Monday, May 16, 2022

Oscars Protest Called Off: Somebody Called Somebody

ava duvernay

*Hold up. Wait a minute.

It seems that somebody didn’t want their big day spoiled because of a protest.

Remember that Oscars protest that was planned by LA office of the National Action Network? Well, it is no more. Yes,it’s been called off says Najee Ali in a statement to EURweb:

“Upon the request of SELMA director Ava DuVernay, the Los Angeles chapter of the National Action Network has agreed to forgo our planned protests of the Oscars today and pursue instead a direct dialogue with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences via Cheryl Boone Isaacs and Dawn Hudson. We continue to be fervent in our mission for expansion and inclusion within the Academy and the motion picture industry as a whole. We salute all the artists being celebrated today at the Oscars while demanding an examination of the sidelining and underrepresentation of artists of color and women artists. Art can change the world and the world is more diverse than this year’s honorees. Addressing that disconnect is vital and necessary and will be done.”

— Najee Ali / Political Director, National Action Network Los, Angeles Chapter

najee ali
Nejee Ali

OK, now that we know that, let’s get out the popcorn and get on with the show. Who knows, “Selma” just might surprise. Admittedly the deck is stacked against Ava and company, but … ya neva know.


Oscars Protest Called Off: Somebody Called Somebody



  1. 2015 and Black folks still begging for white folks validation and approval. The ‘Oscars’ were not created by us, nor for us. It’s their way of recognizing their own, and I don’t recall us ever being invited to the party.

  2. Yeah….as he^^^^* continues to duck the reality & “suck the members” of his lord & savior M. (BYTch!)McConnel & the likes. NEVer having a FKn thang to say about “their” treasonist BS, of …not doing a fkn thang to help this country they claaaaaaaiim to be sooooooo fkn “patriotic” about, & all b/c a “Black” man whooped dat ass…/TWICE!!! So now….just WTF do you “THINK” your lil BS diversion tactic is g’on do, in a room full of ppl more intelligent than yo “Gomer ass klan” @….””!!?? Just STFU & GTFOH! And btw….WTF don’t We see yo BYTchass say “ANY”thang, against that over spending BUSTEDdass wife of…”Jeb Bush”!! Yeah….We know about “that” & so WTF is yo “opinion” ‘on DAT shyt? Like I said “STFU coward ass bigot! TITMFB!

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