philz Coffee around the nation.

The first Philz Coffee store opened in in 2003. It has since expanded in to 18 shops in the Bay Area as well as a location in Los Angeles.

Cashmere Agency vice president Nick Adler, who works with Snoop Dogg on investments, relayed the rhymesayer’s interest in Philz Coffee, saying, “Snoop has a special affinity for organic ingredients. He loved the Philz business but also loved they way they respect the coffee beans.”

“Philz is more like a bar than a coffee shop in that you order directly with your barista and they handcraft the perfect cup for you and it’s full service so when you get your cup it’s all done for you,” he continued, while noting that Snoop has invested in “about 15” companies, which include Reddit, Ustream, Secret, Robinhood, and Philz Coffee.

Outside the business arena, Snoop D-o-double-g goes above and beyond as a father.

The folks at TMZ report that the entertainer threw a “Coming to America” themed birthday party for his 18-year-old football star son Cordell Broadus. On hand for the festivities were dancers, a throne and rose petal throwers, who helped recreate the famous wedding scene from Eddie Murphy’s classic 1988 film.

To see the result of Snoop Dogg’s efforts, check out the video below:



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