Friday, September 17, 2021

Richard Pryor’s Widow Rips Bill Cosby: He ‘F**ked Everything That Moved’

Jennifer Lee Pryor

*Richard Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor, recently let Bill Cosby have it during a new episode of the Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend podcast.

“Richard was dirty on the outside, but he was a good person. He was clean on the inside,” Lee Pryor said. “Bill hated Richard because he ‘worked dirty’. Bill worked clean, so therefore, you know… Bill’s just a f**king hypocrite, and dirty on the inside.”

Jennifer Lee married Richard Pryor in 1981 before divorcing in 1982. They remarried in 2001 and stayed married until his death in 2005.

Lee Pryor said her comments are not meant to confirm allegations of Cosby raping women, but she hardly had kind things to say. “It was a well-kept secret that Bill f**ked everything that moved. This kind of s**t that we’re finding out about is beyond… I wasn’t aware of this kind of business. There were people in the business who were aware of it, and they’re coming out now.”

Furthermore, Lee Pryor praised Hannibal Buress for having the guts to take on a sacred cow. “It’s never cool to bring a black icon down. People say, ‘We don’t have a lot of them, leave him alone.'”

Listen to Pryor’s widow address the Cosby allegations in Alison Rosen’s podcast (at the one hour mark):



  1. Today these women call side chicks want 2 b around a famous person, Bill did not hit these women an knock them out and drag them to his place why would u meet him alone if u that uncomfortable plus u were drinking.

    • #CJ…I agree….this heiffer here….Jennifer Lee and Victoria Chapman(don cornelius) and ‎Tomi Rae Hynie(james brown) …Genna Sapia (david ruffin) and of course michael jackson and jimi hendrix…messed with these broads of ill repute. They were great and continue to be…but these broads are all SKANKS.

  2. Come ON CJ… Are u saying Bill didn’t do it~ HE DID.. how many peeps have to come out against him with the SAME story~ If they were just trying to come up and get his money.. they would’ve done it when he was HOT.. not old and cock eyed! Bill did it… and he knows it! That’s why he hasn’t spoke on it.. .if u know ur innocent.. u don’t sit silent.. He knows he did some shaddy shtzz that’s wjhy mums the word! And the women didn’t know he was a creeper until they hooked up.. and slippin someone a mickey has always been something horny azzz suckas do! Bill Cosby is a liar and he knows it! Hopefully someone has his azz on tape!

    • So Come ON “C”… How are you saying Bill do it?? I mean where you there? Do I think he did have sex with some of those women?? HELL YEAH HE DID!! But did he rape them…naa not by the definition of what we know rape to be. He raped by the definition of what some money hungry lawyer has laid out in order to collect “victims” to pile on the money hunt.. Are you SERIOUSLY going to say a “BLACK” man was able to unknowingly drug, raped, and dismissed twenty something “YOUNG WHITE” women in the 70’s…and EVERYBODY new about it in Hollywood, and he was never arrested, stabbed, shot, house burnt down, attempted lynching, black balled, or nothing?? GTFOOHWTBS…

  3. Was never a fan of Bill Cosby, but Jennifer Lee just needs to shut up. Really?? Has she tried to repair the strain relationship she’s had with Richard’s kids?? Worry about what goes on in your own yard before trashing another. Besides, if it wasn’t Richard, she would have been another accessory on someone’s casting couch. Hush, chile!

    • Exactly. They were all on the “casting couch.” Because that’s what they did and probably still do. And I was a “fan” of Bill Cosby. I’m sure there is others from his era that did the same thing. He just got “outed.” That’s why he’s not talking because there is probably others involved. Not making up excuses for the situation because it’s horrible. I just don’t understand though, why these women stayed silent for so long. Also, I read that they kept going back. He does need to talk and “clear the air.”

  4. Yes KaoticThought… WERE U THERE?! That’s exactly what Im sayin.. yep.. and the fact youre defending him because of his TV personality.. is dead wrong.. that’s why hes getting off.. because peeps think he wouldn’t do such a thing. And why he wouldn’t get persecuted because of his status. Just because he appears to be a good guy doesn’t make him one. The persona u see on TV could be completely different! And it usually is! See all the other under cover rapist stories.. WHY wont he come out and say hes innocent then? Think about it!

    And NYCsoul.. what the hell does her liking Richards kids have to do with Cosby being a rapist!

    • C, relax! I don’t like Lee any more than I like Cosby. Don’t like EITHER one! Lee is always talking smack and acts like she’sexpert on Richard. That being said, I am neutral on this situation with Cosby. I always thought Cosby acted like his sh*t didn’t stink anyway. So I am not really surprised that he’s caught in this drama but since *I* wasn’t there when Cosby ‘allegedly’ committed these atrocities, I really don’t know what to think. Some sound legit; some sound like suspect. I mean, if you were ‘raped’ once, why would you go back again? I don’t get it.

  5. Because alot of these females were opportunistic and so was Bill, he have as many SIDE chicks who was willing>.. this is how Hollwood works.. and has and continue as such..,

    ..right now the gay community has take over hollywood and the director’s or producer’s couch is how it works and even so in the hip-hop music world moreso today than ever-…this is why some of the OG’s is saying there’s alot of in the closet Hip-Hop artist males/females .. the Chris Brown’s, Trey Songz.. all of them has been on THAT couch..

    ..and if you can remember years ago. one singer of all young boys singing group blow the cover on all of this. The boy singer stated, the group’s producer(a male) a major producer of a couple of all boys singing groups under 18 ,, this producer was having sex with these boys as their producer.. and the boys knew what it meant to have sex.. their singing career stays intact.. this was their securityblanket as implemented and how hollywood/ L.A. works within the entertainment business… it’s a given..

    Another example somewhat. it was no rumor about Magic Johnson.. he often enteratined Gay clubs in LA, but with white women(alleged hetero-sexuals often go to gay clubs in LA its accepted gays and alege hetero-sexual party in gay clubs as well as hetero sexual clubs the dancing is the same on the dance floor gay couples and str couples on the same dance floor in eithr club).. the girls would pull a guy and they had a sexual trist- everybody on everybody no matter the sex.. so bisexuality is a culture as the NORM in LA /Hollywod.. there’s no question about this..basically if you’re BI or’re in like flint in LA..

    Bill was apart of the same idea with young girls trying to make-it in Hollywood(IMPO) it’s not shocking to hollywood/LA- nor ppl in Cali or Las Vegas or even NYC..

    ..however PPL outside of Cali / Vegas/ NYC tri -city area? > find it hard to believe this about BC, Ppimarily the conservative southern states can’t fathom the idea.. becuz BC helped PPL? Gave lots of loot for whatever cause(as a tax write off primarily).. so therefore no way he could have did this?????????

    Richard’s Widow was there in that scene as she said, BC was trying to pluck anything that moved and he boast about given girls- a spanish fly noted in his stand up comedy routine, so WHO KNEW this was real? Life experiences often spoken with comedians as their stand up routine..

    If Bill did anything remotely accused?.. As a MARRIED man?.. He’s has to answer .. and silence is not in his favor(IMPO) .. becuz he knows if he did what he’s been accused of..and for how long as well..

    PPL like Richard’s Pryor’s wife were there during Bill’s prime time career going back to when BC was playing a detective as “Eye SPY”.. back in the 1960-70’s? So is she credible?.. yep! so as the Widow to (Richard).. and BC hung out in the same hollywood circles as comedians..

    Richard Pryor thought BC was as FAKE as a 2 dollar> Here’s why> BC putting up an image that he wanted others to believe about him as this CLEAN MORAL DECENT PERSON as a comedian and it worked well with his fanbase.. when Richard stated long ago that BC was dirty as they come-claiming that Bill did the same things as Richard, drugs, chased young girls and whatever perverted.. Richard also said per example,, that HE(richard) OWNED his filth, his drugs, and even dated a tranny knowing it was a tranny and had sex with this tranny( hello Eddie Murphy and LL cool J).. again this is what hollywoood life is about.. he said Bill was right in there doing all kinds of things, drank, did drugs, whatever, but Bill wanted others to think differently becuz all the other comedians of that era..owned what they did as filth living.. and Bill didn’t wnat to be seen as such although he did it anyway..he just never talked about it actually as his

    I have also like Richard Pryor and Red Fox as comedians.. they OWNED their filth and spoke about it as jokes and life experiences..

    ..unlike BC who couldn’t keep his “Pants UP” ironic that he would talk about young black males and pants down(rightfully so but not publicly in the manor he did- IMPO).. when Bill’s pants stayed down behind closed doors with single women apparently as a married man…

    ..Bill CAN’T SAY NOTHING to the african American community after this MESS IMPO.. so he runs to his white he’s doing and always done-yet his black fan base is he’s foundation .. but then Bill states addressing the black jounalists association..other than to tell them to be quiet and not voice an opinion?.. but it’s not the black community who promoted his MESS outside of a joke.. its the white journalists who are the ones on a daily bases who’s doing this..

    (IMPO) again BC is so WHITE washed its shameful.. its the white ethnic fan base who’s throwing Bill under the bus.. becuz it is he accused as a BLACKMAN raping young white females is the bottomline and white males don’t take kindly to rape let alone a blackman raping white women(get a CLUE BILL yo need the black community but your silence is deafening not gathering support)..

    Why is Bill as quiet as a RAT pissin on cotton?..He’s totally responsible for this.. whether its true or not..its his legacy..and it’s NOT going away.. until the fat lady sings.. we know how white America thinks as a general rule, when it comes to black PPL… the majority of blackmen are like animals and can’t control their sexual impulse even if its not rape; it must be rape becuz she said so..and furthermore its white females whom said it…

    So sad for BC to go out like this..

    • ^^Right, he’s doing well by not talking! Innocent until proven guilty! Furthermore, white men have a history of raping black women from the beginning of time; they acted like animals; so, does it really matter what they think or take kindly to??

  6. If I was Bill I would not talk about those situations he would not answer right for the public then the media would pen something else on him Bill did not make those women do anything I don’t care if a 100 talk about that does mean they are right if people say you did this you did that the media will use manipulate the discussion I don’t care who said what I am a independent thinker.

  7. This is like Katherine Mckinnon man hater time. If you think all sex is rape, then Cosby must be a rapist (since Prior’s widow said he ‘f*’d everything”).
    1, 2, 3 men are not the enemy

  8. He’s guilty that’s why he’s silent. Funny how SO MANY speak in his defense and don’t know SHIT! He DID screw everything walking… Everybody in L.A. knew these stories. I hope they bust his ass & you stupid a-holes learn to shut up about things you DON’T know about. You can’t be about nothing talking all this shit. Just stupid dumb empty headed comments without facts. WE KNOW & YOU DON’T!!!

  9. one accuser said he raped her in the ’60’s – she could have placed an anonymous phone call and said that to anyone at any police station in America and he would have been toast on a rope, don’t give a damn what his occupation or bank account said – I also hate to say that their refusal to report a fine for fear of ‘ruining their career’ is not acceptable – it’s a disservice to any woman who has been raped and could not identify the attacker, or whose attackers escaped prosecution due to technicalities – if someone rapes you, you report it immediately, if you live to tell it; some die at the hands of a rapist’s attack – you cannot sit until 20-30-40 years later and then say, by the way … and the taking a pill someone gives you, no questions asked … come on now …


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